Your Questions About Example Of Joint Venture In India

Mandy asks…

Totally need help!?

This is about stockmarket

i need to find out intro,when they began, how they started, three examples of the stocks there, how they did over a 52 week period, and a conclusion

plz help im desperate

Pip answers:

In 11th century France the courratiers de change were concerned with managing and regulating the debts of agricultural communities on behalf of the banks. As these men also traded in debts, they could be called the first brokers.
Some stories suggest that the origins of the term “bourse” come from the Latin bursa meaning a bag because, in 13th century Bruges, the sign of a purse (or perhaps three purses), hung on the front of the house where merchants met.
However, it is more likely that in the late 13th century commodity traders in Bruges gathered inside the house of a man called Van der Burse, and in 1309 they institutionalized this until now informal meeting and became the “Bruges Bourse”. The idea spread quickly around Flanders and neighbouring counties and “Bourses” soon opened in Ghent and Amsterdam.
In the middle of the 13th century, Venetian bankers began to trade in government securities. In 1351, the Venetian Government outlawed spreading rumors intended to lower the price of government funds. There were people in Pisa, Verona, Genoa and Florence who also began trading in government securities during the 14th century. This was only possible because these were independent city states ruled by a council of influential citizens, not by a duke.
The Dutch later started joint stock companies, which let shareholders invest in business ventures and get a share of their profits – or losses. In 1602, the Dutch East India Company issued the first shares on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. It was the first company to issue stocks and bonds. In 1688, the trading of stocks began on a stock exchange in London.

Go to and choose three of your favorite products/companies – you can easily see charts and summaries for their performance over the past year. Try things like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple

Sharon asks…

Starwood SWOT Analysis?

I need help coming up with a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

So Basically what are Starwood’s Strengths, there Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats that impact the company.

Pip answers:

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc
SWOT Analysis
Luxury brand positioning – Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc’s strategy focuses on the development of lifestyle brands at a leisure price point supported by innovative marketing that makes an emotional connection with customers.
Strong pipeline development – Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is aggressively pursuing a growth strategy to further consolidate its presence in foreign markets and capitalise on the booming travel and tourism industries of emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.
Individuated experience – the growing consumer demand for an individuated travelling experience is generating potential for hotel operators to develop distinctive brands, properties and services. The launch of aloft and Element by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is set to further capitalise on this trend.
Hotel ownership – Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is focused on selling off its owned, leased and consolidated joint venture hotels, often in return for long-term management contracts. Such a strategy has worked well, helping it to endure the economic upheaval and quickly expand its portfolio.Loyalty programme – The Starwood Preferred Guest programme is well-recognised in the travel and tourism industry. It continuously enhances the benefits of its members to boost overall brand loyalty and increasingly attract new customers.
IT solutions – Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is upgrading its properties with technology that not only creates multipurpose, multi-functional interiors but also entertains travellers. A good example of this relates to the introduction of Microsoft Surface at Sheraton Hotels. The new technology offers guests a virtual concierge and entertainment experience.

Domestic market focus – espite international expansion, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide remains heavily reliant on the US, making it sensitive to the changing fortunes of its domestic market.
Luxury brands – mid-scale and upscale hotel brands leave Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide vulnerable to any potential global economic downturns, particularly given that economy travel accommodation is gaining increased penetration in major destination markets.

Dynamic growth in emerging markets – improving economic conditions, developing infrastructures, the development of the urban middle class and growing foreign tourism are driving strong growth in emerging markets such as India and China – key target markets for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.
Diverse target market – facing maturity and intense competition in key markets, most notably the US, is forcing travel accommodation operators to diversify their consumer base beyond the business travellers and attract a wider range of travellers. This coupled with the fact that consumers have less and less time to spend quality time with family led Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide to develop a programme entirely dedicated to families in 2008.
Accessible luxury – in the midst of such an unstable economic environment, the aloft brand presents an opportunity for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide to offer accessible luxury to travellers.

Consumer confidence – general economic and business conditions which adversely impact the income levels of potential travellers coupled with a rising lack of confidence in strong markets like the US, can have a negative impact on Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide’s operations, particularly given its strong presence in North America. Luxury spending may be the first thing to be cut back, which would hurt the company as its brand portfolio has more luxury hotels than mid-priced ones.
Potential downturns in travel – rising fuel prices, environmental concerns, political instability, terrorist threats and economic downturns all have the potential to dampen the performance of tourism flows and, consequenlty, the performance of travel accommodation as a whole.
Credit crunch – there is a fear that the global travel and tourism industry will see a corresponding slowdown in revenue as consumers spend and travel less in the short term. Starwood Hotels’s holiday ownership business is dependent on the availability of consumers willing to enter into credit agreements, and, therefore, a general spending reduction will result in a drop in revenue. This also applies to potential investment from prospective hotel owners and franchisees looking to fund construction, renovations and investments.

Joseph asks…

name the first supersonic cruise missile??

wanna answer it……………..

Pip answers:

Supersonic Cruise missiles travel faster than the speed of sound, usually using ramjet engines. The range is typically 100-500 km, but can be greater. Guidance systems vary.


SLAM (not to be confused with the similarly named SLAM cruise missile) and SM-64 Navaho were U.S. Early-cold-war era projects for strategic long-range cruise missiles. Neither was accepted into service.

The North American SM-64 Navaho was a supersonic intercontinental cruise missile project built by North American Aviation. The program ran from 1946 to 1958 when it was cancelled in favor of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

P-500 Bazalt (Soviet Union/Russia)
The P-500 Bazalt is a liquid-fueled, rocket powered, supersonic cruise missile used by the Soviet Navy. Developed by OKB-52 MAP (later NPO Mashinostroyeniye). Its GRAU designation is 4K80. And its NATO reporting name is SS-N-12 Sandbox. It entered service in 1973 to replace the SS-N-3 Shaddock. The P-500 Bazalt had a 550 km range and a payload of 1,000 kg, which allows it to carry a 350 kT nuclear or a 950kg semi-armor-piercing high explosive warhead (currently only the conventional version remains in service). The P-500 Bazalt uses active radar homing for terminal guidance, and can receive mid-course corrections by the Tupolev Tu-95D, the Kamov Ka-25B and the Kamov Ka-27B.

P-270 Moskit “Sunburn” (Soviet Union/Russia)
P-800 Oniks (Soviet Union)
P-700 Granit (Soviet Union/Russia)
3M-54 Klub (Russia) supersonic terminal stage only

C-101 (China)
The C-101 (FL-2) is a supersonic anti-ship missile that can be launched from air, ship, and shore. The missile is also known as Fei Long – 2 (meaning Flying Dragon – 2, or FL-2 for short), and there are two side-mounted ramjet engines at the rear of the airframe. The development of C-101 missile started in the late 1970s, and production began in the mid-1990s, as part of the replacement of the obsolete HY-2/CSS-N-2 missiles. The Chinese Navy tested the C-101 anti-ship missile on the Hoku-class missile boat, and Huang-class missile boat are being fitted with four C-101 launch tubes, while smaller classes carry two launch tubes. The air launched version has been reportedly carried on the H-5 and Xi’an H-6 bombers and the Harbin_SH-5 amphibian and eventually expanded to most of the aircraft in the Chinese inventory. The armed with a 300 kg semi-armor-piercing warhead with a delayed impact fuse. Cruising at an altitude below 50 meters, the missile dives about 3 kilometers away from the target to 5 meters above the sea level and then dive to attack, impacting just above the waterline.

C-301 (China)
C-803 (China) supersonic terminal stage only
YJ-91 (China)

PJ-10 BrahMos (India/Russia)
BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land. The acronym BrahMos is perceived as the confluence of the two nations represented by two great rivers, the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia. It is a joint venture between India’s Defense Research and Development Organization and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia who have together formed the Brahmos Corp. Propulsion is based on the Russian Yakhont missile, and guidance has been developed by Brahmos Corp. At speeds of Mach 2.5 to 2.8, is about three times faster than the American subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile.

All the best 🙂

John asks…

which vitamin and mineral supplements should I take?

Hi everyone, first off I am in relatively good health and am a 23 year old female. I was a little overweight about a year ago, but have lost 20 lbs and am now at a healthy weight. I don’t now have nor have I ever had a chronic illness or disease. I don’t have asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol (except new years and a few other holidays), and I don’t ever eat fast food.

Most of my diet is made up of raw or slightly cooked veggies, raw fruit, unprocessed and organic foods, and daily water with lemon (although I could probably drink more water than I do now). I do eat meat once in a great while, but mostly stick to veggies and small portions of grains.
I am also pretty active. I walk to and from work every day, I long board, walk my dogs, and don’t even own a television.
If I have any complaints, it would be that I seem to get leg cramps more than what I would think is average at night, and sometimes my joints ache for a a day or two, despite stretching and easy walks.
I plan on becoming pregnant in the future, and have always thought my body should be in outstanding health before I take on that venture. My question is which type of vitamin or mineral supplements would I benefit from?
I have heard that virtually all woman benefit from a vitamin C supplement so I am planning on taking that, but what else?
Thank you for any educated and thoughtful responses (It really sucks not having health care or a health provider to discuss this stuff with!!)

Pip answers:

First of all, a health care provider is NOT the right person to discuss a daily diet plan. They do not understand nutrition from a health building view point.

Take a look at the authoritive Health Maintenance site here for a more complete picture.

Vitamin C is a good thing to do as you mentioned, but don’t take the typical ascorbic acid that many people believe is vitamin C. Ascorbic acid that is called vitamin C by many is not really vitamin C, but a component of the true vitamin C complex. Vitamin C was discovered by the Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1937. As part of his research on vitamin C, he found that he could not cure scurvy with the isolated ascorbic acid as a single element.

The complete complex of vitamin C includes ascorbic acid and contains ascorbinogen, bioflavonoids, rutin, tyrosinase, Factor J, Factor K, and Factor P. In addition, mineral co-factors must be available in proper amounts. If any of these parts are missing, there is no vitamin C, no vitamin activity. When some of them are present, the body will draw on its own stores to make up the differences, so that the whole vitamin complex may be present. Provided that all other conditions and co-factors are present, the vitamin activity will take place. Ascorbic acid is described merely as the “antioxidant wrapper” portion of vitamin C; ascorbic acid protects the functional parts of the vitamin from rapid oxidation or breakdown.

You can find the best form of Vitamin C here:

US/Pacfic location

UK/EU Location

Most of the vitamins and minerals that are being sold today in stores are made by pharmaceutical companies and are not good for you. They are chemical activators, not vitamins. Many of the minerals are in a form that your body does not assimilate well. The pills contain lots of excipients, tagalongs, and toxic elements. Magnesium stearate is one such item. It is a TRANS FAT, immune suppressant, nutrient absorption inhibitor, etc. Much of the vitamins like Centrum, for example, is loaded with these chemical activators. The “B” vitamins in them are made from the petroleum distillate, Coal Tar. That junk does not nourish your body and in fact, damages the DNA of your cells. Many use calcium carbonate as their calcium source and that comes from rocks. It causes your body to produce cataracts, bone spurs, and kidney stones.

Pharmaceutical quality nutritional support starts here


If you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables that are grown on American soils, you will be getting very little nutrition that plants are capable of. The chemicalized soils and heavily sprayed fields are providing very little nutritive value.

See article regarding minerals and personal experience here

Leg cramps can be an indication of poor hydration and/or poor mineral content in your body. This is a typical complaint of vegetarians & vegans because they are not getting enough good fats in their diet along with complete proteins. World statistics show that eating a vegetarian diet is NOT the best diet. The average life expectancy of people in India that are primarily vegetarian is 66.1 years and the people in Macau, China have a life expectancy of 84.4 years. The people in Macau, eat lots of meat, fermented vegetables, raw dairy, and cook their food. Their favorite food is PORK CHOPS. They even make a pork chop bread they eat every day.

If your dogs are eating that SACK FOOD, or BOX FOOD, or CANNED FOOD, they will live short lives and suffer as they age. Dogs are designed to eat raw meat as their primary diet. Eating that junk you buy in stores for them will ensure they die young, in their early teens. Dogs make 3 times the hydrochloric acid in their stomach and are carnivores designed to eat raw meat. Feeding them that vegetarian filled foods just is not tolerated by their bodies and creates sick animals, regardless of what the advertisers tell you. Feed your dog 3 days of raw meat (preferably meat from grass fed animals) and then 1 day give them table scrapes of organic vegetables and watch those dogs live into their early to mid 20’s and be extremely healthy.

Best Wishes

Sandy asks…

List of international brands in India.?

Pip answers:

According one estimation 17% of population lived in India which is the seconf largest country in population after China.300million people are living as middle class family.It is the second largest hottest place for investment for the big companies.

After the libralization in 1991 many international brands comes to INdia for setting up there business and some of has also there manufaturing units due to low labour cost and talented people.
Foreign companies enter basically in Garments(Hugo Boss, Marks & spencer, Benetton, Lacoste, Mango, Louis Vuitton, Givo,), Telecome Industry (Samsung,Nokia,Vodafone,Sony Ericson), Spots articles (Reebock,Nike,Addidas,Cartire), Soft Drinks (Pepsi,Coca Cola),Motor Industry (Honda, Kawasaki, suzuki) in fast food industry ( MC Donald) and many more.

Some companies also entered as joint venture with some Indian companies specially in insurance industry (TATA AIG, Birla Sun Life Insurance)

Friend these are some example there are so many international companies who has presence in Indian market.

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Your Questions About Example Of Joint Venture Agreement

Ken asks…

1914 Christmas truce, football match British forces vs German. have you heard it, and what do you think?

Christmas truce was a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires that took place along the Western Front around Christmas 1914, during the First World War. Through the week leading up to Christmas, parties of German and British soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings and songs between their trenches; on occasion, the tension was reduced to the point that individuals would walk across to talk to their opposite numbers bearing gifts. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many soldiers from both sides – as well as, to a lesser degree, from French units – independently ventured into “no man’s land”, where they mingled, exchanging food and souvenirs. As well as joint burial ceremonies, several meetings ended in carol-singing. Troops from both sides were also friendly enough to play games of football with one another,r:0,s:0&biw=1000&bih=475

Don’t you think this is a great sign of agreement, that we are all just soldiers in a different army, ?
This was UN-official, and was sought from the soldiers who where stuck in the trenches at Christmas of 1914 during WW1.

I think it’s great, though many parts continued to fight on, some made agreement to collect bodies etc, incase you wonder the German regiment won the football match 3-2.
Yes you’re right it was a waste of peoples life’s, there was a lot of dis-order, as you say the lad who went over for a bite, should not happen in a war, but then again, it’s only a war for the big cats at the top who where making profit. No one wanted to be there, especially in such sh!t conditions.

Funny enough the emperors/kings of Germany, UK, and Russia where all related in one way or another, surely something could have been worked out, but then again they each had a hate for one another, which is why they where not so enthusiastic to stop it sooner.


Pip answers:

Its well documented that the Officer class was generally very pissed off at the troops for about the first 6 months of the war, as young people in the respective trenches weren’t keen to go killing people that had never done them any harm.

I’ve heard other stories that or example, the was one british lad that for months would pop over to the german lines for lunch, as he prefered their food and would bring over cigarettes.

Point is WW1 was such a waste of human life. Ordinary working class people being sacrificed for the imperial ambitions of their political leaders.

Http:// excellent song about the episode

John asks…

are scorpios loyal in relationships?

Pip answers:

Scorpio and Love

To Scorpio, love is an intensely passionate and enduring emotion that may be directed at one person only. Love is central to the life of typical Scorpios and inspires many of their ambitions and actions. Scorpio in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior when in Love of the typical Scorpio:
* is deeply attached to the loved one
* attracts the loved one like a magnet
* is possessive
* hides emotions in public
* keeps dependence on the loved one hidden
* is faithful when in love
* dominates the loved one
* remains true to his/her own feelings

Expectations of the typical Scorpio expects:
* absolute faithfulness and loyalty
* demonstrative love
* no great emphasis on romance
* genuine tenderness
* acknowledgment of how lucky the loved one is to be party to Scorpio’s secrets

Scorpio and Partner
The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Scorpio must realize that Scorpio will expect to dominate the partnership. Given this, the person who partners the Scorpio can expect unwavering loyalty, hard work, and a passionate drive to succeed — whether in business or married.

Scorpio Man As A Partner
In business, the Scorpio man will inevitably be in charge of the partnership and is most likely to have initiated the terms of agreement. A Scorpio who accepts orders from a partner is doing so for a particular reason. For example, if money or future progress are the reward, Scorpio will appear to accept even a subordinate position for as long as it takes to achieve the results he wants. Scorpio will be proud of his partner and his partner’s skills, and he will go out of his way to enable the partner to achieve ambitions, too.

Scorpio Woman As A Partner
A Scorpio woman is often even more subtle than her male counterpart. She happily accepts the subordinate role and plays this part well. Again, however, this is only so that she can achieve her ambition in the end. Like her male counterpart, she will be loyal to the partner and do anything to help the partner. Scorpios can work very hard , and they often provide the dynamic quality in a business. It is unlikely that Scorpio and her partner will have an equal footing. The Scorpio will, in reality, have the edge on the partner — but only in ways that the Scorpio sees will be helpful to the joint venture. Scorpio shrewdness is a vital asset in any partnership.

Scorpio and Sex
When a typical Scorpio makes love, it is an expression of all the pent-up passion that is hidden inside this most magnetic of personalities. Sex is an important element of life to a Scorpio. Indeed, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that indicates the greatest interest in sexual matters. As in other areas of their life, Scorpios are liable to be both inventive and single-minded — but for most Scorpios, sex is very much an expression of love.

Positive Factors
Scorpios have good memories and enjoy telling jokes. They are generous and hospitable toward friends, and also make strangers welcome when they call for help or advice. Friends of Scorpios will be treated like family and given every help and consideration. Whenever Scorpio gives a friend advice it will be reliable. A friend can also trust Scorpio never to gossip.

Negative Factors
Scorpios are unlikely to visit friends without making arrangements and having a good reason. Scorpios like others to do the visiting. If they are out when a friend comes to visit, their attitude is that it is the friend’s loss and that the friend will have to visit again. Scorpios have an almost psychic insight into the motives and secrets of their friends. Anyone who dislikes someone knowing their secrets should stay away from Scorpios.

Scorpio Likes
* activity
* mysteries
* secrets
* winning
* sex
* being acknowledged
* home

Scorpio Dislikes
* being analyzed
* being asked personal questions
* people who know more than they do
* too many compliments
* having to trust a stranger

Love & Blessings

Linda asks…

are there any more series of the mtv box set punk’d other than series 1 and 2?

Pip answers:

🙁 that sucks – it was a pretty good channel no more TRL 🙁 ——————-….anadian The world’s best-known music video brand will disappear from the Canadian airwaves this summer, disappointing those who want their MTV. MTV said yesterday it is killing its Canadian joint venture with broadcaster CHUM Ltd., which co-produces the MTV Canada and MTV2 specialty channels. MTV, a unit of Viacom Inc., said it won’t be gone completely from Canadian television, because it “remains committed to Canadian audiences,” and will announce “further plans” in the coming weeks. MTV Networks International vice-president Rob Hooper would not specify what those plans are, or say whether MTV will try to come back into Canada on its own or with another partner. Advertisements ad1 click here Mortgage Rates Compare national rates by lender: See Chart Still, some MTV programming has been syndicated in Canada on other channels and will continue to be shown here, he said. For example, MTV’s The Osbournes and Punk’d appeared on CTV. CHUM said it will “rebrand” the MTV channels at the end of June, but isn’t ready to announce the new names or the new content yet. It is already heavily into music videos on its Much Music and Much More Music channels. CHUM picked up the two MTV channels when it bought their owner Craig Media Inc. Last year. The Craig-MTV deal said the U.S. Firm could cancel it if Craig changed hands. David Kines, vice-president of music and youth channels at CHUM Television, said CHUM already provides more than half of the programming appearing on MTV Canada, so it will not have any trouble filling in the rest of the timetable. MTV2’s content consists almost entirely of music videos, and there will be little effort needed to revamp that channel, he said. Still, “it lets us start with a clean slate,” he said. MTV Canada has about 800,000 subscribers, while MTV2 has 265,000. Under the agreement with Craig that CHUM inherited, CHUM must pay a $10-million licence fee to MTV covering the remaining 2½ years of the contract, even after it is cancelled. CHUM’s relationship with MTV has been rocky for years. When Craig signed its deal to bring MTV to Canada in 2001, CHUM was furious over the prospect of direct competition for Much Music. Craig had been given a licence for a “youth lifestyle” channel with only a small amount of music content, but the MTV format was mostly videos. CHUM appealed to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and Craig was forced to alter the MTV Canada format. CHUM also had a run-in over MTV 2, complaining when Craig asked the CRTC to loosen restrictions on the kind of videos it could show. But CHUM’s bad blood with MTV goes back even further, one former broadcasting executive said yesterday. The U.S. Network was unhappy when CITY-TV founder Moses Znaimer developed the Much Music format in the first place, the executive said, because it was perceived as very similar to the MTV brand. Kaan Yigit, president of Toronto market research firm Solutions Research Group, said yesterday that MTV has reinvented itself as a youth and young-adult lifestyle brand, and likely wants more control over all its operations. Having a partner who is also its main competitor was an uncomfortable position for MTV to find itself in, he said.

Anymore Questiosn Ask Me

Charles asks…

why is u blue?


Pip answers:

An agreement between the Scottish government and Microsoft designed to help young Scots get into employment, education or training was announced today.

First Minister Jack McConnell and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates signed a joint statement of intent between the Executive and Microsoft Ltd to create a Microsoft Scotland Volunteer Corps to help address the problems of young people who are NEET (those not in education, employment or training).

The announcement came as the 4th annual Microsoft Government Leaders Forum got underway at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Mr McConnell described the agreement as a ‘groundbreaking venture with a major company that should enable us to help young Scots and to pursue similar agreements with other companies in the future’.

The Statement of Intent will build on the existing secondment of a member of Microsoft Scotland’s senior management team to the Executive’s NEET Division.

Microsoft Scotland will:

Create a Microsoft Scotland Volunteer Corps to increase business support for tackling the NEET challenge
The Volunteer Corps will help mobilise Microsoft Scotland’s 1,300 strong business partner network engaging their support through, e.g. Work placements, help for voluntary organisations and mentoring
The Executive will:

Access the expertise to develop the skills required by Microsoft staff in Scotland and throughout their business partner network, to work with young people in the NEET group
First Minister Jack McConnell said:

“Having Microsoft working with us to tackle the challenges faced by some of our young people is a tremendous step forward.

“This is a groundbreaking venture with a major company that should enable us to help young Scots and to pursue similar agreements with other companies in the future. I am determined to find new ways of tackling this problem.

“Our Scottish government and Microsoft share the ambition of helping young people to realise their full potential. The formation of a dedicated Microsoft Scotland Volunteer Corps will ensure those in the corps have the skills to help in addition to bringing with them the business knowledge, life skills and contacts that will benefit those who are not in education, employment or training.”

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said:

“Microsoft is pleased to work with the Scottish government to help address the important issue of young people who are unemployed and lack access to education or training. We hope that by working with our business partners in Scotland and the Scottish government, we can help young people gain the skills and experience they need to participate in the knowledge economy and ultimately help the Scottish economy realise it’s potential.”

Earlier as the Forum opened at Holyrood Mr McConnell explained to delegates that public leadership in the 21st century is about ‘building partnerships, flexibility in the face of change, and genuine dialogue with citizens’.

He said Scotland understood its responsibilities to contribute to international development and climate change and the need to embrace opportunities of globalisation and technological change.

The two-day Forum will discuss new ways for governments to harness technology to promote democracy and good government.

Mr McConnell said that since devolution eight years ago the Scottish government had forged ‘new ways of doing our business’ and was more successful and confident as a result.

He gave the examples of economic growth being stronger than it has been for decades, the reversal of population decline, and the renaissance in Scotland’s traditional culture.

Chris asks…

How to add my website traffic?

It’s a big problem around me that I have a good jewellery websit , which is specializing in wholesaling jewelry and jewelry wholesaling online. My jewellry website was built since Oct, 2009, but only several IP surf onto our site each day. This is a so low traffic. Who can teach me to add our website traffic? Thank you for your concerning and assistant.

Pip answers:

Joint Ventures

The best and most efficient way of free traffic is setting up a joint venture. A joint venture, somtimes called a JV, is a business relationship between two or more people. For example, Cingular is a joint venture between SBS and Bellsouth. Most people think that a JV is something that they shouldn’t worry about until later on in their business but that could not be more wrong. A JV is something that you and your business will benefit from greatfully.

Most JV’s fail because they were destined to fail form the start.
When you set up a joint venture you want to be very generous with the up-front profits. Don’t forget that the real benifit from a JV is that you will aquire their customers, who will hopefully buy from you again and again. So, to keep your partner motavated, you want to give them the majority of the up front profits.

Another thing you can do to have more success setting up a JV, is to make it very easy for them to do. If you do most of the work then your deal/proposal will be more appealing and they will be more likley to want to work with you.

Social Networking

Another good source of free traffic. You can drive visitors to your site through social networking sites such as

There are a couple of things that you need to remember when using social networking sites. First and foremost, no spam at all. You should build a relationship with other users on these sites. Post relavent commments and reply to messages.

Ad Swap

An ad swap is an agreement to put someone elses ad on your site or email newsletter in exchange for them doing the same. It is pretty much a type of a joint venture. The good thing about this is that both people will benifit; You bring traffic to their website and they bring it to yours.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another good way of getting free traffic to your website. This is done by writing articles and submiting them to article directories such as ezinearticles and articlebase. You can also post your articles to your blog or website. The key to pulling traffic to your website through this way is to put a link to your website at the end of the article saying something like, want more information like this…

Writing tons and tons of articles sounds like alot of work but it’s not that hard. You can download a free set of PLR articles (private label content) which are articles written and made available for several purchasers to buy and use. You can then use these as a base for your own articles. But don’t, and I repeat don’t just go copying and pasting PLR articles into article directories.Search engines like fresh content, and if your’e writing unique articles then they will be seen.

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Your Questions About Current Examples Of Joint Ventures

Michael asks…

please List the top 10 richest man and how/why they became rich?

for 2008 hehe

Pip answers:

Below are the richest men of ALL time!

Carlos Slim Helu (1940 – )
$60 billion

The Mexican communications industry and other interests have been kind to Carlos Slim, to say the least. It’s said that between 2005 and 2007, Slim’s worth has doubled. In that period, his fortune grew around $27 million — daily. The reason is simple: he owns everything in Mexico. Over 200 companies are under his thumb, ranging from the aforementioned telecom to transportation, and from cigarettes to soft drinks. He’s dismissed the title of “world’s richest man” with indifference, claiming that designation isn’t his kind of competition. Whether he wants it or not, he has been designated as one of the world’s richest men of all time.

Number 9Warren Buffett (1930 – )
$62 billion

Like many who can afford to do so, Warren Buffett doesn’t mind pursuing new acquisitions when the economy is tanking. His latest was a joint effort with Mars for a $23 billion buy of Wrigley. Still, you might get the impression that he’s not in all this for the same reasons as others. This is the man who appeared before Congress last fall and warned of the rise of “dynastic wealth,” stressing the importance of the estate tax. Buffett also earmarked $31 billion for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Only the richest men of all time can donate billions.

Number 8Sam Walton (1918 – 1992)
$62.1 billion

Sam Walton’s passing in 1992 came too soon for him to see the full potential of his Wal-Mart empire, though he was certainly successful in his lifetime. Much of it came from offering things that we take for granted today: good variety and convenient store hours, for example. He also set the stage for efficient, cost-effective central warehousing of merchandise, extending his competitive reach into smaller markets and well beyond his first store in Arkansas.

Number 7Marshall Field (1834 – 1906)
$63.7 billion

For better or worse, the “customer is always right” philosophy began with Marshall Field. Evidently, Field never saw a little old lady try to return a 20-year-old waffle iron 19 years after its warranty expired. Either way, this early acknowledgment of customer service spelled success. Like the aforementioned Sam Walton, Field’s retail store struck gold by instituting what have become foregone conclusions today. Developing a policy for exchanges was one; displaying merchandise prices was another. Field also did well for himself in his Chicago real estate ventures, but he’ll always be remembered for his department stores.

Frederick Weyerhaeuser (1834 – 1914)
$76.5 billion

The man whose name would become synonymous with lumber capitalized on timing and access to resources to build his fortune. Frederick Weyerhaeuser’s timber resources after the Civil War were considerable, and demand was even greater. Though it would never fly today, Weyerhaeuser extensively clear-cut in the Midwest, creating farming opportunities in many areas and a permanent economic shift.

John Jacob Astor (1763 – 1848)
$116.6 billion

If John Jacob Astor were alive to hear industry critics’ “fur kills” cries, he might partially agree. He did, after all, make a killing in fur and it made him the first millionaire in America. Upon overhearing a man discussing fur trading, Astor decided to pursue it himself and realized great success. Along the way, he diversified and dabbled in selling opium — again, he was successful. Decades later, he got out of the fur business and segued into New York City real estate.

Number 4Bill Gates (1955 – )
$124 billion

Even if Bill Gates’ currently estimated $58 billion fortune is down from its heady peak nearly a decade ago, the Harvard dropout and Microsoft leader is hardly hurting. After the proposed merger with Yahoo fizzled out and shares dropped in the dominant company he cofounded, he’s probably not losing sleep. He is no doubt looking forward to stepping back from his current role at Microsoft and devoting more time to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, currently $38.7 billion strong.

Number 3Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794 – 1877)
$178.4 billion

You can’t necessarily get rich by playing nice, and Cornelius Vanderbilt apparently took that to heart. If some point to Sam Walton as the one who unfairly undercut prices, they should look a little further back to Vanderbilt. In his early years in the steamboat business, he would undercut competitors to the point of his own unprofitability, just to make a point. That ruthless competitive nature typified Vanderbilt through his years, especially in the way he ran his railroad empire. He may not have always played nice, but without exception, he played to win.

Number 2Andrew Carnegie (1835 – 1919)
$297.8 billion

Steel wasn’t a bad business pursuit in the late 1800s. It paid off for Andrew Carnegie and continued to pay handsomely through philanthropy long after his death. A self-made man from humble beginnings, Carnegie worked hard from childhood. He didn’t enjoy overnight success, but he did realize almost continual progress. His savings became investments and his investments became capital for the business ventures for which he would later be known. Even if today’s wealth seekers don’t necessarily follow Carnegie’s principles for philanthropy, they do still highly regard his formulas for acquiring the means.

Number 1John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)
$323.4 billion

You have to wonder how John D. Rockefeller would fare as a major player in Big Oil today. After all, he founded Standard Oil in 1870, and it wasn’t long before he dominated the industry. Naturally, some didn’t take kindly to that and the company was eventually found to have monopolized. Yet, for all Rockefeller’s detractors, the U.S.’s first billionaire was a serious philanthropist to education, medicine and science. From a legacy standpoint, however, he’s best remembered for his unfathomable wealth. Even today, the name connotes “money.”

Charles asks…

exmples of unsuccessful projects and reasons?

Pip answers:

I am giving two examples of unsuccessful industrial projects:

1. Dhabol Power Project which was being set up as a joint venture between Enron and Maharashtra Government. This project failed.

Reasons for failure: The cost of power to be supplied by the company was to be linked to movements in US Dollars and Prices of crude oil.

This factor was ignored by while appraising the project. The power cost to be supplied by the company would have been prohibitive. When the Maharashtra Government became aware of this fact, it started negotiating with Enron, for which Enron was not prepared.

Of course, Enron had certain problems in their own country, USA, in regard to wrong method employed by it in accounting future income as current income (Arther Anderson, top Accounting firm of the world, was also indicted in that case). The company had to close down.

The project failed.

2. Tata’s ‘Nano’ Car Project in West Bengal:

Local people and a political party started agitation against the land acquisition by the company for the project. There was violence, resulting in deaths

Tatas abandoned the Project, and shifted it to Gujarat.

Richard asks…

Guys & Ladies: Does it matter to you if your wife/gf makes more money then you?

Women: Has it ever been a problem for your husband/bf if you make more money then they do?

This is for a paper that I am thinking about writing.

Pip answers:

Yep. It was a problem. I made more several times in several different jobs. I am very aggressive and a people person. I excell with a challenge. He on the other hand did not take chances, seldom made friends, always did just what he needed to get the job done.

I heard of an explanation of this problem years ago which helped me alot with raising my own children. Here it is: as children we set goals for our lives. We use alot of the examples of our current (as children) to determine what is success to us. If at age 10, we thought $10,000 was alot of money and it would be what we need to be sucessful then we set our goal at 10K. Once we arrive at that goal, we may set a higher one but more than likely we sabotage ourselves, we have set backs that cause us to go back to zero and we start trying to achieve 10K again. So depending what your mind set is, will determine what is sucess. That said.

A man determines his self worth by providing for his family and the outside world does too. It would be great if a couple looked at their combination effort and income as a joint venture. Someone makes sacrifices in order to allow the other a better chance to excell, each couple make choices in their relationships regarding what is important to them. Raising children, a bigger home, max’d credit cards, working 8,10,12, 16 hour days are all choices. No one does it completely alone. I hope this helps. Good luck.

David asks…

Can I sue a used car dealership for not disclosing crucial details about the car sold?

I bought an 05 G35 2DR exactly 2 years ago from a used car dealership. During the transaction, the salesman only told me that that it might have hit a curb from the previous owner due to a scratch on the front bumper lip. Later I find out that the rotors all need to be replaced or straightened out along with new brake pads. I find out that my front left tire is completely worn and after further inspection find that a completely bad steering knuckle and ball joint is the reason for uneven tire wear. Then the mechanic points to my attention that the styrofoam in the bumper is taped up and the hood is after-market, meaning it’s been in a major accident. This was exactly a year ago (1 year after car bought). today the mechanic old me the control arms are both torn in the front and the shocks have been leaking for a long time.

the carfax showed the car clean but the mere fact that an after-market hood piece would only mean a major accident and the dealership’s failure to disclose such crucial information seems beyond shady.

I understand the “as is” condition of the used car business. however, shouldn’t something like this be disclosed to regular consumer with very little experience with cars? therefore, would there be a means for me to get my repairs reimbursed by the dealership or possibly sued??

thanks in advance

Pip answers:

Sure you can sue, and I’ve seen few lawyers in small claims court.

I’ve brought a few small claims suits w/o being a lawyer and I’ve found defendants who know they’r in the wrong often offer to settle out of court because they dont want what they’v done to be publically exposed and recorded into public record.

Maybe according to your state law, it’s too late.
If so, maybe the seller wont know that.

Many of these small time crooked used car dealers deal w/ people who dont take action against them, so there’s not much pressure on them to stay informed on current law.

If it were I and the seller dint satisfy me, I’d also threaten them w/ action via the state and county consumer protection agencies & the state atty gen’s consumer fraud office.

So if it’s too late for small claims, you have other weapons to use as leverage.

Maybe this dealer is a repeat offender in consumer fraud and could be on probation or parole, etc, so he wouldnt want the atty gen looking at him, so you could make him pay that way.

Dont trust Carfax, they recently settled a class action suit caused by their reporting incomplete info. Use at least two other similar services.

As for As Is contracts. It’s unusual a lay person understands them w/o a detailed study of current As Is contract law in their state.

A lawyer in NY prob wouldnt venture opinions on NJ’s As Is contract law. They can vary much according to state law, and laws can change often.

There’s much uninformed opinion repeated on that topic.

A basic concept is no form of contract such as As Is can immunize any party to the contract from unlawful acts such as Fraud & Negligence, etc.

It’s fraud in your case.

Call about 10 lawyers that practice consumer law and ask what your options are. Mention the above things.

There are many ways to make perps pay. I won a small claims default judgement against a realtor who dint bother showing up in court. Since he dint show, he couldnt contest the amount I sued for and the judge awarded me the full amt.

But the sheriff told me his assets are rented and his bank acct is out of state, so the sheriff couldnt collect my $ from him. That’s why he dint show.

I went to the law section of the county library and told the law libarian my prob. She opened a law book and told me to read that section. I found that a realtor isnt allowed to have an outstanding judgement: they must pay it or lose their license.

So I ratted him to the real estate commish and he paid me.

I just wish I coulda been there when he read that Certified Letter from the commish….money’s not everthing.

So get informed, be relentless and you’l likely profit. Works for me.


“There are many categories of automobile fraud, including: violating the “single document rule;” requiring a deferred down payment with improper procedures; including “negative equity”/”over-allowance” in the sale;

sale of wrecked vehicles;

sale of previously repurchased “lemon” vehicles; odometer fraud; and various other financial frauds that occur in the advertising or at the time of sale or lease of the vehicle. The defendants in auto fraud cases may include insurance companies, car dealers, car manufacturers, and car finance companies.”


*In some states, use of the “As Is-No Warranty” Buyers Guide may be legally sufficient to eliminate implied warranties. In other states

“as is” sales are allowed only if specific action is taken or certain language is used.

For example, some states may require you [the seller] to eliminate implied warranties by using special language and/or a document other than the Guide.*

Mary asks…

How can I get my longtime ex back?

My ex-boyfriend and I dated for nearly a year. We were best friends and always had a great time together. All my memories with him are great. However, we never really talked about our relationship. He was kind of clingy and was very easy going toward me, and I sometimes felt like I wanted someone who would be more of a leader in our relationship. He and I had a lot of fun in our relationship, but we never really talked out our problems or anything. I never really told him how I felt about the way we interacted or how I wanted him to be less clingy. Our relationship was serious and we really loved each other, but our relationship itself was never really part of our conversations. I broke up with him without trying to work out our problems, hoping to find someone who led our relationship more.

It’s been over a year since we broke up, and we’re both dating new people. I have a boyfriend who absolutely loves me, and I really do love him. But, there’s something about him that bothers me. He gets very moody and he is very stubborn. He and I don’t have the same sense of humor, and sometimes he pokes fun at me in a way I don’t appreciate. We have a really great time together, but we have some relationship problems, and are always discussing them, much unlike my relationship with my ex. We talk about our relationship so much that it is almost annoying. We have a plan for getting through the rest of college and hopefully getting married. I love him so much, but sometimes I wonder if I can really spend the rest of my life with him.

Meeting him was actually what finalized my decision to break it off with my ex, because he seemed so much stronger and he was absolutely hilarious. Now, I wonder if I made the wrong decision. My ex was the perfect example of the perfect guy. He cared about me and always wanted to make me happy no matter what. He treated me so well and we had a perfect time together. I miss him so much, but I’m not sure if I miss dating him, or just him being a part of my life as a friend. Another problem, he has a girlfriend now. I don’t know her that well, but I have met her and she’s really nice. She and I get along and she and her boyfriend seem to get along. I miss my ex, but is it worth it to ruin two relationships to get him back? Two relationships that potentially could be really great?

Pip answers:

Your only mistake that I can see is that you saw your relationship with your ex as needing one to lead.

Relationships do not have a leader; they are a joint venture where your strengths and weaknesses are such that your partner compliments. This does not mean that if you are not in th elead that he has to. Rather, your relationship is an ever-building process of 2 working as one.

If you needed one to lead the relationship, then I would say to you that you are not ready for a relationship to build together.your current situation has a guy that you like a lot, but is doing much of what I think you looked for in your ex. Only, now, you are finding that it is not as you hoped for.

You need to rethink your value in the relationship as not being one needing a “leader”. It needs 2 who are willing to figure out a solution by any means as long you both agree that it’s the best possibility. No leaders here- one may be more able to determine this time will only serve that mooment’s issue.

As for your question of what to do now……….I would first decide if your current boyfriend is worth keeping first….Until you get that answer – you will never clear you path…..If he is – leave things alone with your ex and maintain the friendship that exists…..If he is not – you need to say goodbye to your boyfriend and talk to your ex about what happened -He may be of similiar thought. Either way – your decision must first be your current state!!!!

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras With Wifi

Lizzie asks…

I have a question about how toput pictures and music on my psp?

I try to put music on my won’t work. I imported songs from a cd to window’s media player. Then I went to import to portable device. It showed on the computer that there were songs on my psp, and it took up memory too, but then I tried to listen to the songs and it said “no tracks”. What did I do wrong?

Also, I have absolutely no clue how to put pictures from my digital camera onto my psp. Can anybody help with that?

Pip answers:

Plug the psp into your PC using a usb cable. Then On your pc open MY Computer. Go to the psp drive (F: or whatever your computer calls it) Open psp file then open Music. Copy the music from your pc and paste them into this file. Music supported are MP3 or .wma (.wma only can be used if you have received an update and activated it on line from sony. Use your wifi to get update. Note: PSP must be fully charged before getting updates.)

Plug the psp into your PC using a usb cable. Then On your pc open MY Computer. Go to the psp drive (F: or whatever your computer calls it) Open psp then open photos. Copy the photos from your pc and paste them into this file.

Richard asks…

What is a downloadable program like photobooth for mac but for Windows?

I already know about seenly and cameroid but u need to be online to use them.i am gonna be at my friends house for the weekend but she dosent have wifi soo I want something with photobooth effects that can be downloaded.

Pip answers:

You can try the 15days trial of breeze photobooth apps in depending on what is your gadget.
1. Webcam Photobooth
2.DSLR Remote Pro – for canon DSLR cameras
3.PSRemote – for digital cameras
4.NKRemote v2.3.1 -for Nikon DSLR cameras.

You can browse there which cameras are compatible with the softwares above.


Carol asks…

Is there anyway I can transfer purchases of books from Amazon on to my Kindle?

I have no WiFi at my house, just Internet on the family computer. Is there anyway I can make purchases on Amazon and then transfer them on to my Kindle?

Pip answers:

Your Kindle should have come with a cable. If not, you can generally use a simple digital camera cable depending on the model.

If both of those dont work, just go to the library and use the wi-fi there.

Sharon asks…

What is the best Phone for Facebook and Music?

For a boy, decent camera (3.2mp+). Has to have a virtual keyboard or an actual keyboard.
IMPORTANT: Good for Facebook and Music
Already have an iPod Touch with many games, but no space for music. Also something cheap.

Pip answers:

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – This newer XpressMusic is a GSM quadband phone with 3.5″ touch screen, built in GPS, and WiFi connectivity. Memory is expandable up to 16GB to allow you to store all of your favorite media.

This is one of the best music phones available with a 3.5mm audio/video jack, a graphic equalizer, dedicated volume keys, bass booster, stereo widening, and compatibility with MP3, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, and WMA digital files as well as built-in FM stereo.

It also features a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash with a red eye reduction mode. It offers autofocus and 3x digital zoom. Users can also record videos at 30 frames per second.

In addition, this phone features a hands-free speakerphone, vibrating alert, e-mail support, SMS, MMS and instant messaging, conference calling, calendar, alarm clock, reminders, notes, to-do list, converter, calculator, clock, voice dialing and voice recorder.

Nancy asks…

How does a DIGITAL CAMERA use WiFi?

What does it mean anyway? What does it do?

Pip answers:

You don’t need any cords to connect to a computer, in fact you can send images to multiple computers.

Sports photographers use this feature to send images to their assistants who then edit and send the best images to newspapers and magazines during the game.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras At Walmart

George asks…

What is wrong with my digital camera?

I bought a canon powershot digital camera a couple of months ago, that I’ve used maybe 3 times and now the power button is broken. What happens is the camera will turn on, but only if I hold down the power button. Once I let go of the power button it turns off, it doesn’t stay on. Does anyone know what it would cost to fix this problem? It kind of pisses me off because I take really good care of it, it’s practically brand new, and now it doesn’t work.
It is fully charged so it can’t be the battery.

Pip answers:

If the power button is really broken and it’s out of warranty, it will cost more to repair than to replace. Holding down the power button would not make a difference, but could really cause a problem as it could give a double click which would turn the camera off. I would guess that the battery and camera contacts need to be cleaned as described in the link below. Hope the following will solve your problem and it is not the button.

Click this link for complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

The batteries mentioned below are new formula NiMH batteries that will hold charge for one year when not used. Also, 2000mAh batteries seem to have a longer life. Did not like them at first, but have 12 of these batteries that are over five years old and are still as good as new. Higher mAh batteries still work well in flashlights, but won’t start my camera.

A friend asked me to clean and charge her new 2000mAh Duracell batteries as described in the last link. Those batteries are still going strong after four months of casual use and haven’t been recharged.

Camera reports batteries low, but is it low charge or bad electrical contacts? Overcharging can ruin good batteries! The secret to making digital cameras work better is having good electrical contacts between batteries and camera.

CAUTION Do not overcharge! Batteries can be damaged. Use an automatic two or more hour Energizer Compact smart charger with temperature monitor, trickle charge technology, and safety timer ($9.76) at Walmart. Use pre-charged 2000mAh Duracell ($12.97) or RayOVac ($5.97) batteries (hold charge one year) and a full cycle charge. To preserve battery charge, use the viewfinder.

NiMH batteries should be recharged when camera reports batteries low. Old batteries can discharge over night, but may provide normal service immediately after being charged. Battery pairs no longer usable in cameras may work well in flashlights. Do not drop batteries on a hard surface or allow voltage below one volt to prevent polarity reversal.

CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged and don’t delete. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Select, then click Stop and OK.

Never touch battery ends or camera electrical contacts. Oil from fingers will contaminate contacts. Use batteries in matched pairs of same brand and rating. Do not mix old and new batteries. New will only do as well as old.

Digital cameras reset to original settings if batteries are removed for one minute. Time varies with function/camera. Check display/setup menu for non-auto functions and date/time. Remove extra memory to eliminate this as a possible problem. Insert fully charged/cleaned batteries and restart camera. The ultimate non-physical repair for software-using devices is reset by removing power … VCR/DVD players one month.

Click this link for other camera tips and complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

Mary asks…

Where can a get a good digital camera that isn’t too expensive?

I am looking to buy a digital camera which allows you to record videos and upload them online. Do you know where I can get one that is not too expensive?

Pip answers:

I LOVE the Casio Exilim Ex-Z80 camera!!!!!!! It takes very great quality photos. It is 8 MP, has TONS of extra unique shooting modes including black and white, and has different colors including green, pink, blue, black, and silver. U can get it at for about $150. And to shoot movies all u have to do is press 1 button, no need to change settings! So convenient! And u can easily upload the videos to YouTube. I highly recommend it =D

Thomas asks…

How do u sell old clothes? What cheap places r there to get a digital camera?

I have some old clothes that r in great shape but I don’t want them anymore because I like the new clothes I bought better. I want to make extra cash. I would l like to sell them online and get some other suggestions on how to sell the clothes, and get a cheap digital camera if I decide to sell them online

Pip answers:

Have you ever heard of Plato’s Closet? I’m not sure where you are from, but we have them in my area (NJ). You can sell lightly worn clothes there and they will give you cash on the spot. Then they re sell them in the store. Check around to see if there is anything like that in your area by doing a google check of something like “sell lightly worn clothes” If you can’t find anything, there is always ebay amazon or craigslist. Good luck!

Ps. Walmart has some decent digital cameras for cheap. If you just want it to upload pictures of your clothes online, buy a disposable camera and instead of getting the pictures developed, get them on a disk. Then upload the disk to your computer. That should save you a lot of money.

Good luck

EDIT: I just read through some of your previous questions and it looks like you live in Spring Field, MA. There are 3 Plato’s Closet stores near there. Here’s their website for more information…



Joseph asks…

Self Pictures on a tripod with a digital camera?

I am starting an women online clothing boutique and to save time and of course money I decided to model the clothes myself and buy a digital camera and tripod. I have no idea how to go about doing this as this is my first time.

I need suggestions on what to buy. Of course being cost efficient. I went on Walmart site and saw tripods ranging from $19 up to over a hundred. I am going to use a white back drop or maybe some cute wallpaper or curtains in the background. Anyway, any suggestions would help tremendously! thank you!

Pip answers:

First things first. Sorry but modeling yourself is a bad idea. I know you know the poses, the clothing and all of that but specializing on these kinds of shoots is actually the best idea. Get yourself spread too thin and you won’t get the best results. So get a model and you shoot.

If you do do it yourself you’ll need a wireless remote for your camera that you can hide in one hand.
This is because using the 10-second self timer on the camera won’t give you enough time to get into position before the shot is snapped. And with a wireless remote you should be able to also trigger focus – very important.

Second, if you need a camera I’d suggest, budget in mind, the Canon Rebel t3 at about $500. It’s a dslr and will give you excellent quality.

Lighting. You’ll need that because I’m assuming you’ll be doing wide shots to show the entire garment. Flash won’t do nearly as well as stand alone lights say from the Lowell Company. A decent kit will be about another $500. Besides flash looks hokey when you’re trying to look professional.

Next, a reasonably priced tripod will do the trick. The t3i isn’t very heavy. I know because I own two Canon dslr cameras and I use a $35.00 tripod from Wal Mart and it’s just fine.

Backdrop: Anything but white. It’s too hot and will be a distraction in your photos. You’ll want a solid, pastel, neutral color – light brown, soft blues are very soothing to the eye.

Curtains will cause shadows in the backdrop so that’s also a bad idea – no curtains.

I would say you’re up for around $1,200 if you shop carefully. To look professional takes cash and a very old saying that’s still true – “it takes money to make money.” Want to look a pro? Then you have to act like a pro. You can’t cheap it out and look like a pro – it hasn’t worked for centuries and it won’t work now.

Good luck

David asks…

What brand or brand(s) of digital cameras are the best and easiest to use?

Hello Everyone:

Please don’t laugh,but I have never owned a digital camera and I am interested in buying a digital camera FOR UNDER $500.00 that is easy to use,but produces wonderful quality pictures? What brand of camera would you reccommend and why? I would also need to have a scanner that would come with a camera too. I would like a camera that takes excellent family pictures,and one that is quick,easy to learn how to use too. Which brand should I consider for under $500.00? Kodak? Canon? Olympus? I need a camera that will be compact enough that it won’t look like it is the size of a 35mm camera like I currently own from the 1980’s,*GIGGLES* The digital camera that I am looking for MUST have more than six mega pixels,MUST take excellent pictures,and MUST have a scanner to print out any digital pictures that I really like and want to keep forever! Thank you for any advice that you would be willing to share!! 😉

Pip answers:

I have a Nikon Cool Pix 7600. It is a 7.1 mega pixel digital camera. It has a setting for taking movies.
To print your picture, you need to buy an SD/MMC reader/writer from Walmart (cost $10), if your computer does not have a card reader. The reader/writer is manufactured by Digital
If you do not want to spend $10, the camera comes with a software and wire for transferring your images to your computer.
You need a printer and not a scanner to print your pictures.
This camera cost less than $200 and you will love it.
Email me if you need some more tips for taking pictures after you have read the instruction manual.
Good luck!

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras

Mary asks…

What is this feature for a digital camera called?

My friend has this thing where it takes a picture every second or something and then plays them like a video so it looks like the person did something really fast. Like drawing. Do most digital cameras have this feature? If not then can someone link me to some that do.

Pip answers:

Timelapse photography is what it is called and in the link below if you click on the “Timelapse recording” feature, there are the specs and model info on 47 current digital cameras that do it.

The second link is an article on how to make timelapse photos into a movie.

Lisa asks…

What is the best brand for digital cameras?

Im going to get a digital camera but i don’t know what brand to get? Im looking to spend 100-200 at the most. Any details bout what to look for would be great. Thanks for ur advice.

Pip answers:

There isn’t a best brand for digital cameras. What’s the best brand of cars? What’s the best brand of soda? What’s the best brand of anything?

If there was one brand that everyone agreed was the best, we wouldn’t have the others. And here’s a little worldly wisdom for you: The more brands you have to choose from, the less it matters which one you do.

Here are your choices:

Canon –
Casio –
Fuji –
Kodak –
Nikon –
Olympus –
Panasonic –
Pentax –
Samsung –
Sony –

They all make excellent cameras. Shop for specs. Read user testimonials. Get reviews. Comparing brands doesn’t really tell you anything.

Paul asks…

What are some of the smallest digital cameras out there right now?

I resent camera phones for their horrible quality and lack of features. What are some of the smallest digital cameras that I can bring with me everywhere? I am especially looking for one that can take good movies also, but that is not a necesity.

Pip answers:

If you value and quality and features, you can’t be looking for a tiny “toy” camera because they won’t do a whole lot better than a camera phone.

You need to decide your priorities – tiny size or quality and usefulness….. Never the twain shall meet.

Helen asks…

What Devices are Needed to Transfer Pictures from Digital Camera to Computer?


I know absolutely nothing about digital cameras and have a basic question. Do I only need a USB cable to transfer pictures from a digital camera to my computer? Do I need any other items, such as a special computer card or software?

Thank you,
Mulan, thank you for your Answer. But what exactly is a “card reader?” Thank you.

Pip answers:

When you get a digital camera it should come with a connecting cord to a USB or FireWire connection on your computer. It should also come with software to assist in downloading the pictures, but you can usually also use software that came with the computer. Most digital cameras use one of several types of removable memory cards to store the picture images.

You can also purchase multi-function card readers to plug into a USB connection on the computer. If you do that you can remove the memory card from your camera, plug it into the card reader and view/copy the pictures directly from the card. Most digital photographers do this because it is much more convenient and saves wear and tear on the camera and batteries. It also means you can get two (or more) cards and have one in the computer and others available to shoot pictures at the same time. This is good if you take some pics at a party and want to put them up for people to look at while you keep on taking more pictures.

You may need additional software to use certain picture formats with a card reader but it should be free and can be downloaded on the web or comes on a CD with the camera.

One special case is the cameras that come with “docking ports” these plug into a computer or printer and copy the pictures directly through the “dock”. But you can usually also use them with card readers if you wish.

One important tip. If you use a card reader, COPY the pictures to you computer, then erase them from the memory card IN YOUR CAMERA. This helps avoid card processing errors in the camera!

Hope that helps.
Email me if you have specific questions about a camera model, etc.

James asks…

What Percentage of Americans Use Digital Cameras?

I’m trying to figure out how widespread digital cameras are. I know my mom doesn’t use one.

Five years ago, it was predicted that 80% of US households would use digital cameras by 2008. And film cameras would be dead.

Did that happen? Anyone know what %age of USians use digital cameras?

Pip answers:

I don’t know for sure but the 80% figure is probably close.

However, I do know that film is NOT dead and won’t be for quite some time. All of my film cameras are doing well.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras For Dummies

Betty asks…

What is the best camera for me?

Well I’m in high school. I love photography… I want a good camera, that I can take beautiful clear pictures of stuff with. Canon cameras seem awesome and I’d love one but they’re too expensive.. I only have about $150-$200. So what is the best camera?

Pip answers:

You don’t sound like some dummy that just fell off the turnip truck as the saying goes.

I would recommend the Fuji Finepix S4500 @ $150.00 or the S4200 @ $129.00. The s4500 is the current model, and the S4200 has just been discontinued. If it was my money I would purchase the S4200 @ $129.00 These are amazon prices the last time I looked.

These Fuji cameras are known as “bridge” cameras, which means they are in between the simple point and shoots, and full fledged DSLR cameras. Although the Fuji is technically a point & shoot also you have more flexibility with the S4200 & S4500.

My first venture into the digital world was a Fuji Finepix S20 Pro @ $800.00!! Wow have camera prices come down in this area of digital cameras! The S4200 has basically the same features I paid $800.00 for!! What I am trying to say is that as long as you always shot at maximum resolution and try and keep your f/stops from f/8-to-f/22 you will be fine and get some great pictures. I made many 11×14’s and larger with my first Fuji camera.

Good Luck!

Nancy asks…

Why does my video camera not pick up loud vehicle exhaust noises and how do I record them?

Pip answers:

Hope this helps….


David asks…

What is the best material (website, book, YouTube video) to learn about my Canon 7D?

A “Dummy” book?
A website?

I would like to learn about all the capabilities of my camera. As well as terms like ISO use etc etc.

Thank you 🙂

Pip answers:

Http:// For the camera info.
Http:// For all the terms and things you need to know.

Mark asks…

Digital cameras for dummies?

I’m finally ready to get a digital camera but I know nothing about them. I could use some advice on what to look for such as 1) what megapixels to get 2) do i need extra memory cards 3) should i buy a photo printer or just use my normal pc printer? Anything you can offer would be much appreciated.

Pip answers:

This is a big subject, so it’s hard to tell your everything. If you know anything about film photography, a lot of the volcabulary will carryover, so you just have to learn how the idea is implemented in digital. Then there are some new ideas that are digital only.

Search on the web for “digital photography” and “tutorial”, and find a friend to help you get started.

Megapixels: More lets you print bigger enlargements. 3MP is enough for beginners – you could print 4×6’s and 5×7’s.

Memory cards: Most cameras do not come with any, so get at least 1. A 256 MB card will hold 200 pics from a 3MP camera. More MP’s requires bigger cards. Some people have 1 card and empty it often to computer; other people have extra or bigger cards for their convenience.

Printer: many normal pc printers will do fine with photos if set to the highest quality and set for photo paper. To start with experiment with your own printer or use a photo center. 4×6’s at home cost at least 30 cents including photo paper and ink; photo centers cost 16 to 29 cents. (large prints are cheaper at home).

Zoom: Consider only “Optical” zoom, where the lens actually changes to magnify. Digital zoom just stretches pixels and loses quality. A 3x zoom is fine to get started.

Brands: Stick to familiar camera name brands unless your budget absolutely requires that you choose an unknown. You can get a 3MP name brand camera for $150 or less. The $100 and under cameras often have troubles.

Feel: Get a camera the feels good in your hands, and has easy to reach controls. This should be Fun! You should like it!

Good Luck

Maria asks…

Good Digital Camera or CamCorder/Camera in One for “dummies”?

I’m not very technologically advanced but want to purchase a digital camera or camcorder with camera in one that is fairly simple to use and to download/print on the computer. Any suggestions?

Pip answers:

The Canon PowerShot A570IS or SD1000 (both around $150) would both be good choices for what you need. Somewhat more expensive would be the Canon ProSeries S5 at around $350. It has nicer features, including a more powerful zoom lens.

These articles helped me out quite a bit, when I was looking for a new digital camera:

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras 2013

Daniel asks…

Fall/Winter Fashions?

So my birthday is in December and I don’t know what to ask for for my birthday/Christmas? I’m turning 21 but thats besides the point. I already have a digital camera, ipod touch, laptop and cell phone.:) I was thinking of asking for clothes but I’m not sure what clothes to ask for. Does anyone know what the fall/winter fashions are this year 2012-2013 and are there any trends that are going to last for awhile? What tops and shoes should I ask for? Will Leather Jackets always been in style?

Pip answers:

I think leather jackets are really nice so I would ask for that! Scarves are in now, skinnys, leggings, yoga pants, droopy/oversized tops, laced dresses, boots (uggs/cowboy), beanies, jewelry! Or if you don’t know just ask for gift cards to your favorite stores and then when you go shopping you can just find the stuff you want yourself!

Thomas asks…

Is this a good camera?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens

is $3,500 a good price for this slr?
can you recommend a good srl?

better description

Pip answers:

That price is OK for that camera and lens.

If I were you I would be worried about spending that amount of money on something I knew nothing about. The fact that you have to ask this question makes me think you would be better in the $1000-1500 bracket. But hey! It’s your cash!

Lisa asks…

Want to become a wildlife photographer?

wat should i have to do to make my profession in nature and wildlife photography… in india there is any source to start my carrier in photography.. should i have to go for any courses ..

Pip answers:

Take pictures and more pictures. Keep taking them until you develop an ‘eye’ for spectacular scenes. AND THEN…keep taking more pics….thousands of pics….
Submit some to local papers or wildlife magazines. Look for competitions to enter.
Take some courses.

Here are some online sources for you to search:

ature Photography Online Courses – Nature, Wildlife and …
The Nature Photographers Network™ is pleased to present its series of online nature photography courses. NPN online courses are conducted in “virtual classroom … – Cached

Natural World Photography: Landscape & Wildlife Photography …
Limited-edition wildlife and landscape prints for sale. Photography classes, workshops, and photographic safaris to Africa are offered. – Cached

The Wildlife Film School
Training Courses, Workshops and Masterclasses in Digital Wildlife Photography and Wildlife Film Making – Cached

Wildlife Photography | Digital Photography Courses
Wildlife Photography can be an enjoyable pastime. Learn how to take better wildlife pictures. – Cached

Wildlife Photography Course – African Photographic Safari …
Our newly revised Wildlife Photography Course that will be launching early in 2013.…/wildlife-photography-course – Cached

Wildlife Photography Courses
Wildlife Photography Courses. WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES About Us; Digital Wildlife Photography Course; SLR Wildlife Photography Course; Links; Contact Us; – Cached

Wildlife Photography – Learn How to Photography Animals and …
Create the best wildlife photography you’ve ever captured! With interactive photo feedback from world-class photographer Jim Zuckerman, you’ll master professional … – Cached

Afreco Tours | wildlife photography | workshops | courses …
Wildlife Photography courses, workshops and exclusive safaris in Africa with professional wildlife photographer guides. Join our safaris in South Africa … – Cached

wildlife photography courses –
Wildlife Photography Course. With Andrew Cooper. Church farm is a venue for BBC Autumnwatch . On this Wildlife Photography … – Cached

Wildlife Photography Courses & uk Photographic Workshops
WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY courses UK Photo Workshops for Film & Digital Cameras. People of all Abilities most Welcome. These workshops are suitable for both film and … – Cached

Joseph asks…

Can my computer run DayZ at ____ specs?

What specs do you think this computer can run DayZ at? Low? Normal? High? Very High?
Also, how good is the sound going to be.
Valkyrie CZ-17 Gaming Laptop
1 x Case ( Valkyrie CZ-17 17.3″ Full HD 1920×1080 LED-Backlit Display Laptop w/HDMI Port, E-SATA, USB 3.0, Illuminated Keyboard, Li-Ion Battery, Universal AC Power Adapter – Original Metallic black )
1 x Processor ( Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Mobile Processor (4x 2.4GHz/6MB L3 Cache) )
1 x Memory ( 8GB [8GB x 1] 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM [Laptop Memory] – G.SKILL )
1 x Video Card ( NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 4GB GDDR5 Video w/ NVIDIA Optimus [CZ-17] )
1 x Primary Hard Drive ( 750 GB 7200rpm Serial-ATA Super Slim Laptop Hard Drive )
0 x Data Hard Drive ( None )
1 x Optical Drive ( 6X Blu-Ray-R/8x Dual Format DVD±R/±RW + 24x CD-R/RW Combo Drive [CZ-17] )
1 x Flash Media Reader / Writer ( Built-in 4-in-1 Media Card Reader/Writer [Laptop] )
1 x Sound Card ( HD Audio with THX TrueStudio Pro )
1 x Network Card ( Killer E2200 Gaming Networking )
1 x Internal Wireless Network Adapter ( Intel Ultimate-N 6300 802.11 a/b/g/n 450Mbps Dual-Band Wi-Fi )
1 x Operating System ( Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium + Office Starter 2010 (Includes basic versions of Word and Excel) – 64-Bit )
1 x Additional Software ( Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote included )
1 x USB Ports ( Built-in 2x USB 2.0 Ports + 3x USB 3.0 Port [Laptop] )
0 x Carrying Case ( None )
1 x Video Camera ( Built-in 3.0 Mega Pixels Digital Web Video Camera )

Pip answers:

On max.

Nancy asks…

Best Phone/ Tablet to have in 2013?

What is the best phone or tablet to have right now? Im looking for:
-at least an 8GB camera
-screen resolution
oops I meant 8MP

Pip answers:

LOL. This is purely subjective and eveyone’s going to have their own personal opinions on it.

Here’s MY thoughts on what is the best for 2013. This only applies to ME and what I like about the devices.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317M)
– 5.5″ screen (no need to squint)
– perfect size for portability and mobility (yeah, I can fit this in my front pant pocket without issue and it’s in an Otterbox Commuter case too)
– touch and digital S Pen inputs
– excellent for note taking and drawing (no fatigue; accurate and precise pen input)
– exactly duplicates pen on paper with real palm rejection allowing a more natural and ergonomic feel
– split screen multi-window view (ie. Can view email, browse web and take notes at the same time)
– attach my 1TB drive via USB OTG cable (but requires external power source to power the HDD)
– attach USB hub and hook up to external display via smart dock (at the same time); can turn it into a multimedia hub or micro computer

Tablet: Microsoft Surface Pro
– runs full Windows 8 Pro 64-bit OS without any 3rd party bloat (can even install Linux)
– full HD resolution with touch and digital pen inputs
– can reuse standard computer peripherals without the need for an adapter
– USB to gigabit ethernet support (avoiding common hassles with Wi-Fi and its inherent weaknesses)
– USB3.0
– run full Windows Programs, none of the trimmed down mobile stuff
– actual ultrabook/notebook hardware in tablet form

The only issue is that the camera is rather poor in the Surface Pro, but who cares. I won’t use it anyways. The Note 2 can handle that or my dedicated digital camera.

This is the tablet I am currently eyeing to upgrade from my Note 10.1.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras With Wifi

Betty asks…

What are the best camera stores in New Brunswick, Canada?

I’m looking for a better camera for YouTube Videos. I have been using my webcam on my Gateway computers (it’s an awful computer lol). It has poor quality. I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. I was wondering if there were any good places to get cameras. We just moved here. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks. 🙂

Pip answers:

Hi Lauren,

You don’t need a better camera store, you need a better camera. If looking for one to post YouTube videos, just about any can do that. What you have to factor in is how big the video will be (MBs) when you upload a video made with a higher quality, and how much you are willing to pay for that better quality.

In many cases your cellphone camera probbaly has a better quality image than any old webcam from a laptop. You might consider using that. You should be able to use the video mode on it, then bring it over to your Gateway and transfer it to the C: drive using just a USB cable. If you have to email it to yourself, be aware that it will chew up your data plan that way so watch your limits!

There is also an issue of how easy it is to upload from your camera to YouTube. Will you need to load it on your PC first, or can you transfer direct from the camera? I bought a JVC unit for my father a few years back, and it had a button on it that lets you upload straight to your YouTube account, provided you are in WiFi range or attached by a USB cable.

And of course, there is what you plan to film. If you want to film in a place where it may get dropped into water, or if you need one that does action shots, you may need a different camera than one that is just used in the park or filming family events like birthdays.

In Fredericton, you will find a Staples, The Source, FutureShop, and a Black’s Photography. All four of those should have a decent selection of digital cameras and video cameras. It’s up to you to check them out and see who offers the best price and the camera that you like the most.

For a few suggestions that are “Recommended” by Consumer Reports magazine, you can try:

Pocket Camcorder ($100-150):
– Samsung HMX-W300
– Sony Bloggie Live

HD Camcorder:
– Sony, Canon, and Panasonic top the list, but most are quite expensive ($700-1000) and not what you would need for YouTube or a simple video blog.

Action Camcorder:
– GoPro are some of the most popular and affordable ones on the market, and highly rated. Other affordable brands/models include Sony (HDR-AS15), Contour (ROAM2), and Polaroid (XS-100)

Keep in mind that models are changing all the time, and the ones rated by a US magazine may not match what we have up here in Canada.

James asks…

Can you explain to me what is so great about the Playstation 3?

My husband said he couldn’t buy me a digital camera (he broke my old one) because then he wouldn’t have enough money for a ps3

Pip answers:

The Good
1)Cell Processor
3)Blu Ray
4)Other operating systems-
5)Web browser
6)Play TV
7)Interchangeable hard drive
8)Built in wifi
9)Free Online
10)Playstation Home
12)wireless blue tooth sixaxis motion sensing controller

The Bad
Really, the only bad thing as of right now is lack of games, which isn’t really true anymore due to the fact that many games just released, and will continue to release periodically indefinitely.

Also, price could be factored in, though Sony just released the 40GB PS3 for a more affordable price of $400, so it’s not a problem anymore.

Lizzie asks…

how to watch surveillance or cctv camera from different location?

i have three shop at three different location …all with surveillance camera install…but how can i keep on watch at home over the internet? please help

Pip answers:

Well, you are really talking about a wireless (aka radio) linked setup or setting up the cameras in an ipcam format.

The traditional way, but problematic over much more than a mile or two, would be to add a radio transmitter to each camera and have a single receiver per camera at your reception/viewing point. There are also multi-receiver units that you can use instead of one receiver per channel.

The receiver’s output plugs into one of the video/camera inputs intended for wired cameras, at the monitor/recorder/multiplexer. If it’s a multi-receiver, it has multiple outputs that you send one to each available input on the multiplexer.

The multiplexer is the bit that takes the multiple inputs, and provides an output that can deliver the switched input from any one camera, any grouped ordered combination, or cycle between all inputs in sequence or randomly – on cheaper systems, the multiplexer is integral to the monitor, on more expensive stuff, it’s standalone and you connect all to the standalone muliplexer.

But given a lot of complications over range and possibily licensing… Depending on where you are, and also prices…

Route 2 is probably more practical, the ipcam approach. If you already have an existing setup, it could be expensive, but going down the ipcam route would also allow upgrading to a digital recording system.

An IPCAM type CCTV system uses wired or wireless digital video camera (at the cheapest end of the scale, nothing more than a cheap webcam with micro server built in and a wireless/ethernet card) or the microserver/wireless/ethernet add on that takes video from an existing wireless camera – these ‘ipcams’ then stream their output over the internet, or over an ethernet or localised wifi network, and can be viewed directly using a viewing software on a networked enabled PC/MAC etc.

The ‘ipcams’ are, in a more serious context, usually streamed back to a server where the streams can be captured and archived for reference.

And inbetween these extremes, there are all-in-one wireless camera/multiplexer/recorder kits (Swann being a notably available make) – that have 4 wireless cameras that talk to a combined mutiplexer/digital recorder, and you can view the content or live feeds via the mutiplexer locallly or in ‘ipcam’ fashion over the internet/ethernet/wifi network on some versions.

Hope it helps, and apologies for not including examples of actual products, because it highly depends on where you are for availability and how far you are prepared to venture to look for examples.

Mandy asks…

How to upload pictures on to a digital picture frame.?

Have a HP df300, how to upload pics from my hardrive not just a camera chip?

Pip answers:

Http:// …
The following items about digital frames are from the link above where you may find additional information.

Another important feature to consider is how many images you can store on the frame. Most have slots for loading pictures directly from a camera’s memory card. Make sure it accepts the same type or types of cards that your camera(s) do, as this will make transferring images to the frame significantly simpler. Also, look for a frame with a large internal (built-in) memory if you plan on loading lots of images for slide shows, videos and so forth.

With all the attention your digital frame will get from friends, family and members of your own household, you’ll want to keep it updated with your most recent photos. Having multiple connectivity options can make this task a lot simpler. Most frames can connect to your PC using a ubiquitous USB cable, while Blue tooth and WiFi-enabled frames let you sync wirelessly from laptops, camera phones and cameras that are WiFi enabled. Many WiFi-enabled frames can automatically sync images from PCs on your home network or from photo sharing sites on the Internet, making it simple to keep updated.

If your computer has memory card slots, you can copy from the computer to a memory card.

If there are no memory card slots on your computer, purchase a Targus card reader at Walmart for $8.88 or another brand for less at Ritz/Wolf/Kit camera. Also, they do 4 x 6 digital prints for 5¢ each on Tuesday and Wednesday.

CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged and format, don’t delete. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Click Stop and OK.

Have just been playing with this and found that it works really well, but you should first format the memory card in the camera because it adds files to the card you will need.

Next, take a picture of something with the camera.

Place the memory card in the card reader and go to My Computer.

Open the memory card and you should see a folder on the left (DCIM) that has your picture. Do not open the MISC folder on the right.

Double Click on the DCIM folder and you should see another folder (e.g.,100HPM417) which includes the name of your camera. Double Click on that folder and you should see the picture you just took.

When you copy from the computer to a memory card, that is the folder where your computer pictures must be copied. You may only be able to copy one picture at a time from My Computer.

One last thing, the file names of your pictures must not have any additional letters or those pictures will not be seen by the camera. Also, the file name format must match the file name of the picture you took e.g., HPIM1903. Rename files to the format of your camera photos.

If you have trouble with this, it may be easier to right click on Start and then left click Explore. Find and select the pictures you want to copy and then near the top left, click the X next to Folders to see a place to select Copy files. You can then select the memory card folder e.g.,100HPM417, that you clicked to see the picture you took and click Copy. You can copy pictures easier with this method.

Click this link for other camera tips and help with making digital cameras work better.

William asks…

How to map digital camera to network drive?!?

I have a Canon Powershot A720 IS and I want to map it to a network drive. I clicked “Map network drive” under Explore, and i selected my drive letter, but I don’t know what to do after that. I clicked “browse” but I don’t see my camera. Help?
It needs to be a letter.

Pip answers:

Your camera does not have a network interface in it. To work your camera would have to have both a MAC address and an assignable IP. It does not.

The only cameras that MIGHT be able to be addresses via a network would be one that comes with WiFi (Nikon Coolpix S7c and S50c) or can be fitted with a WiFi adapter (Nikon and Canon DSLR’s).

Of course you will have to have a AC adapter attached to the camera to provide power … Batteries usually don’t last very long under continuous energy loads.

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Your Questions About Current Examples Of Joint Ventures

Charles asks…

Barack Obama warned pakistan that he will use force to root out terrorists do you agree?

Pip answers:

Here’s two quotes that explain how I and some fellow supporters feel:

“If you have researched Mr. Obama enough, his speech on counter terrorism and comment on nuclear weapons shouldn’t have surprised you. I knew already that was his position. What did surprise me, however, was the way the media reacted and attacked him with the small, very vague, comments the other Democratic candidates made. It makes me very excited to have ALL the other candidates jump on him like this. Now he has a real opportunity to separate himself from the rest of the pack. I very much agree with his plan to leave enough forces in Iraq to train Iraqis and fight al Qaida where they are still a problem, adding two more brigades to the current strength in Afghanistan, and hunting the leadership of the very imminent threat of Al Qaida where they are hiding (unilaterally if necessary). If ALL the other candidates attack this position Obama can show everyone why he is so different.
I read a lot of comments to the media stories how Dodd, Biden, and Richardson are just trying to get a position on Hillary’s cabinet. Barack is the ONLY real candidate for change.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with the president of the most powerful country in the world saying he will not use the most dangerous invention mankind has ever created. I am surprised that the other candidates don’t feel the same way. THAT IS SUBSTANCE AND LEADERSHIP. None of the other candidates gave any example of when they would use nuclear weapons, but I assume they would based on how they reacted. So where is their substance? What is there plan to hunt down bin Laden? How many troops do they leave in Iraq? We cannot just completely leave this place (I am sitting in Camp Ramadi in the al Anbar province as I write this). I know the progress that has been made, and I see what would happen if we just left 100%. Obama understand this, and I trust him more than any of the other candidates to do the right thing.
We need to continue getting the message out why he is different than everyone else. The opportunity is here. ”
By Matthew at community blog

“First, Obama never said he was going to start another war. He made his stance known on terrorism and Al’Qaida training in Pakistan. • Barack said that his Foreign Policy will be “open on both ends”. As he said he will, ” will create a Shared Security Partnership Program to forge an international intelligence and law enforcement infrastructure to take down terrorist networks from the remote islands of Indonesia, to the sprawling cities of Africa. This program will provide $5 billion over three years for counter-terrorism cooperation with countries around the world, including information sharing, funding for training, operations, border security, anti-corruption programs, technology, and targeting terrorist financing. And this effort will focus on helping our partners succeed without repressive tactics, because brutality breeds terror, it does not defeat it.” I keep sending you this quote, are you actually reading it. An open ended Foreign Policy means consultation and intelligence sharing from both fronts, Pakistan, US, and other allies. So, receiving shaky CIA intel is not likely because this information would have been disected from all ally parties involved in this joint venture to minimize terrorism. If it is faulty then we would all be accountable. Now, he did say that if intelligence information, which will be available to the all ally parties, including the Pakistanians, provides irrefutable proof of high profile targets and the other parties are not willing to attack, we will.

People need to start listening to what is said instead of hearing what they want to hear.”

By RLT, Sumter, S.C. At community blog

Joseph asks…

Merger. Which company should I buy shares?

These to companies are going 50/50 joint venture both are doing well in the market….one is priced at $12 the other at $4.

the $4 shares are going to be bought by the $12 company 1:3 ratio. Any Ideas of past patterns on which to go with?

Pip answers:

Which to go with??

When all is said and done you are going to have shares with the $12 company whether you buy the $4 shares or the $12 shares? The number of shares will be different but the value will be the same.

If your looking for a pattern, when a company is going to be taken over (purchased?) the acquiring company shares invariably go down while the acquired company shares usually increase significantly because the offer is above the current market value. For a perfect example check Diebold and United Technologies today.

To get back to your question, unless you already owned the $4 shares before the takeover announcement it is not going to make a big difference which stock you go with.

Nancy asks…

Protectionism & Mercantilism superior to Globalisation?

This is a major thesis worthy topic- simply want to start some basic discussion

I assert globalisation is a code-word for State-corporatism.

Globalisation and its sister Free Trade are principally proponents of the US.
It does not benefit all States equally- in fact opposite.

Compare Japanese and CHinese economic models.
Japan is one of the few mercantilist economies remaining. It’s watched very closely the rise & fall of European trade empires and very cleverly filled the gap in Asia- becoming the largest single investor and donor/lender.
China is similar & incredibly clever- realising they hold the ace of infrastructure on command, limitless cheap labour & political stability- a capitalists’ wet dream.
China allows only joint ventures thus intellectual capital retained or even gained for future benefit.
Land can only be obtained by a 75 yr lease- only the gov owns land.
China’s GDP will dwarf Germany very soon & be 3rd largest globally.

Are these superior models for UK? economy?

Pip answers:

By redefining terms I guess you could say yes is no. But lets be real. What people call Globalization is free enterprize. The States basically get out of the way. That is the superior model. The only countries that are at a disadvantage are those that don’t have a free enterprize system.

2nd the British came up the the Merchantilist system and it worked good for them, the Dutch, Germans, Belgians, etc as long as they had colonies which provided them with a cheap source of raw materials and a closed market for their manufactured goods. After the American Civil war the U.S. Government joined in the game and never got out of it.

Merchantilism is characterized by protective tariffs used to protect particular industries. In the U.S. For example we have protective tariffs on steel, sugar, Lumber and automobiles. The import limits and tariffs on Japanese cars in the U.S. Virtually destroyed the U.S. Auto industry. During the 70’s we got shoddy gas hogs, and unions got big raises and pension benefits that make current American cars uncompetitive on the world market.

In Japan a steak cost about 5 times what it cost in the U.S. Because of Japanese tariffs on imported beef. Rice is also more expensive because of tariffs to protect the Japanese rice farmers.

Protective tariffs benefit a single industry at the expense of the rest of the economy. The steel tariffs in the U.S. Cost the U.S. Economy 8 jobs lost in other industries consuming steel for every steel worker job saved. Sugar tariffs in the U.S. Forced candy makers out of the U.S. Into Canada and Mexico where they can purchase cheaper sugar from South America and the Carribean and the candy is shipped back into the U.S.

It makes no sense that if the Japanese want to rip off their citizens by forcing them to pay 5 times the market value for their steaks, for the US to make its people pay more for their cars. Or in the case of the British for them to make their people pay a couple dollars more per gallon of fuel. Tariffs have been discribed as two guys in a boat and one guy shoots a hole in his end of the boat. So to get even with him the other guy shoots a hole in his end of the boat. The result is they both just sink faster.

I would suggest that instead of looking at China that the UK look at Ireland. They’ve started dismanteling their socialist system and lowering taxes and have made tremendous strides in improving their economy. Freedom is the answer not more government meddling.

Mark asks…

explain the rise of mass media in south Africa?

Pip answers:

The media of South Africa has a large and flourishing mass media sector and is the African continent’s major media player. While South Africa’s many broadcasters and publications reflect the diversity of the population as a whole, the most commonly used language is English, although all ten other official languages are represented to some extent or another. Afrikaans is the second most commonly used language, especially in the publishing sector.

Up until 1994, the country had a thriving Alternative press comprised of community broadsheets, bilingual weeklies and even student “zines” and xeroxed samizdat. After the elections, funding and support for such ventures dried up, but there has been a resurgence of interest in alternative forms of news gathering of late, particularly since the events of September 11, 2001.

Press freedom
Press freedom has a chequered history in South Africa. While some sectors of the South African media openly criticised the apartheid system and the National Party government, they were hampered by various amounts of government censorship during the years. For example, journalist Donald Woods became renowned after he fled to live in the United Kingdom in exile and expose the truth behind the death of Steve Biko, the leader of the Black Consciousness Movement. After the end of apartheid in 1994 however, censorship ended and a new constitution was enacted which has a Bill of Rights that guarantees that every citizen has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of the press and media, the freedom to receive or impart information or ideas, freedom of artistic creativity, academic freedom, and freedom of scientific research.

These freedoms are generally respected in practice and the press is considered relatively free. Laws concerning the media and political control over its content are generally considered to be moderate and there is little evidence of repressive measures against journalists. In consequence, South Africa is ranked joint 31st (with Australia) in Reporters Without Borders’ worldwide index of press freedom 2005.

However, there has also been criticism of certain aspects of the freedom of the press in South Africa. It has been pointed out that almost all the large daily newspapers are owned by just four large media firms, which could lead to pro-Corporate bias. In addition, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), which is the state broadcaster, is argued by many to carry a fairly strong pro-ruling party (African National Congress (ANC)) bias, especially considering the fact that the majority of its management and executive staff are either ANC members or ANC aligned.

Some media aspects of the Oilgate scandal [1] have also been a cause for concern as was the banning of the publication of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in South Africa by Judge Mohammed Jajbhay on 3 February 2006 [2].

According to media reports, the SABC blacklisted certain commentators and analysts which may be critical of the government. [3]

[edit] Newspapers
Main article: Newspapers in South Africa
The history of newspapers in South Africa dates back to 1800, when the Governor of the Cape Colony initiated the publishing of the government-controlled Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser. The first privately owned newspaper, the SA Commercial Advertiser was published in 1824, with Thomas Pringle and John Fairbairn as editors. The first Dutch language newspaper, De Zuid Afrikaan was published in 1830, the first African language newspaper, Umshumayeli Wendaba in 1837 and the first Afrikaans language newspaper, Die Afrikaanse Patriot, in 1876.

The current newspaper industry is in a fairly healthy state. According to a South African Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) survey in 1996, there were 36 daily and weekly urban newspapers in the country – 29 in English, four in Afrikaans, two in Zulu and one in Xhosa. The dichotomy between demographics and publishing languages can be explained by different literacy levels, the widespread popular use of the English language, as well as South Africa’s history of censorship, which curbed the development of a culture of newspaper readership. There are also a large number of free (advertising-funded) local and community newspapers in several different languages. An estimated 1.3 million newspapers are sold in South Africa daily.

There are several independently-owned newspapers, most notably Mail & Guardian, however the majority are owned by four large publishing groups: Johnnic Publishing, Naspers, Independent News and Media, and CTP/Caxton.

[edit] Magazines
See also: List of magazines in South Africa
South Africa has a very robust magazine industry with an estimated 280 locally-published titles available; imported magazines add to this number considerably. The industry’s annual turnover in 1998 was estimated to be about R 1.7 billion.

While the mass consumer market sector is dominated by only a few publishers (Naspers, Perskor, CTP Holdings, TML), the specialist consumer and trade & technical sectors are very fragmented and contain a large number of small- and medium-sized publishers in addition to the aforementioned major players.

As could be expected from South Africa’s recent history, its magazine market is (still) characterised by definite differences in the readership of magazines amongst the country’s different race groups. A decline in traditional mass consumer magazine titles versus the growth of specialist titles also characterizes the industry, as does the growth of magazines specifically aimed at black South Africans, such as Drum.

Naspers is the dominant player in the mass consumer magazine sector and sells about two thirds of all the magazines read in South Africa, including imported magazines. The company publishes large national titles such as Fair Lady, Sarie, Insig, SA Sports Illustrated, Kickoff, Huisgenoot, You and Drum. The Afrikaans language family magazine Huisgenoot has the largest circulation of any South African magazine and is followed by You, its English language version; these two magazines have a combined circulation of almost one million copies a week. Fair Lady and Sarie are South Africa’s largest selling English- and Afrikaans-language women’s magazines, respectively.

Other large mass market publishers are Perskor (Republican Press), CTP Holdings and Times Media. Specialist consumer magazines are also published by the aforementioned publishers, as well as by Primedia Publishing, Kagiso Media and Ramsay Son & Parker. In the trade and technical sector Primedia is the largest publisher.

[edit] Books
The book publishing industry in South Africa is relatively small, but it is nevertheless a key factor in its economy – there are more than 120 publishers in the country, according to the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA). Among these are commercial publishers, university presses, non-governmental organizations and one-person privately owned publishers. Of the 120 publishers who are members of the PASA, about 12 are classified as large publishers, 7 as medium-sized publishers and the remaining 101 as small publishers.

Books are published in all eleven official languages of South Africa as well as in some non-official and foreign languages. Works published include fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, reference works as well as school and university textbooks. Electronic publishing is also a growing segment of the publishing industry. While some publishers specialise in the type of books they produce (for example textbooks), the majority of the large and medium publishers publish in several categories.

There are also a number of book importers and distributors active in South Africa as the great majority of books sold in South Africa (especially fiction) are still imported, mostly from Britain and the United States. This has resulted in relatively high prices being charged for books in comparison with the income of the average South African.

The South African publishing industry employs about 3,000 people full-time, as well as many freelance workers. In addition, it is estimated that the South African publishing industry employs about 9,000 authors (full- and part-time), who together earn an estimated R 150 million in royalties annually. The book-printing and bookselling are also largely dependent on this industry.

[edit] Television
Main article: Television in South Africa
Television is the most tightly regulated media sector in South Africa and is (along with radio) regulated by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). Broadcast rights, especially for television, are issued by invitation only and only two independent television broadcasters have been permitted to operate up to now. Broadcast licenses mandate percentages of local, community and educational content and broadcasters are required to include such content as a condition of their license.

As a result, there are only four free-to-air terrestrial television channels in South Africa, the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) Channels 1, 2 and 3 as well as The SABC is South Africa’s state-owned public broadcaster.

Dr. Snuki Zikalala, the chief of SABC news and a members of the ruling ANC Government, is accused of blacklisting some commentators. [4]

Multichoice is the only provider of pay TV and satellite broadcasting in the country, with one terrestrial pay TV channel, M-Net, and DStv, a digital satellite television network with over 55 local and international channels that broadcasts to hundreds of thousands of subscribers throughout Africa. In November 2008 four new licences were granted, from a total of 18 applications, for the operation of pay-TV services. Walking on Water (a Christian broadcaster), On Digital Media and e-Sat (the satellite arm of are all e

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