Your Questions About Nikon Digital Cameras Slr

John asks…

SLR CAMERAS- Nikon or Canon?

I am looking into buying an SLR camera, but I really don’t know anything about the companies and such….
What company would be really good? And if you really know something, please give me advice on models…
ANY information would be greatly appreciated… thank you!

Pip answers:

I am not sure if you mean a Digital SLR or a Film SLR. If you mean Film then I prefer Nikon for its backward compatibility. If you mean Digital I prefer Canon because I think their Images look “nicer”. I know Nicer doesn’t really mean much and is very subjective, but I find that the people that take more artistic and beautiful images prefer Canon and the people that like to look at spec sheets and zoom into 100% and compare noise prefer Nikon. I suppose that makes Nikon a more precise and professional camera but that doesn’t make it take better looking images, in my opinion. I also think the Canon lenses are priced a little bit better and that makes it easier to get into. I just got the Rebel T1i aka. EOS 500D along with the 17-40 L lens and the 50 mm 1.4 and I am very happy with my purchase. The T1i is an older model but the lens is more important than the camera by far anyway so save on the body and get a pro lens if you are serious about photography whether digital or film.

Betty asks…

Good Digital SLR camera. Any recommendations? Nikon or Canon?

I’m a graphic designer who is really into photography. I’ve been using a 35mm film SLR camera up till now and want to switch to digital, but not sure what to buy since there are so many choices out there these days. I’m thinking to buy either a Nikon or Canon because I have proven that they have good quality cameras. I have a Nikon 35mm SLR and Canon IXY point-and-shoot.
I want a camera that is beginner friendly, not too fancy, has no shutter delays, etc. My budget is $900.
Which one is better Nikon or Canon? Do you have any recommendations?

Pip answers:

Since you already have a Nikon 35 mm camera, you will find that 1) the complimentary DSLR’s metering system is identical, so you will not have to learn any subtle differences found with Canon or other metering systems. The traditional Nikon center weighted meter has continued to be consistent since first introduced in the Nikon Ftn.

No shutter lag means a DSLR.
What ever Nikon lenses you have now will work on the new Nikon DSLR’s
At present, the Nikon D80 is within your budget, but the newest Nikon DSLR is the D90 .. It has some features new to DSLR’s you may find interesting enough to spend the little extra … $999.
All the photo skills you have been using with your Nikon 35 mm SLR are directly transferable to Nikon DSLR’s, so the user friendly aspect is not really an issue .. The added features, while many, are easy to learn while shooting normally as you would your 35 mm.


Richard asks…

Nikon digital slr camera help ?

I’m buying a Nikon digital camera and am torn between what to get. Which is the best choice: the D40, D60, or D80 ?

Pip answers:

I guess it just depends on what you are going to use it for the D40 is a great camera, it is 6.1 MP great for everyday picture taking, its ease of use and the light weight make this camera is good for a starter camera, but the D40 has a small problem the reason its light weight is because the AF motor is in the lenses so you would have to buy AF-S or IF lenses
Now the D60 is the same as the D40 except for the 10.2 MP, so unless your going for something as a large format image go for the D40.
Now the D80 is also a great camera same as the D60 (10.2 MP)except you can use almost any Nikor lens. And the processor is much faster than the D60
I personally carry my D40 everywhere I use it for everyday picture taking (i.e. Landscapes, nature scenes, creative pics, always at photo jobs as a second camera, wedding etc.)
And my D60 is my studio camera which I use for large format pictures, I tried the D80 but the it basically the same as the D60.

Paul asks…

Best value SLR Digital Camera?

I’m wanting to purchase a SONY or Nikon SLR Camera but I’m not which brand is better. I’m not a professional so cameras that are over $550 are out of my league.

Do you know any good SLR camera that are very good and are below $550? It doesn’t matter if it’s SONY or Nikon but preferably those brands. (I heard Sony is very nice)

Pip answers:

Look at the Nikon D3100 or the Canon T3 for excellent entry-level DSLR’s. They both have high ratings, easy learner modes, and more settings for you as your skills grow.

Sony? They have nice specs, but as a sportsphotographer, I’ve never seen a Sony DSLR used by a pro on the sidelines, nor have I seen any around me when shooting photojournalism. They offer nice specs, but have no serious history, like Nikon & Canon. Their “new” translucent mirror technology was tried and abandoned by Canon in the 70′s. That system steals 30% of the light from your image and diverts it to the lcd viewfinder. Frankly, every photographer wants 100% of the light for the best quality image.

Finally, look at the JD Powers Customer Satisfaction Survey for DSLR’s. Notice that Canon & Nikon are definitely the cameras that satisfy their users the most. Then see where Sony rates – at the very bottom of the survey, well below the industry average.

Sandra asks…

Buying a digital camera, SLR – Nikon?

I want to buy a SLR Nikon. I don’t know anything about semi-professional cameras, but I am eager to learn. Please help me decide which model should I choose. Nikon D60, Nikon Coolpix P90? I just want impressive pictures, especially for landscapes and portraits.

Pip answers:

Don’t pass up the D60 just because it’s called “entry level”. This unassuming camera is very well made, doesn’t cost a fortune, has a lot of features, and is capable of producing stunning photos, depending on the user. Here’s my overview of what you’re getting, what you’re not, and why I bought it.

What you’re getting is Nikon engineering in a compact body with very good ergonomics and all the necessary features you need to shoot in most situations -that is, for people who enjoy photography as a creative hobby, not a profession. If you’re an average person, like me, who does occasional shooting, likes creativity and demands quality results, the D60 is a good camera to work with. It’s light and comfortable without being flimsy. That means you’re more likely to take it with you, rather than debating whether to carry around a heavy semi-pro beast.

You also get the latest technology such as the Expeed processor, in-camera Raw Conversion and Active D-lighting. And you get the 18-55VR lens. I added the 55-200VR. Both lenses are lightweight and capable. Between the lens and the lightmeter, I’ve taken some really stunning photos in varied situations. The lenses are not optically fast, but VR works well to steady the camera when needed. I plan on adding a fast prime for lowlight and everyday use.

Here’s what you’re not getting:
-Live View mode. I really liked this on my P&S and I’ll miss it, but I remember this feature really drains battery life, which was really annoying (and they haven’t perfected it in SLRs yet).
-No Auto Focus with older Nikon AF lenses, but the D60 has a rangefinder feature which allows you to pull up an analog focusing meter in the viewfinder.
-You don’t get a lot of direct access buttons on the body. There are some, but most picture settings have to be made on a grid on the LCD screen. It’s pretty easy to do and it keeps the D60 uncluttered, but I’d much rather have the buttons.
-Lastly, higher-end models generally give you a stronger build quality, a bigger, brighter viewfinder and a more enhanced AF system with more AF points. Still, the D60 is no slouch in these areas. Its viewfinder is bright and its 3-point AF seems fast enough for me.

I have to say though, I really liked handling the other strong, ruggedly-built SLRs, like the Nikon D300 and Canon 40D, but when the chips are down, I just don’t want to carry all that weight around, especially on vacation. You would have to decide if you really want all the features of a higher end camera because it really adds to the size, weight and especially COST. Everything’s a tradeoff.

My main reason for choosing Nikon over Canon and Olympus was because they use the largest image sensor, followed by Canon; Olympus was just too small. I took the measurements of these sensors, drew each of them on a grid next to each other and the actual size difference really became apparent. And even though the other brands still do a great job with image quality and some reviewers try to explain away the size issue, I still believe that EVERY little bit of sensor real estate helps with image quality. But, hey that’s just me.

As for ergonomics, I considered some Canons, but they felt rather boxy and cramped to me, and they all use that obnoxious pop-up strobing flash as an AF assist light. Nikon uses a steady lamp. I loved the Olympus 420, but it was so compact that the metal strap holder constantly dug into my middle finger. Mounting a heavy lens made it feel oddly unbalanced. The E510 was very comfortable, even more so than the D60. It really helps to pick up these models and handle them.

Buying a digital SLR body is like buying a computer. The sensor is the heart of the camera, so I looked for the latest model with the newest processor. I REALLY liked the D80, but even though it’s a great body, I couldn’t see spending hundreds more on what I consider a “2 year old computer” that may be discontinued soon. Unless you’re a pro, you’re probably going to purchase just one DSLR body, so I’d say invest in one with enough current technology to last for a while along with most of the features you think you need.

That’s where the D60 comes in. It’s a nice balance of current technology at a reasonable price. The fact that you’re even considering this model means that value is of some concern to you, so striking that balance is important. Yes, it may be missing a bell here or a whistle there, but overall it’s a great little camera. The lightmeter works extremely well, the processor is fast, the lenses are sharp, the images are excellent. And the price is right.

Price around $550

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Your Questions About Canon Digital Camera Repair

David asks…

where can i repair my digital camera?

where can i repair my digital camera in nyc

Pip answers:

Usually you repair camera’s by sending them back to the manufacturer (say HP or Canon, etc.), even if your warranty is up. Otherwise, i know that BestBuy has a repair service for tech parts. Hope it helps.

Nancy asks…

repair my digital canon camera?

I have a digital canon eos 400D rebel xti camera that won’t turn on. Apparently it is still worth the $700 I paid for it (some places $900). Canon will repair it for $210 or replace it with a refurbished one. Should I send it to the manufacturer or to another repair service? I don’t know anything about camera repair and I don’t want to get the run around. Does anyone knowledgeable about camera repair have advice for me? Thanks.

Pip answers:

Well I’ve never needed repair for any of my cameras but, knowing the reputation that Canon has around the world for excellent, top grade equipment, I’d have to believe that they would do a first rate job with repair.

However, refurbished equipment coming directly from the manufacturer is, for the most part, as good as new. In this case refurbished doesn’t mean repaired. It can mean it was a display model that didn’t sell. It could be a return. It could be a shelf model that didn’t sell and wasn’t even opened. There’s several ways a camera can become “refurbished”.

The choice is yours. To my thinking if its a choice between spending the $210 and getting a refurbished for nothing (or is it nothing?), I go for the refurbished model.

Jenny asks…

Canon digital camera repair, please read?

Several months ago, my Canon PowerShot SD1000 camera had fallen down the stairs.

The lens cover (the things that open and close to protect the lend when not in use), another black plastic piece, and the silver ring around the edge (see picture 1 in more information; the part around the lens that says all the specifics and what not) had broken off.

On occasion, when dealing with a lot of light (especially sunlight), lines appear across the photo (see picture 2; my own picture). I have reason to believe that this is due to the lens being exposed for a while without protection.

Now, as my family and I are going on a cruise in August, I am thinking of bringing it to a camera store/repair shop to find out if the lens cover and all of that can be fixed.

My question is: How much would a repair like that cost (I’m not sure if I still have every piece)? And also, is the line problem due to the lens issue, or is it something internal?

Please help, and thank you in advance. :]
Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Picture 1:

Pip answers:

Hi Dan. Sorry about your camera. So…… It is going to cost you at least $90 in labor – so much for shipping to Canon both ways, and then the part. If you take it to a local camera repair shop, they will have to order the part, wait for it to come in and then repair it… Might take a couple of weeks turn around. So… As mentioned by your other respondent, close to $150.00.
PSS: Having the pieces will not matter…. Anything broken or loose would be replaced by new parts.
Hope that helps and thank you for reading.

William asks…

digital camera?

Does any1 kno where i can get my digital cameras repaired at? I live in chicago…. One of them (cybershot) the screen is black and i cant see anything..the other one need a need cap where the battery goes.thanx

Pip answers:

If you haven’t had the camera very long, I would check with your manufacturer – the warranty may still be in effect. I had a Canon Powershot that had a broken flash mechanism, and returned it to their repair depot for a repair right when the warranty was set to expire.

Otherwise, I don’t think there are many actual “repair” shops that could handle small electronics like that. The hardware is too inexpensive, and the technology changes way too often.

Ruth asks…

Digital Camera repair?

I have a digital camera Canon Powershot and I lost the thing that covers the battery and memory card. Now it won’t turn on!
1)IS that normal
2) how much will it cost to fix?
thank you, do you have any idea how much it will cost? Not too much??

Pip answers:

It doesn’t sounds difficult or expensive. You can have Precision Camera give you a free quote.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras At Walmart

Donna asks…

Can someone tell me if this digital camera is good?

I know absolutley nothing about digital cameras so can someone tell me if this camera is good?

I just want a digital camera that takes good quality pictures and can record for a while.

Thanks for the help!

Pip answers:

Yeh it is a good one for the price

Charles asks…

How can i put pictures from my digital camera onto a Christmas card?

I would like to take a picture of my dog from my digital camera. I know how to upload pictures from my camera to the computer. But, how would I make a Christmas card or at least send my photos to a CVS or Walgreens to make?

Pip answers:

I am sure if you had used Yahoo Search you would have found these sites.


Mark asks…

What if you want a digital camera and you dont want to spend soo much money on it?

What brand is the bexst for digital cameras but you dont want to spend over like $200 and up and what is the best store to get it at?

Pip answers:

Kodak Easyshare M653 is an excellent camera and is in the $130 price range. It’s easy to operate and takes excellent quality photos. You can buy them online at or from Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, K-Mart,Target, etc….

Jenny asks…

Where can i get a good digital camera for little money?

I want to know where i can get a cheap digital camera for my sister that takes good pictures, records video where you can hear it on the camera, and has a blue color.

Pip answers:

I would say try target or bestbuy is a good choice. If you want something used try e-bay. If you want a cool accessory to go with it, Ceiva sells great HD wireless digital picture frames. Http:// . Oh, and someone recommended walmart for the camera….. I wouldn’t do that. Every time I buy something expensive at walmart it breaks.

Ruth asks…

I’m looking for a digital camera that can take a really good pictures and amazing movies?

I need a camera that has really high quality video…I WOULD just buy a camcorder but I also need a digital camera so can anyone suggest a digital camera that takes a good picture, but more importantly has good quality video?

Pip answers:


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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera Battery

Lisa asks…

Sony cybershot digital camera !!?

i`m Gonna buy a camera but i Don`t know what to choose. i`m Planning to buy sony cybershot t300, what can you say about it ?? :) )))

Pip answers:

Rs 16,800/-
10.1 mega pixel compact camera with a CCD sensor. Has a 3.5-inch large touch screen LCD and a self-timer. Camera comes with 5x optical zoom, Image Stabilizer with an internal memory of 15MB which can be upgraded using a Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo. Camera comes with a Lithium Ion battery and has added features like Touchscreen LCD, Improved Smile Shutter, Adult/Child Face Detection, Unsharp Mask Retouch, Happy Face Retouch, Battery Remaining Indicator, Exposure Warning Indicator, Histogram Indicator, Disk/Memory Stick Remaining Indicator. It comes with a 1 GB Memory Stick.

Go with this camera.. Its a good choice with all features, good overall performance with best image clarity, good powerful flash and is value for go with it..
===== ======S.M

John asks…

Sony DCS W-80 Digital Camera battery Problem?

On my way back home I have bought a new SONY digital camera DSC W 80 on 10th October 2007 from, Saudi Arabia and returned back to India without checking it. This new camera never started properly even after fully charged original battery. It starts momentarily for a second and immediately turns off with a
message “For use with compatible battery only”

To my surprise Sony dealer in India has refused to help and advised me to purchase a new battery which is costing more than 30 % of the camera cost.

Also the Sony website has declined to help advising me to contact the Sony‘s Saudi website which does not exist and I have no means to send this camera to send to saudi arabia for a battery replacement.

I never expected such a reputed company like Sony to leave its cusotmers in trouble.

My Camera Serial Number : 2709904
Battery type is NP BG1

Can SONY or any kind person help me to solve this problem.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Pip answers:

Another possibility is that the product is a clone… Some of the asian knockoffs look better in the box than they work… It could even be that the camera is real… The OEM could over produce and sell them out the back door with a knockoff battery.

The reason I suggest that is that some Sony batteries require a special circuitry that identifies them as the OEM battery. They have received some controversy over this… But there are a few after market manufacturers that make properly functioning batteries… Normally they have OEM contracts, that is how they are able to produce a quality battery without the Sony brand on it.

The upstart battery brand is really good, but I don’t know if you can get them in India… You could check it out. Their website has some interesting info on how the battery industry works.

Linda asks…

Please criticism Sony digital cameras.?

What makes Sony digital cameras horrible?
Do they develop their own CCD? Lens?
Or are they just borrowed and rebranded?
Exterior casing?

Pip answers:

Sony makes nearly all the CCD’s for nearly all the major camera manufacturers. (Execpt for Canon).

Any manufacturer that sells a camera for $150 or less likely didn’t make it.

I hate sony’s customer service. They have a bad track-record with batteries blowing up… CCD’s failing (for all manufacturers). They also have an interesting nack of charging customers for repairs that should be free. If you ever give them your credit card they will charge you every time you send something to them (regardless if you gave them authorization to charge you or not). They out-source just about everything they do (camera repairs are handled by Precision Camera in Connecticut, customer service is handled by foreigners, video repairs are often done in mexico for near-slave labor wages).
When they took over Minolta’s digital camera division they tripled the cost of the parts (battery door that was once $15 was suddenly $45!). They trained their employees to discourage the customer’s from having their Minolta products repaired and instead offered Sony digital cameras as replacements (at a pro-rated cost). They finally completely stoped supporting Minolta products altogether (though I don’t know if Minolta knows or cares).

They are heartless, cruel and the definition of everything evil. Kinda like the Walmart of the digital world.

Sorry… I needed to get that out.

P.S. Even if your camera or camcorder fails because of their poor design (faulty CCD) they will still charge you. Only after you put up a fight and tell them how you know their CCD’s are faulty and that there is a service advisory out on them will they do it for free… If you are lucky.

Daniel asks…

Digital Camera?

I live in Canada and was wondering which is an excellent brand name digital camera to buy and also where is a good place to buy them from cheaply? I refuse to go buy anything at Futureshop!

Pip answers:

I have a Sony DSC-W80. I got it at Circuit City, and I love that store because the sales associates really know what they’re doing. They steered my towards this camera and I’m very happy with the purchase, it was $230, which is a lot to a 14-year-old on a babysitting salary, but I have yet to regret it.

The video mode is better than a camcorder, no lie. The sound is flawless and you can even adjust sound on the camera. The picture…never blurry or anything. The videos play on my 34″ LCD with no fault! I’m totally taking advantage of this feature!

The pictures are almost too amazing for me. The camera is a 7.2 megapixel, but I set my picture quality to 5 megapixel because it takes up less space and the pictures turn out beautiful. The image stabilization works really well. I tested it by waving my camera back and forth in the air and randomly took shots without stopping my camera. The weren’t the least bit blurry!

There are a few modes in this camera:

Auto Adjustment (For shooting with preset settings)
High Sensitivity (For Low Lighting)
Soft Snap (Adds soft background, good for taking pics of people.)
Twilight Portrait
Prgram Auto (Allows more programming before taking the shot.)

Also, you can remove red-eye, crop the photo, and do a bunch of other editing right on the camera!

The lens is without flaw. I don’t even need flash on my shots because the lens can take in enough light.

You can play slideshows on your camera WITH MUSIC!

There’s so many things I like about this camera, I can’t list them all. I love it so much. If you get this camera, you will not have regrets. It’s only $230 max and worth the price. I have the pink one, but it comes in pink, silver, white, and black.

Also, it looks bulky in pictures but it is really small. A little thicker than a casio but less length and width.

Also, don’t buy a camera that doesn’t have a viewfinder. I was outside in the sun today and I couldn’t see my screen! I love that this camera has a viewfinder!

The Only Cons:
*The battery takes 4.5 hours to charge (but it lasts a long time on full charge)
*Sony uses memory stick PRO DUO instead of SD cards, but Circuit City has a deal that when you buy this camera, you get a free 1GB card (which is all you need.)…

I would reccomend this to anyone…it is really user friendly. Each setting you put it on show a description of what it is. Someone who has never used a digital camera could figure this out with ease!

Mary asks…

what is the best LONGEST lasting rechargeable battery for a sony digital camera?

i have a cybershot camera w55 and the battery really sucks.i just bought this camera a couple of months ago and the battery dies quickly. which battery is longest lasting battery i dont care how much. once when there was my family having a good time i wanted to video camera them with my cybershot but couldnt because i took so many pictures and that made the battery finish so i need the best battery every i wont wont have this problem.

pleeeeeeeease help i really need it. 10 points will be given for the best answer i promise!!

Pip answers:

Generally speaking, the higher the mAh rating the longer a battery will run. If you can find a battery with a 20% increase in the mAh rating then you can expect roughly a 20% increase in battery life (all things being equal).

The stock Lithium Ion battery is rated at 960mAh. The Energizer’s Lithium Ion replacement battery (not NiMH as the previous poster says) are only 950mAh batteries so theoretically they provide a ~1% shorter run time than the stock battery.

As technology moves forward (and assuming this battery format is popular), you will likely find they will make batteries which offer even higher mAh capacities which will mean longer run times.

A WORD OF CAUTION: mAh capacity ratings being provided by different manufacturers are not all equal especially when the manufacturer isn’t a name brand like Sony, Energizer, Lexar, etc. Many ‘no name’ off brand batteries being offered show a higher capacity but in reality their qc is not as good as a name brand and the resultant products are not necessarily as good as a known name brand. If you’re not sure if the battery you’re buying is a decent brand, ask around online at places like yahoo answers or various camera sites.

That said, so long as the battery is reliable, it can still be worth while to have a ‘cheap’ backup battery that offers 60-80% capacity of a ‘brand name’ battery especially if it’s 1/2 or less of the cost.


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Your Questions About Nikon Digital Cameras Costco

William asks…

Is the Nikon D5200 Camera good for my first DSLR Camera?

I have never owned a DSLR camera and was just looking for the best quality bang for the buck camera. I had considered the new D7100, but read some flaws with oil getting on the sensor. Not to mention I figure I would be paying for a bunch of buttons and features I would not know how to use for a long long time.. The Nikon D5200 at Costco is 1050.00 for the entire kit with 2 lenses..

What do you think? I know this is a loaded questions and don’t want to start a war between all of you Canon/Nikon rivals.. haha

Pip answers:

I own a Nikon D5100 and I absolutely love this camera. I considered the D5200 but it was over my budget. The D5200 has 24.1 megapixels and nobody really needs that many unless you’re going to print large poster-sized prints. My D5100 has 16.2MP and it’s more than enough for printing nice pictures up to 11×14, even bigger pics than that would probably turn out nicely.

The D5200 has the Wi-Fi feature which can be nice if you have a smartphone and want to quickly send a picture from your camera to your smartphone so you can email it, post it on facebook, twitter, etc. I kinda wished mine had that feature but I’d just as well pop the sd-card into my computer and upload it that way. I’m sure there are many other uses for the wi-fi adapter but that’s the only one that I know about.

One thing to always remember when buying sd-cards is to get the high-speed ones, like 20 or 30Mbps. The D5200 can take 5 frames per second which is great for sports or at the racetrack so you cannot use the regular slow cards (like the 16GB one that comes in that kit) in a DSLR if you’re going to be taking rapid-fire/burst shots.

What’s nice about the extra lens is that it’s a 300mm so you can zoom in on things that are really far away. My D5100 kit, got it at Best Buy, came with an extra 55-200mm lens which is nice but would’ve rather had the 300. It’s more versatile given the wider range.

That Nikon (like mine) has a vari-angle LCD monitor which I can guarantee you will love. For example, you can tilt the monitor out and downward to be able to raise the camera above the heads in a crowd and take pictures of something like a band on stage. Or, you can put the camera at or near ground level and with the monitor tilted upward, you can take pics of kids or pets without getting on your knees. Trust me, that feature is so nice to have!

If you can afford it, I’d say go for it! You wont be disappointed. I’d suggest getting on YouTube and watching a lot of tutorials. There are tons of good ones. I’ve learned a lot about my Nikons from watching them. You can also do some awesome night photography with it. My first DSLR was a Nikon D40 (still have it) and it took me a long time to get familiar with working the advanced controls but it’s worth the investment if you want to take incredible pics! Be sure to get the insurance on it though, one good drop and it’ll become an expensive paperweight.

Here’s a Nikon D5200 In-Depth Review:

And here’s a Digital Photography Glossary to help you understand some of the terminology associated with DSLR’s:

D5200 Brochure PDF Download from Nikon:

And lastly, here’s Nikon’s “Digitutor” for the D5200:

Hope this helps you out!

Donna asks…

Does anyone about Kodak Z915? I just want to find a Digital Camera, like a pocket camera. I always use Nikon?

Pip answers:

I researched the Kodak Z915 on the kodak web site and found its features impressive for the price. I own a Kodak Z980 among my collection and found it’s lens to be very sharp. But upon reading your question over again. This is NOT a pocket camera. There are many good pocket cameras on the market among the best in my opinion is Fuji and Pentax. These cameras are about 3 inches wide by 1/2-3/4 inches thick x 2 inches high.
Pocket definitions aside, this kodak has many good features; But do as I recommend, purchase the camera, but make sure you can return it within 10 days. Keep everything in mint condition, box,packing, instruction book, warranty card (do not fill out). Take pictures the first day, and run to have your card processed @ Costco, Walmart or wherever they have processing on the premises.
Have an 11×14 print made (aver. Cost $4). Then judge the results! If good and SHARP, keep camera, otherwise return it-Right NOW.

Maria asks…

Which Digital Camera Should I get?

Kodak M1033 ($99 at Costco)

Nikon S560 ($149 at Costco w/ a Case and 2gb SD card)

Nikon S220 ($134 at Best Buy w/ 2gb SD card)

I am VERY tempted to buy the Kodak because it is so cheap but I know the picture quality may be bad because of it. The Nikon s560 has the most features of these cameras and comes with a card and case but I have heard bad reviews plus it is the most expensive. The Nixon S220 looks gorgeous and sleek and has decent reviews but I dont know. Help!
Oh i am a teen and just want it to take pictures with friends and stuff.

Pip answers:

I am also a teen that just bought a new digital camera. I am by no means an expert, but I did quite a bit of research before I bought my camera. I found that while I really liked the style and features of a Nikon, the picture quality was not very good. I bought a Canon sd960 and I love it! The pictures are very good quality and many of their cameras come with cool features. While the sd960 runs a bit higher in price, the Canon SD1200 and SD780 are cheaper but equal in quality. I would personally suggest the SD780 and while that is still atleast $200 you could find it much cheaper on ebay. That’s how I got mine. Hope this helps!

Chris asks…

Help with costco warranty?

I bought a phone from them a tmobile phone they said i had 1 year warranty but i lost the phone a week ago does the warranty cover that or do i have to buy a new phone and re-conect it to the line?

Pip answers:

Warranties no not cover mishandling such as dropping or loosing. That type of coverage is only available from insurance agents and some stores that offer extended warranties for a fee ($).

This especially true of digital cameras. Dropping a digital camera is almost certain to ruin the product making a repair unduly expensive. And dropping is not warranty covered. That’s why I find fault with Nikon ads showing people carrying their Nikon’s “with the strap dangling in the air”. Digital cameras belong hung around one’s neck or in the case over the shoulder.

Mark asks…

Good camera choice? (pictures)?

I want to buy a new camera that is good quality but affordable. I was thinking of buying a GE E850 Black
8 MP Digital Camera?
any suggestions or different choices? :)

Pip answers:

I would opt for a Nikon or Canon camera … GE makes great jet engines, dishwashers and light bulbs. Cameras???

The good thing is Costco will refund your money if you have problems.

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Your Questions About Canon Digital Camera Reviews

Betty asks…

Digital Cameras?

Hello, I am looking into buying my first digital camera, I have a Canon EOS Rebel (film) camera, but I’m looking to get into digital also. I would like to get some feedback on which brands have proven to be better (Canon, Kodak, Sony, Fuji)and what the Megapixels, Really means. I appreciate any othe tips also!! Thank-you!!
I am looking to spend under $200 for now on a digital camera.

Pip answers:

I’ll give you several cameras at your price range and just pick what you want, I personally would pick the Canon A550 for it’s features and Canon’s consistent great quality in digital cameras.

Megapixel is the resolution of the camera so basically it depends of what kind of user you are and how big do you print your pictures. Also another example is if you crop a lot, then it’s better for you to get a higher megapixel camera so that the “small portion” that will remain after the cropping is done will still be in good quality.

But remember one thing megapixel doesn’t make the camera it’s a combination of a lot of things like sensor quality, lens, shutter lag, frame rate, etc. So you might buy a 150$ 8 megapixel entry level camera, so don’t expect to to be as good as a Canon Digital SLR Rebet XT (which is also 8 megapixels) which has far more superior features and sensor quality.

Nikon Coolpix 7600

Canon PowerShot A550

HP Photosmart R817

Enjoy :P

Lisa asks…

Canon vs. panasonic digital camera?

I have an canon camera now (a elph), it’s a few years old and I would like to upgrade. I’m not an expert photographer but I would like to start taking some nice pictures of wildlife. For this I am looking for a camera with somewhere around 10x optical zoom.

Canon has one, but I have read you have to wait around 10 seconds between taking pictures when you use the flash. I don’t like that. Plus it is a little bigger than your typical small digital camera.

I saw panasonic has a camera with 10x optical zoom and it is smaller. It received some really good reviews on the circuit city website. I have never heard much about a panasonic camera, are they good? Do they take good pictures? I have always had a canon and been in love with it, but they just dont seem to have a good canon camera for what I’m looking for (10x optical zoom).

Can anyone give me their opinions on these types of cameras or possibly other brands of cameras that have good optical zoom capabilities?

Thanks! :)
I still want a smaller “point and shoot” camera. That is why I am not looking at SLR cameras. I want the best of both worlds. :)

Pip answers:

Canon is the better camera as far as i know. It is one of the best in general.


Go with the camera that is calling to you if theyre said to be the same.

Thomas asks…

Reviews on Canon Camera?

Ok, i knw that the new Canon Powershot SD850 IS jst came out. I REALLY want it, but before i get it, i want to knw if it’s really that good of a camera. Plz tell me the Good and the Bad sides of having this camera…thanks!

Answer ONLY if you have BOUGHT and now OWN the camera

10 Points to the Best Review!

Pip answers:

I really like it it’s a great camera. This is my 3rd pocket camera . I really like the Image stabilization. Other great features are:
- 8.0 Mega pixels and great optics
- 4x optical zoom 35-140mm (35mm equivalent)
- ISO 1600. It gives you the ability to take picture at night without flash
- It’s small

I would have liked a bigger screen instead of the 2.5”

You will find below a link to reviews from others on the Digital Photography review site. Hope this help

Lizzie asks…

Canon Digital?

I have never owned a digital camera, and would like to buy a Canon Digital. I only need it for taking photos so I can put on my computer. I am not a professional so to speak and maybe 5, 6 pixels if ok with me. Can someone recommend a model number and what it might cost ? Thanks

Pip answers:

There are a couple of ways to go. The small and compact way is to get the SD1000, which has replaced the SD600 that someone else recommended. It’s a good camera and it sells for about $210, plus another $20-30 for the required memory card.

Canon SD1000 (IXUS 70):
- Also: Go there and click on “Read Owner Opinions.”

The slightly cheaper way to go is the Canon Powershot A560. It costs $170 at B&H and You can use the rest of your budget to buy a decent memory card.

Go here and read an extensive review:

Canon A560:

Check the sample images, too.

If you want to save ten bucks, check for the A550:

A550 review:

I see no reason not to go another ten bucks for the A560, though. You gain one stop in ISO, it is a little faster in continuous mode and the LCD is 2.5″ instead of 2″.

You will need to add a memory card and I suggest the Sandisk or Lexar brand in any speed. You will spend from about $20 for a 512 KB card, which is perfectly adequate, to about $40 for a Sandisk Ultra II, which is as good as you’d ever want for this or many other cameras.

My brother has the A540 and my mother-in-law has the A530 – on my recommendation – and neither one has stopped speaking to me yet. These are the models that were replaced by the A550 and A560.

If you can go over the $200 mark, look into the A570-IS, which looks like a really nice camera. The camera and card will run you about $230-240 at B&H.

Canon A570-IS:

Robert asks…

which digital camera to buy?

I want to buy a cheap digital camera just for taking photos when im out etc
im looking at around £60-£80 but dont know which one to choose?

ive looked at Canon powershot a480
Olymus x-42
Samsung Es20

i dont no what to buy!

Pip answers:

Canon Powershot A480 Digital Camera – Red (10 MP, 3.3x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD




I bought this camera after reading the reviews on this site and other photography sites.
After I got over the plastic toy-like feel of the outside I was very impressed by the camera.

Firstly, the normal pictures on auto mode are easy to take, and look very good.
The manual mode is easy to alter all the settings they give you. Things like ISO, white balance, and where to focus, although these all have auto modes if you just want a partially manual mode.

Then there’s the different “scenes” i think they are called, like portrait, indoor, kids and pets.
They have some settings pre-set for shooting the type of picture the mode is designed for.
The special modes actually have other things. I think sunset makes it look more red, I haven’t tried fireworks yet.

Normally you don’t get to alter the shutter speed, it is automatic, but in long shutter speed mode, you can set it between 1second and 15 seconds. I was very impressed at the photo taken by candlelight (just 3 candles in the room and the other two far away) the whole room was well lit up, you could see better on the photo than by just looking, and my eyes had already adjusted to the dark. On 15s shutter, it needs a tripod or resting on something otherwise you get a very shaky photo and of course your subject will leave lines and blurs if it moves anywhere.

The other mode that is particularly special is super macro mode. Normally in all the other modes you can set the focal length between infinity, normal, and macro (I haven’t tested these properly to find out where each best focal range is) but on super macro mode you can literally have the camera touching the subject. I have taken a photo of a 1p coin with only about 7mm between the coin and the front of the lens, and the picture is perfectly in focus.

The video mode I have found takes up memory very quickly on your SD card, however this is because it is good quality video, recording at 640*480, with sound. Whilst you are not able to adjust the optical zoom during filming, you can change the digital zoom if you want to. Personally I never use digital zoom on photos because I always think you can zoom in later digitally so there isn’t any point, but on a video, it is hard to zoom in later without proper editing software. Another thing I like about the video is that it uses progressive scan, which means it repeatedly displays complete pictures like a cinema. This is as opposed to my mini-DV camera which is interlaced (for display on a CRT monitor or old TV) and when shown on a computer LCD screen has lots of horizontal lines when things move.

I think its probably just my camera, and if it gets worse I’ll send it back and get it repaired/replaced but very occasionally I get vertical lines of a purple ish colour on the LCD viewer. I think its just part of the screen on the camera because I can’t see any lines ever on the photos.

To summarise this is a fantastic little camera that can do everything I’ll need it to do, whilst being small enough to fit in my pocket. I’m not a professional who needs an SLR camera for difficult shots, but I can take very up close shots, night-time shots, portraits and videos which all look very good. Definitely a recommended buy.

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Your Questions About Digital Photography School

Donna asks…

PHOTOGRAPHY: What kind of camera should I get?

Right now I just have an average digital camera, the kind that is compact and all automatic. I took a photography class in my high school recently, and we worked with old fashioned film cameras. We developed our own pictures and everything in the darkroom. I fell in love with the fact of a manual camera, because there is just so much you can do with it!
I really want to purchase a nice DSLR for the digital photography class. I want to be able to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. My budget is no more than $300. I don’t mind purchasing a used one, either. I’m looking for a nice camera that takes super nice images, crisp and clear. I’m a beginner at this photography stuff, too. What kind of camera should i get? Thanks!

Pip answers:

You can look here for such cameras:

As you will certainly see is that NO dSLR will fall within your budget of only $300.

You may be able to find a good used camera like a Canon XT or Nikon D40 for around your $300 budget, but just buying the camera is only the beginning of your spending money.

If you were successful using the “old fashion” 35 mm cameras, switching to digital will be seamless. You can expect your shots using a dSLR will be identical to what you shot using the 35 mm camera in high school

Donald asks…

PHOTOGRAPHY: What kind of camera should I get?

Right now I just have an average digital camera, the kind that is compact and all automatic. I took a photography class in my high school recently, and we worked with old fashioned film cameras. We developed our own pictures and everything in the darkroom. I fell in love with the fact of a manual camera, because there is just so much you can do with it!
I really want to purchase a nice DSLR for the digital photography class. I want to be able to control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. My budget is no more than $300. I don’t mind purchasing a used one, either. I’m looking for a nice camera that takes super nice images, crisp and clear. I’m a beginner at this photography stuff, too. What kind of camera should i get? Thanks!

Pip answers:

With your budget you will not be able to get a new DSLR camera, but you can still get a really nice camera. I would look into getting a used DSLR camera or go with something new that is within your budget.

Chris asks…

where to get a cheap digital camera?

i need a digital camera for digital photography class at school. my old one broke and so i’m looking for a good deal on one. any suggestions?

Pip answers:

Go to

they are selling a Canon A460 for$97 free shipping.
5 megapixel should be good enough

Maria asks…

do i need to finish biology and geometry if i am deciding to graduate high school early?

i am asking this because i am thinking of leaving high school next semester and not finishing those classes because i want to be a graphic designer when i grow up and get into that field. i am planning to go to community college and studying more on graphic design and digital photography.

Pip answers:

If you are going to eventually get your high school diploma or do it online- then yes. If you are planning on doing your GED in order to get into community college, then no.

Mary asks…

How much does and average darkroom cost and also how much to maintain it?

Since leaving school I miss the darkroom and have been doing mainly digital photography. I just want to get an average of what it would cost to set up my own?

Pip answers:

You can get cheap setups from ebay for under £200.

Running costs depends on how much you are going to use it…….when I had a dark room my largest cost was paper (chemicals are relatively cheap)

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras With Wifi

Laura asks…

Looking for a digital camera that allows streaming of picture to pc?

I need to be able to see what I am about to shoot on the computer screen kinda like video capture. So when it looks good on the computer screen I can take the picture.
I would love to find a camera that does this with wifi/bluetooth but usb would work as well.

I am taking product photos in a soft tent box.


Pip answers:

Tethering is what you’re after. However unless you run the camera on live view when tethered you won’t see anything because the shutter has to be open and the sensor seeing light for it to work.

Now, also keep in mind, that while the sensor is operating it is generating heat so you can’t leave the shutter open for extended periods. To set up a shot and look at then shoot probably fine but when you’re done with that, close the shutter.

Okay. I own a Canon t1i and I can tether with it. But understand not all cameras support tethering so what I’d say you need to do is when you find a camera you’d like to look at download its owner’s manual and read about it first. That way you’ll know what you’re getting before you buy.

As far as i know there is no wireless tether available from camera makers. That will have to be a separate buy. Also you may need a macro lens if you’re shooting tight shots on your products.

Good Luck

John asks…

Which camera is the better one- the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 or Canon Powershot sx150?

I am interested in purchasing a camera just for a hobby. I do have a blog which I would like to use the photos for but I would just like high quality images from an easy to use camera and I am just wondering, out of the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera and the Canon Powershot sx150, which would be better?

Thanks in advance!

Pip answers:

I have owned two cameras in the FinePix line before I upgraded to a DSLR. They are great for beginners wanting to experiment before they delve into the world of $1000 dollar cameras. The two specific models you chose have their own benefits…

-24x zoom vs Canons 12x
-Lower Aperture (better for low light images)
-Longer flash range
-Continuous drive is faster (takes multiple photos back to back if you hold the shutter down)

-Ability to manually focus
-Longer Shutter speed capabilities (If you plan on using a tripod and experimenting with manual settings)
-Eye-Fi capable (Allows the use of an Eye-fi memory card that can wirelessly send your images to your phone, tablet, computer, facebook, flickr, etc automatically. No need to remove the card from you camera. If you’re out shooting, the card emits it’s own wifi signal and transfers the pictures to the selected device. I use it. It’s a cool feature, but not necessary.)

Ultimately, if you are planning to eventually upgrade to a DSLR I would recommend you go with the Fuji. It’s geared more towards advanced photography than it is being an average point and shoot. There is more to learn from it.

When shopping for cameras, I highly recommend’s camera feature search. It’s a great site with indepth reviews on each camera. Here is a link to that. Http://

Nancy asks…

Is it possible to host a wifi connection for other computers to connect to through a laptop with a sprint card?

Is it possible to host a wifi connection for other computers to connect to through a laptop with a sprint broadband card if so how?

Pip answers:

Yes. I work for Sprint and I set people up with a broadband card called the Overdrive. This device is completely wireless and projects wifi internet for up to 5 wireless devices to connect to. You can cannot anything from other computers or laptops, to ipod touches, to digital cameras. Anything really.

Let me know if you would like me to set one up for you.

Helen asks…

I want to buy a new touch screen phone with budget under RM500.Any recommendation?

Good camera quality,wifi,larger screen is better.Please suggest a phone.Thanks.

Pip answers:

For RM 500 you can’t actually get a phone with a good camera or large screen. So you might want to spend a bit more to actually get one of the good phones. But here’s a suggestion of good phones within your budget:

1. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos = RM 670 – 690
2. Samsung Wave Y = RM 560 – 600
3. Samsung Galaxy Y = RM 450 – 520
4. LG Optimus One = RM 500 – 520
5. HTC Wildfire (It’s the best of all the above mentioned) = RM 600 – 650
Here some specs of these phones:

Samsung galaxy Y Duos:
Battery: 1300 mAh
Processor: -
MicroSD: Yes
Touchscreen: TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
Wifi: Yes
Camera Front: None
Camera Back: 3.2 Megapixel
OS: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

Samsung Wave Y:
Battery: 1200 mAh
Processor: 832 mHz
MicroSD: Yes
Touchscreen: TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
Wifi: Yes
Camera Front: None
Camera Back: 2 Megapixel
OS : Samsung OS

Samsung Galaxy Y:
Battery: 1200 mAh
MicroSD: Yes
Processor: 830 mHz
Touchscreen: TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
Wifi: Yes
Camera Front: None
Camera Back: 2 Megapixel
OS: Android 2.3.4 Gingebread

LG Optimus One:
Battery: 1500 mAh
MicroSD: Yes
Processor: 600 mHz
Touchscreen: TFT Touchscreen
Wifi: Yes
Camera Front: None
Camera Back: 3.2 Megapixel
OS: Android 2.2 Froyo

HTC Wildfire:
Battery: 1300 mAh
Processor: 528 mHz
MicroSD: Yes
Camera Front: None
Camera Back: 5 Megapixel with Flash
Touchscreen: TFT Capacitive Toucscreen (16 Million colors)
Wifi: Yes
OS: Android 2.1 Eclair

Some other phones that are more pricy but worth looking into if you want to have a really good camera, wifi, touchscreen, etc.:

1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
2. Samsung Galaxy S II
3. Nokia Lumia 800
4. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX
5. HTC Sensation XE (XL, is worse than XE by the way)

Oh, and you should check in low yat or digital mall for phones, sometimes they give you a good price plus you could trade in your old phone.

Charles asks…

How do you tell if Chinese products have spyware on them?

I heard this on the news that some products from made in China have spyware on them. How do I tell If a chinese product has spyware on it? Cause I want to get a chinese phone. The H7000 and a camera on


Sorry, didn’t mean the site Made In China. I meant products that are made in China.

Pip answers:

Of all the 7 billion people on this planet, there are only 300 million believe the media. There are Americans.

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Your Questions About Canon Digital Camera

Mary asks…

Best digital slr cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony?

I’m looking for a digital slr camera.
Which brand would be the best?
Nikon, Canon, Sony, Kodak, or something else.
I’m looking at nikon’s and sony’s, right now.
So.. yeah.

Pip answers:

Canon generally makes better lenses. This usually drives up their prices and can be a problem to the financially challenged.

Nikon is usually more technologically advanced. This is good for photographers that love rattling off their camera’s specs.

Pentax is the most backward compatible with regards to its own older lenses. Their newest model, the K-x is now offered in dandy colors, sadly only in Japan at first.

Sony uses sensor sizes similar to the top three above and it’s only drawback are its own lenses which they solved by offering the more superior Carl Zeiss lenses.

Kodak is a pioneer in digital photography and makes digital sensors for all camera brands. Sadly, their best dSLR camera was made eons ago during the early stages of dSLR development.

Other brands opted to use the smaller four-thirds format using a small sensor size than those brands above.

There is no best camera. It all depends on brand loyalty or salesmanship. If you ask me, they are all practically the same. As long as it has shutter and aperture control, it’ll work for me. Maybe that’s the reason I chose Pentax.

Carol asks…

Canon powershot sd880is digital camera, is it worth buying?

One of my friend bought this Canon powershot sd880is camera, and it looked really awsome, i want to get one too, however, wondering whats the picture quality is like and can it also be used as a webcam or not?

Pip answers:

Yes, canon powershot sd880is digital camera is definitely top of the range camera. Its very light and portable as well.

Maria asks…

Which Canon or Kodak digital camera?

So im looking at getting my fiancee a digital camera. She wants a really nice one that will take excellent pictures and cost LESS THAN $200. We are on somewhat of a fixed budget so it MUST BE LESS THAN $200. She will basically be taking pictures of anything and everything from family and friends to scenery and nature. It needs to be good quality and be able to point and shoot and not blur really bad for in motion pics. She is looking at the

Kodak EasyShare M530, 12.5MP, 3X optical zoom, 2,7″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot A3000-IS, 10MP, 4X optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot A3100-IS, 12.1MP, 4X optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot SX130-IS, 12.1MP, 12X optical zoom, 3.0″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot A490, 10MP, 3.3X optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot A495, 10MP, 3.3X optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS, 12.1MP, 4X optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD display

Canon PowerShot SD1400-IS, 14.1MP 4X optical zoom, 2.7″ LCD display

Pip answers:

The Canon PowerShot SX130-IS by FAR is the best camera on the list. Not only are it’s specs the best, it takes fantastic pictures (for a point and shoot). I would also suggest the Sony Cyber-shot W370, it has 14 megapixels, 7x optical zoom, an automatic panorama mode (amazing!), and can take video at 720p (HD). The best part is that is can be had for under $160! I would say either this camera or the SX130-IS would be your best bet. But make sure to go into a Best Buy or something and try out the cameras for yourselves! You’ll never know what you like unless you actually play with it a bit.

Joseph asks…

Canon digital camera?

What model canon digital with at least 5 megapixels and a zoom(optical) of better than 3 is the best buy

Pip answers:

The Canon Digital Rebel — It is a Digital SLR Camera and very intuitive to use.

David asks…

Is my canon rebel Gii a digital camera?

im looking for things online to help me take photos better. only everything is for digital cameras! i don’t know what my camera is. any help much appreciated.and if u know of any tutorials that i can apply to shots on this camera! that’s would be so awesome!

Pip answers:

There is no difference between using a film camera or a digital camera in regard to learning the photography basics of exposure and composition. Exposure is exposure, no matter how you are making the image capture. Negative film does have more exposure latitude than a sensor or slide film.

It is in the post processing that the media is very different for many people. With film, you either do it in a darkroom, where you can make many adjustments, or send it to a lab where the tech makes printing decisions. With digital, you use your computer and a software program of some sort (Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Gimp, Picnik etc) to make adjustments. Film usually gets printed if negative film, or projected or viewed with a magnifier if slide film. Often digital images never leave the computer screen.

Here is my favorite link for beginning photographers:

There is a lot there about digital, but the parts about choosing a subject and composing your picture apply to any type of camera. Kodak used to have a book, “The 35mm Handbook” I believe it was called that was a great guide to using 35mm cameras. Out of print, but you might find it used on Amazon. There are lots of books on basic and advanced photography. Good technique does not change just because a camera is digital rather than film.

Enjoy your camera. Best wishes and happy shooting!

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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera With Wifi

Ruth asks…

Should I get the C905 or W995?

I cant choose which phone i want. I heard that the C905 doesn’t have a walkman player but just a normal media player. And which phone is better overall?

Pip answers:

I think you can go with Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Unlocked Phone with 3G, 8.1 MP, WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth, and Assisted GPS–U.S. Version with Warranty (Progressive Black)
Combining a high-performance digital audio player, high-megapixel digital camera and ultra-fast mobile communicator in one package, the Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Phone will keep you easily connected to family and friends wherever you roam as well as keep you entertained with your favorite tunes and YouTube video. This slider style phone offers a gorgeous, brightly colorful 2.6-inch display that’s great for watching videos streamed from YouTube via a special application as well as reviewing photos snapped by the 8.1-megapixel camera, which includes a flash and face recognition technology.



Mary asks…

I have a bunch of MacBook questions…?

So I’m a student and I’m thinking of buying a MacBook. I’ve had PCs my whole life so it’ll be really different probably. But I really want a MacBook. Anyways, so if I get a MacBook, my parents will still be using Microsoft PCs. So:

1. Will I be able to use our household WiFi? It’s Verizon FiOS. My mom uses it with her laptop.
2. Would I have to buy a special Microsoft Office package? Or could I use the one that we bought for our Microsoft PCs?
3. Does anyone with a MacBook recommend them over a Microsoft laptop?
4. Do programs from the internet like LimeWire download onto Macs?
5. I have a huge iTunes library on our family PC. If I can, how can I transfer that to my new MacBook?
6. What type of internet browser do Macs use? Is it like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer?
7. I have a Sony Cybershot digital camera. Will that work with a Mac?
8. Do most devices in general that work on PCs work on Macs?

THANKS! Please some sorta Mac expert answer.

Pip answers:

Hi There!
Mac “Expert” here…

1. Will I be able to use our household WiFi? It’s Verizon FiOS. My mom uses it with her laptop.

Yup.. It will…

2. Would I have to buy a special Microsoft Office package?
Or could I use the one that we bought for our Microsoft PCs?
You can’t use your old Office package for the PC you need to buy new ones. Office Student is the cheapest.

3. Does anyone with a MacBook recommend them over a Microsoft laptop?
MacBooks are somewhat smaller than some laptops.
The software OS X is simply secure and easy to use.

4. Do programs from the internet like LimeWire download onto Macs?
Limewire works.
5. I have a huge iTunes library on our family PC. If I can, how can I transfer that to my new MacBook?
You can use your iPod to transfer, or CD’s, or using your LAN.
6. What type of internet browser do Macs use? Is it like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer?
They use safari. It is similar to Internet Explorer but with more features. I recommend using Firefox. It works best.

7. I have a Sony Cybershot digital camera. Will that work with a Mac?
Yes, most cameras and other devices will work.

8. Do most devices in general that work on PCs work on Macs?
Yes they do.

Well, if you bought a MacBook and you happend not to like the Mac OS X, you can run Windows on it with either Boot Camp (Free) or Parallels (Pay).

Parallels is more advantageous because you can run both MAC OS X and Windows Side by side.

Richard asks…

Hello, If You know about sony nex digital camera please, answer me!!?

I Wanna know what is the diferences between _

Sony nex 3,
.Nex f3,
.Nex C3,
.Nex 5,
.Nex 5r,
.Nex 5n,
.Nex 5k,
.Nex 6,
. Nex 7, Etc. Because to me, all those look same, ¿¿?? I’m obsessed with this kind of camera. help me.

If you speak spanish, will be better :)

Pip answers:

Sorry, Rey, I don’t speak enough Spanish to make it worth your while, but I do know about NEXs.

The NEX 3 is the bottom of the line and oldest technology.

The 5-series change as new technology is introduced. So the 5, k and n are pretty basic. The r has wifi and you can download images as well as upload Sony apps. They are all 16 mp cameras. They do not have viewfinders. Nor does the 3. You have to focus using the lcd.

The 7 series is the king for now. 24 mp, fast, has a view finder.

The 6 series is the latest. It has most of the bells and whistles of the 7 including a viewfinder, but the file size has been reduced to 16 mp. It also has the bells and whistles of the 5r which means you download pictures directly to social sites as well as upload Sony apps.

Mark asks…

Which digital camera is better?

Hey, which camera do you think is better? The Sony cybershot T70 or the Nikon s51c. I really like the touchscreen of the sony but I like the looks and style of the nikon!! Which one is best and why? thanx

Pip answers:

What do you have now?

If you already have SD memory cards, then you will want the Nikon for practical reasons … The Sony uses a proprietary memory card .. Only usable on other Sony products.

The Nikon also has Wifi connectivity.

The Sony touchscreens seem to have a problem with scratching and a little harder to use than the standard 4-way buttons found on other cameras

Betty asks…

Which camera should I buy?

I’m doing beauty videos on youtube (theredhairrules) but my quality isn’t great at the moment. At the moment I’m using my iPod touch but i want to buy a new camera. Which camera would you suggest for this job? It needs to have good picture quality, and preferably a screen that I can turn around to face me whilst videoing so that I can see myslef. It would also be great if you could get a remote for it. My budgit is as cheap as possible really, anything under or around £200 would be good. Thanks

Pip answers:

Start you off with one that has the exact features you are looking for, and has good reviews. It may not be the best one you can buy, but it is a good start.


Dual view, WiFi, remote operation from a cell phone, 720p movies, 16 megapixel, £135.00 delivered.

There may be video cameras with a front view also.

Sony Camcorder with a flip around LCD at £201 plus a memory card

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