Your Questions About Sony Digital Cameras India

Daniel asks…

What is the minimum price of Sony Digital Camera in India?

Pip answers:

Jaydeep , it’s 5000 approx

Carol asks…

In India, what are the price ranges for a digital camera?

I’d like to see a brief description of all ranges of digicams.

Pip answers:

The price of the camera depends on the company , resolution. If u want to buy a canon camera it starts form rs7500 ( for a 3.2 mega pixel ) and goes up to 14000 thousand (for a 7.1 mega pixel camera ). Sony starts from 10000( for a 5.1 mega pixel ) , where as Kodak starts form 6500 (for a 3.2 mega pixel camera without any optical zoom ) and goes on to rs20000

Donald asks…

How to Check Sony Original Product?

I have purchased a sony digital camera DSC-HX9V in sony centre (Saras Multiplex), india,chennai, velachery, could you please help me how to check for a geniune product.I have also tried to registered the product in sony site but there is no option in website.

Thanks in advance
Thanks for your link but there is no option to register in india site of sony,Also i have tried your link there is no country of indian name. I have sent an email to sony they have replied me there is no option to register. Thanks very much for your reply…

Pip answers:

Hi, Zen

Here is the link to register your camera :

Greetings, Lance.

Donna asks…

Which is best digital camera manufacturer in India? please reply fast. ?

Pip answers:

Best Digital camera’s are available in India and not manufactured. Buy Sony or Canon if you need a camera for daily home use or for general use. Buy Nikon camera’s for professional use.

Lisa asks…

good digital cameras you can buy in india?

Pip answers:

All the brands are now available in India. Browse and get some idea about pricing and models;

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras For Kids

Nancy asks…

How often do you take your kids to be professionally photographed?

When my 3 boys were younger I did it all the time.

Now with Digital cameras I never pay for them to be professionally photographed.

How many times have you paid for your kids to be professionally photographed?

How old are your kids?

Pip answers:

I don’t. Unless you count school photos.

I love “snapshot” pictures so much more than any professional could do. To me the snapshots show the real child. Also my kids always seemed to get cranky anytime we took them to get it professionally done. With snapshots you have all the time in the world.

Ages: 14 months, 6 , 7, 10, and 12

Sandra asks…

Where can I find a good digital camera, for an even better price?

I love to take pictures. Where can I find a high megapixel, digital camera for an affordable price?

Pip answers:

I work in a photo lab. You don’t need a really high megapixel camera to take good pics. An 8 mp camera is all you need. Canon is a good brand of camera. The a570, I believe is a really good camera that is very affordable. Kodak has a 8.2 m.p. Camera for under a $100. Fuji has a snappy little 10 m.p. Camera that comes with a charger for abou $160. Shutter lag time is a big issue. Especially if you are taking pictures of kids, animals, or any type of action shots. And sometimes the higher m.p. You go the longer the lag time is. However I have noticed the higher megapixel cameras we have gotten in here in the last month or so have been greatly improved upon. Battery life is another issue. If you go with a camera that uses AA batteries, consider getting rechargeable ones and keeping 2 in your camera and 2 on charge ready to go for backup. There are lots of nice camera’s out there for around a $100 or so. Good luck to you…

George asks…

which is camera is better? a slr digital camera or a non digital slr camera?

I am extremly new to the word of photography and want to by a camera. I don’t have the space for a non digital camera to develop the pictures but digital slr cameras cost way more.
I just want to know which would be better for me to learn and if their is an easier way to get one(i tried ebay). I’m a working student and money is not growing on my trees.

also does any one have any recommendations for models/brands?

Pip answers:

While having an SLR/DSLR always seems like the best way to go in a lot of peoples minds, it may not be for you.

Are you planning on doing more than snaps shots? If not, then get a nice point and shoot camera.

If you have doubts on any kind of photography career or future, then get a point and shoot.

A professional photographer gerts great results because of their knowledge and experience, not from the camera they use. Just having an SLR or DSLR will not make your images any better than mine, Ansel Adams, or the kid down the street.

Space is not a consideration even for film as you can have them developed at a pro lab, if need be.

Chris asks…

Where can I find a kids fashion program to buy?

I saw it during Christmas time, but what it contains is a kids digital camera and a software program for the computer to put different backgrounds and so forth behind them. Anyone know of any where I can purchase or something similar for a little girl?

Pip answers:

There is no way to get that program online… It’s removed from the store… Sorry about that…

Good luck!

Donald asks…

Which point & shoot digital camera has the fastest shutter time?

I’m interesting in purchasing a point & shoot digital camera that has a fast shutter time. I recently purchased the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W200 but wonder if there’s something out there that is faster. I don’t want to spend more than $400. I would be using it for photographing my kids, who don’t sit still for very long so I need the camera to be quick. But I also want it to be small enough to fit in my purse.

Pip answers:

From your description, it sounds that you’re describing a shutter lag instead of shutter time. A shutter lag is the time that the camera need to process information between the time when you press the shutter button fully until the camera actually took the picture.

With that kind of price, I would think a bridge camera would be the best options you can get. It is not as big as a DSLR camera, but it’s usually faster than most pocket camera.

A Canon Powershot S5 IS is a good bridge camera – it has a 8 megapixel sensor, ~$380 in price – depending on the merchant, and more importantly it only have ~0.1 second of shutter lag between focused composition and shooting (0.45 second if you press the shutter button right away before focusing, faster than the average pocket camera).
Dimension: 117 x 80 x 78 mm (4.6 x 3.2 x 3.1 in) – small enough for a purse. I’ve seen it myself and its only slightly larger than an average compact camera (not the ultra compact, of course)

Then since you’ve already have a Sony which is uses a memory stick, you might want to also take a look at a Cybershot DSC-H7. At a glance, it has similar specifications to the S5 IS, but more importantly for you, the H7 uses a memory stick instead of an SD card – something of a plus since your W200 uses a memory stick also. The H7 also have 8 megapixel sensor, similar dimension at 109.5 x 83.4 x 85.7 mm (4.6 x 3.3 x 3.7 in), and a slightly faster shutter lag time (though I doubt that it would be noticeable compared to the S5 IS). The H7 goes from around $330 up to $400 depending on the merchant.

Well I hope this would help. I know you won’t be disappointed with both options – they are going to be a much much better improvement compared to your W200.

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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera Memory Card

John asks…

my sony digital camera do not read memory card?

Pip answers:

What kind of memory card did you insert in it? Sony cameras don’t accept SD or SDHC cards. They only use Sony Memory Stick.

Jenny asks…

what type of a memory card does a $200.00 sony 7.2 mp digital still camera use? how much memory should i get?

Whats the price(of the memory card)?
i want a decent amount of space.
once again, how much memory and which type of a memory card does it use?
pro duo maybe?

there’s alot of those types of cameras out there. the only diffrence of all of them is the price.

Pip answers:

This all depends on the model of the camera. Sony switched from Memory Stick to Memory Stick Pro Duo about 2 years ago. The Pro Duo is a smaller card and usually comes with an adaptor for use in memory card readers.

I have a Sony DSC-H5 and my camera holds about 280 pictures with a 1GB card. I paid around $30 for it on Ebay.

My one reccomendation is make sure you get a pro duo card (if that is what you need for the camera) that comes with an adaptor. You will need this for use in a photo lab. I work in a photo lab and only 2 of our machines can take the pro duo without the adaptor. Hope this info helps!!

Helen asks…

Will “SDHC” memory cards work in a digital camera?

It says these cards are for video, but I am wondering if they will work in my wife’s camera for pictures as well.

Pip answers:

Secure Digital High Capacity cards will work in any number of devices, including digital cameras, provided that they support the SDHC/SD2.0 standard. If the camera is an older though model than it might only support SD [1.1] cards, assuming it uses SD at all (it should, unless it’s a Sony, Olympus, or older Fuji model). The camera’s manual should tell you whether or not it’s compatible with the newer standard.

Maria asks…

digital camera and memory card?

I recently decided on Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera. :0) I have a question though, does it need a certain type of memory card? because I have one already, it is alexar 256MB SD card. I’m not good at all of this technical stuff, so If someone could help, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!!

Pip answers:

IluvJeff is incorrect.
The W55 requires a Sony Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo type card.

Charles asks…

What memory card do I need to buy for my digital camera?

I just bought a new camera, Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital Elph… I need to know what memory card would work with it. With my old camera, a Nikon, I went through 3 different memory cards. They would work for a month or 2, and then just stop recording photos. When I went to go get it checked the people said that that type of memory card (transcend SD) wasn’t compatible with my camera. In the end I got a Kingston SD 2GB and it lasted for a few months but then my camera broke. Now I need a new memory card that’s compatible with my new camera (Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS). Thank you!

Pip answers:

All P&S cameras and most entry level DSLR’s all use the same SD and SDHC memory cards.

Just use the one you have. Whom ever said that your transcend is not compatible with your Canon is full of it.

Remember to format all your new cards before use and again after you have safely copied all your image files to your computer. Formatting refreshes the card and is the first line of defense against corrupted files and cards. Cameras do NOT go through memory cards. Deleting images to make more room for images is the number one cause of memory card corruption and formatting the card solves that problem. Whatever store that has been feeding you that poppycock is just trying to sell you more cards. Just format all your cards (the ones allegedly that your Nikon went through and the Transcend card) and you will have five different cards you can use.

All SD cards (2 gb and smaller) are compatible with any camera that uses either SD or SDHC cards. SDHC (4 gb and larger) cards cannot be used with cameras that only use SD cards

Currently Lexar and San Disk cards are the two premium card makers (Lexar also makes Kodak and Disney cards). Other excellent cards are made by Kingston, Transcend, A-Data, pqi, PNY, Simple Tech, Verbatim, Viking and others like Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Toshiba and HP .

The one fly in the ointment are the fake cards being sold on eBay that carry the San Disk label. If you buy your memory cards from a brick and mortar store, you will not accidentally buy any fake cards. At the cost of memory cards now (under $12 for a 4 gb card) by the time you pay for shipping on a card ordered from the internet, buying locally is much less expensive.

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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera

Linda asks…

8 Megapixel Digital Camera : OLYMPUS or SONY ?

I am really confused which camera to buy .. im thinking of an 8 megapixel camera .. but in general which is better for digital cameras .. sony or olympus ??

There is the OLYMPUS Fe-370 and the SONY DSCW130 .. please help me if you can ..

Thank You

Pip answers:

While most of the cameras out there are really good, I would choose Canon over Nikon because it seems like more camera for the money. Some would say Canon withholds their best technology for high end cameras and Nikon implements their best at all levels. Before you decide, read all the text and links in the information below because it will help you know what to look for in a camera.

There is no one particular place to get great buys, but you may see something below that really helps you find the best buy. Click on the first link in the information below for an example then search for your camera of choice at the upper left. Camera prices at this link change often.

Just saw this camera at Best Buy and think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has an optical viewfinder, image stabilizer, auto focus, and uses NiMH rechargeable batteries. Read as much of the following as you can for other information and help with choosing a camera.
Canon A590IS $149.99 at Best Buy store yesterday.
Http:// …

There are so many cameras out there it is difficult to say which is best, but digital is definitely the way to go. The second source link will be very helpful as it list most of the cameras out there with prices. The following information should help you know what to look for in a camera.

What gives a camera its picture quality?
The short answer is that it is mostly the skill of the photographer that produces high quality pictures. The lens and camera are very important, but the ability to set the scene, adjust the cameras settings, and hold the camera very still or use a tripod with auto or remote shutter actuation when required is what gets the great pictures.

High mega pixel settings may not be best. It takes longer to process and may not be needed unless required for very large pictures or enlarging small parts of big pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. When buying a new camera, look for an optical viewfinder (LCD not visible in bright sun) and check replacement battery prices.
Http:// …
Http:// …

Lots of great camera tips in these two links. Http:// …
Http:// …

Check this more for the money camera. FUJIFILM – FinePix 10.0-Megapixel Digital.
Life time Warranty (Parts & Labor).

Wide-angle shooting, a 12x optical zoom and picture stabilization mode combine in this camera for exceptional shooting performance, even at a distance. Plentiful scene modes, autofocus and automatic white balance controls make this camera a snap to operate. You may be able to find it on the Internet for a lower price.
Http:// …
Http:// …

This could be the best slim line camera with a viewfinder. It’s PINK!
Http://;_ylc=X3oDMTB0bjZzaWNuBF9TAzk2NjMyOTA3BHNlYwNmZWVkBHNsawNlbGVj …
Http:// …

The information about my camera is just to show that you don’t need the biggest and best. Just know how to use the one you have.

My camera has 5.2 mega pixel, but I use 3 most of the time because it gives great results, is faster, and takes less memory. Also, it only has a 3 x optical zoom and 7 x digital zoom. I never use the digital zoom because making pictures larger works better on the computer. This is an old camera, but everyone is impressed with the quality pictures it takes … Like magic.

Check with the Geeks in several stores and compare prices. Ask what cameras they own, but don’t believe everything you hear. Once you select a camera read all about it in the owner’s manual. Just learned that my camera has red-eye prevention and correction. It also has adaptive lighting. You may be able to view owners manuals at this link, but will need to Login. Http:// …

The source links will show most of the cameras out there with prices and help make your digital cameras work better.

Robert asks…

Digital Camera?


to this second of this very day, what is the best digital camera?

Im looking to spend about £100-£140ish (give or take some as im going abroad so it may be a lot cheaper)

Main priority will be obviously the best quality picture, good macro feature and optical zoom. Also, i want one with really nice features like face recognition, nightlife, pets and kids etc.

I was looking at one : Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, is this good? or any better suggestions?


Pip answers:

Panasonic makes some pretty good regular digital family or personal cameras. Also take a look at the Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-H7/B. Sony cameras are very good quality and are sturdy. These are about £130-£170

The Reason I did not mention anything about Canon or Nikon is because they are the world leaders in DSLR and SLR cameras. Yes they do make good family or personal Digital cameras but not sturdy like Sony. Alot of the Canon or Nikon personal digital cameras tend to get broke easier then Sony.

Daniel asks…

Sony W390 Digital Camera?


I’m planning to buy a new camera soon, so I looked up some cameras and I found the Sony W390, and I wanted to ask if there’s any better cameras at that same price range..
Also, if possible, can anyone get me a link to a full review for the W390, like all the options in it ( shutter speeds/iso etc.. ) and if anyone has it and encountering any problems, please tell me what the problems are.
Thanks in advance,
Thanks Hotice !

Pip answers:

You might consider Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 14.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Wide Angle Optical Zoom with SteadyShot Image Stabilization
# HD Movie mode (720p); take stable movies while walking in Active Mode
# iAuto automatically optimizes camera settings; Smile Shutter technology automatically captures a smile

Thomas asks…

If you have a Sony dsc H2 digital camera does it make a constant hissing/crackling sound?

I have a Sony DSC H2 digital camera that I just started using. I noticed a noise coming from the camera whenever it is on. When you hold it up to your ear, it sounds like a hissing, crackling sound. I called Sony and they said that was not normal and I should send it in. I sent it to Precision Camera (factory authorized repair contractor) and they sent it back without doing anything. Now I noticed that the batteries are running down very quickly;within 50 pictures without flash. If you have the same camera, please turn it on and listen and let me know if it makes this low level sound constantly. I also think the focus is struggling to adjust–some of my pictures are marginally in focus. The background sound is also very noticeable on videos that I take with this camera.

Pip answers:

YOU should ALWAYS send any digital camera to the Maker for repairs! That is their design, and they have all the goodies to check out every detail, esp the circuit boards and chips in it. An Authorized repair center does not have all that info. They just do a quick fix and get it back out to you. If they done notice anything wrong, they say “user error” and send sony a bill for a set fee and boom, they r done, easy money!!!

Send it to Sony, and write down in detail what you notice and the problem you are having, and about the conversation you had with them, as well as the poor service you had from the other camera shop. This is one reason I suggest Canon cameras to my friends and family, as their CS is wonderful and they stand behind everything 110%.

Happy Shooting

Chris asks…

How is Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 Digital Camera ?

Pip answers:

If you’re just after a digital camera with better resolution than a compact cam, and don’t plan on building an extensive system around it, then the A100 is as good as any other 10mp dSLR (the A100 however is a bit noisy at ISO800 and above compared to similar models from Pentax, Nikon, Canon).

If you plan to build a system though, I’d hold off on the Alpha. Even though it’s essentially a rebadged Konica-Minolta and takes Minolta AF lenses which have been around for a long time, there’s no guarantee that Sony will remain committed to their Alpha line. I say this because Sony’s been notorious in the past few years in ditching their better camera series (F-series, R1, V-series), and so far they haven’t done much to maintain the Alpha line. Two new models are due any time now but until they’re actually manufactured and selling on the shelves, I’m skeptical regarding Sony’s plans.

Furthermore, if planning a system, beware of Sony lens prices. They’re sky-high (ie. Ripoff) compared to the others (and not any better optically) so you’re ultimately going to end up spending more money than if you were to get into one of the other brands.

Good camera, produces great images, but not nearly ready for prime-time as a system.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras At Walmart

Laura asks…

Can you make Passport Style Photos off your digital camera card?

Hopefully someone can answer this question. I would like to make Passport style photos off my digital camera card. Is that possible? I ask because I need 2 passport style photos of me and my wife to give to my lawyer so she can prepare the paperwork to get my wife over here.
I am not sure if I worded my question correctly. We both have passports. We just need to passport style photos to send to my immigration lawyer and then she in in turn sends that to the appropriate agency along with all the other paperwork I need to send in.

Pip answers:

Absolutely not! Any legal paperwork for visas, passports, or immigration requires PROFESSIONAL passport photos. You can get them very cheaply at many places…including Walmart and Walgreens.

David asks…

What digital camera is best for me?

I would like to purchase a digital camera. Nothing fancy, just point and shoot. I don’t want to spend loads of money on it, maybe $150, something that i can pick up at walmart. I do want a good quality camera, i just don’t know what brand is best. any suggestions?

Pip answers:

Nikons and Cannons are both excellent, so you want one of them. I would suggest a Nikon, only cuz that’s my personal favorite. Neither one is really THAT much better than the other…..its just a matter of opinion. I have a Nikon S550, and its really good. Takes great pictures and has good manual options. You can get it 4 bout 160 or 170. Good luck!

Paul asks…

What is the best digital camera for the price?

I am looking to buy a new digital camera. I really like the SLR’s but I have no idea which brand or model is better. I am looking to spend $500 at the MOST on a camera…which do you suggest?

This is mainly for just family pictures. Nothing professional. But I would really like to use it for some nice family portraits and fun pictures.

Pip answers:

In new cameras, look for a viewfinder (LCD invisible in bright sun), optical image stabilizer, and check battery prices. High mega pixel settings take longer to process and may not be needed unless required for very large pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. Click links below for more details.
Http:// …
Http:// …

The Canon A590IS is a slightly older model that is available everywhere at great sale prices. Think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has auto focus, a viewfinder, optical image stabilization, and uses rechargeable NiMH batteries.
Http:// …
Http:// …

You may never need expanded wide angle or telephoto capabilities, but the A590 IS is compatible with Canon’s accessory lens adapters: A small button next to the lens bezel is actually a latch; press it and you can remove the bezel ring, exposing a bayonet mount for accessory lenses. Canon offers the WC-DC52 0.7x wide-angle lens, the TC-DC52A telephoto lens, the 250D 52mm closeup lens separately, along with the LA-DC52G adapter to mount them on the camera. (Note that the wide, tele, and macro lenses all need the LA-DC52G adapter to mount them to the camera. The lenses won’t work by themselves.)

There is no one place to get great buys, but click the second link in the information above then search for your camera of choice at the upper left. Camera prices at this link change often.

What gives a camera its picture quality?
It is mostly the skill of the photographer that produces high quality pictures. The lens and camera are very important, but the ability to set the scene, adjust the cameras settings, and hold the camera very still or use a tripod with auto or remote shutter actuation when required is what gets the great pictures. Mega pixel resolution is about potential photo size, not picture quality.

There are so many cameras out there it is difficult to say which is best, but the second source link will be very helpful as it list most of the cameras out there with prices. The following information should help you know what to look for in a camera.

A friend asked me to clean and charge her new 2000mAh Duracell batteries as described in the next link. Those batteries are still going strong after four months of normal use and have not been recharged.


Most NiMH rechargeable batteries lose charge and should be recharged when not used after two weeks, but Duracell and RayOVac new formula 2000mAh NiMH batteries hold charge one year when not used. Also, 2000mAh batteries seem to have a longer life. Did not like these batteries at first, but have 12 over five years old and all are still as good as new. Higher mAh batteries (about one year old) still work well in flashlights, but won’t start my camera.

CAUTION Do not overcharge! Batteries can be damaged. Use an automatic two or more hour Energizer Compact smart charger with temperature monitor, trickle charge technology, and safety timer($9.76) at Walmart. Use pre-charged NiMH 2000mAh Duracell ($12.97) or RayOVac ($5.97) batteries (both hold charge one year) and a full cycle charge. After five years of normal use these batteries are still going four months without recharge. To preserve battery charge, use the viewfinder.

This link is about prolonging the life of lithium-ion batteries that last two to three years.
Http:// …

This could be the best slim line camera with a viewfinder and … It’s PINK, but it uses a $49.50 Series G Rechargeable 960mAh lithium-ion battery.
Http://;_ylc=X3oDMTB0bjZzaWNuBF9TAzk2NjMyOTA3BHNlYwNmZWVkBHNsawNlbGVj …
Http:// …

CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged, format in camera, and don’t delete or fill card completely. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Select, then click Stop and OK.

Lots of great camera tips in this link.
Http:// …

My camera has 5.2 mega pixel, but I use 3 most of the time because it gives great results, is faster, and takes less memory. Also, it only has a 3 x optical zoom and 7 x digital zoom. I never use the digital zoom because making pictures larger works better on the computer. This is an old camera, but everyone is impressed with the quality pictures it takes … Like magic.

Once you select a camera, read all about it in the owner’s manual. Check the camera maker’s site or view owner’s manuals at this link. You will need to Login. Http:// …

The source links show most of the cameras out there with prices and make digital cameras work better with help on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

Charles asks…

Can I use a cd to put my pics from digital camera onto my computer?

Is there a cd at Walmart I can but to put the pictures from my digital camera onto my computer?

Pip answers:

Yes there is it’s called a photo disk. You upload it at the store and they’ll burn the pics onto a disk

John asks…

How do I hook up this digital camera to my computer?

So I have my teacher’s digital camera that she gave me to take pix for the school newspaper and she wants me to download them. How do I do that? Please help, I’ve never used a digital camera b4!

Pip answers:

It is much easier and safer to move pictures to a computer from a memory card by using a memory card/stick reader. You can also move pictures from the computer to a memory card/stick.

The following information describes a way to move/copy photos to and from a computer and memory card.

Just received some pictures in an e-mail which I moved to the computer. Then copied these pictures to a memory card and could view them on my camera or show on TV.

If your computer has memory card slots, find the correct slot and copy pictures from the memory card to the computer.

If there are no memory card slots on your computer, purchase a Targus card reader at Walmart for $8.88 or another brand for less at Ritz/Wolf/Kit camera. Also, they do 3½ x 5″ digital prints for 6¢ each on Tuesday and Wednesday.

CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged and don’t delete. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Select then click Stop and OK.

After you have the memory card plugged in, go to My Computer and open the memory card, select the picture you want to copy, and then copy to the My Pictures folder under My Documents under Documents and Settings.

If you have trouble with this, it may be easier to right click on Start and then left click Explore. Find and select the picture you want to copy and then at top left, click the X next to Folders to see a place to select Copy Files. Now select the My Picture folder. Make and select a sub folder then click Copy.

You can also copy from the computer to a memory card.

Have just been playing with this and found that it works really well, but you should first format the memory card in the camera because it adds files to the card you will need.

Next, take a picture of something with the camera.

Place the memory card in the card reader and go to My Computer.

Open the memory card and you should see a folder on the left (DCIM) that has your picture. Do not open the MISC folder on the right.

Double Click on the DCIM folder and you should see another folder e.g.,100HPM417, which includes the name of your camera. Double Click on that folder and you should see the picture you just took.

When you copy from the computer to a memory card, that is the folder where your pictures must be copied. You may only be able to copy one picture at a time.

One last thing, the file names of your pictures must not have any additional letters or those pictures will not be seen by the camera. Also, the file name format must match the file name of the picture you took e.g., HPIM1903. Rename files to the same format as your camera photos.

If you have trouble with this, it may be easier to right click on Start and then left click Explore. Find and select the pictures you want to copy and then near the top left, click the X next to Folders to see a place to select Copy files. You can then select the memory card folder e.g.,100HPM417, that you clicked to see the picture you took and click Copy.

Click this link for other camera tips and complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras

Nancy asks…

Have digital cameras really changed that much in the last two years?

I bought a new digital camera about two years ago. Has the technology put into digital cameras changed a lot since then? Enough that I should look into investing in a new one? It works well but the picture quality isn’t excellent- especially if I don’t use flash and I like not using flash. Also, is it possible to upgrade the camera I already have- like you could a computer by having a new processor and software installed?

Pip answers:

In the P&S arena, the image quality has not changed much, but the number of “features” has.

If you are happy with the image quality you have been getting with your current camera, don’t spend your money on a new camera.

The usual cycle is buying a new P&S camera every three to four years. Some people like have the latest toys, so they usually buy a new cell phone and camera every two years.

My neighbor still uses an over six year old Kodak P&S camera and it produces excellent images, good enough for posting on the internet and printing 4×6 inch photos. She also uses that camera to produce shots of products she makes an sells on craigslist and other e-Commerce sites.

Mandy asks…

What is the best digital camera producer?

I like taking photos as a hobby. Can you give me some websites where I can learn more about digital cameras? And also buy one at a good price. Thanks!

Pip answers:

I was shopping for a new digital camera just last month, and I was torn between a number of different manufacturers that had very similar models for very similar prices. DPReview (link below) had a wealth of information about all of the cameras that I was looking at. They had way too much info at first, since they also have reviews of cameras that aren’t available anymore, but once I narrowed it down to a few options the reviews on that site were great.

I decided on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5. I was looking for a decent quality camera with lots of features, but also one that was point-and-shoot so that my wife and I could both use it. Taking up photography as a hobby, your needs would probably vary greatly from mine.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

How should I start a report on digital cameras?

I have to a write report on digital cameras, but I can’t think of how to start. What should I write about? It is also hard to find a lot of information on it. Any suggestions on sites?

Pip answers:

You should start with the history of the camera. You could talk about how the camera has changed over time and include information on what kind of changes have occurred.


This website gives you a timeline of he history of photography and the important dates.


This website has some great pictures, plus extra information that can help you.


Carol asks…

What causes Red Eye in pictures from digital camera?

What causes red eye when you take a picture with a digital camera?

I have heard that it is caused when the flash and the lens optical sensor are not lined up properly. Is this true? Are there any other factors that cause red eye in pictures from digital cameras?

10 points for best answer.

Thanks in advance. :)

Pip answers:

It really has nothing to do with the camera. It’s not a problem with the camera, it has more to do with how a person’s eyes react to light. Red eye was a problem LONG before digital cameras were around. It happened with film cameras too. It’s a common problem with both digital and film cameras.

Red eye in pictures is caused by the flash reflecting from the retina in the person’s eyes. It’s especially common with indoor pictures, because your pupils are dilated to adjust to the low lighting. If the pupils are dilated, there is a bigger chance of getting a reflection from the retina from a bright light source, like a flash.

Some cameras have what is called “red eye reduction” which would actually fire the flash twice. The way it works is that when you take a picture with the flash on, it will fire the flash a second before the actual picture is taken. Then the flash fires again and the picture is taken. The burst of light from the first flash causes the person’s pupils to shrink, which reduces the chance of getting a reflection from the retina when the picture is taken.

“Red eye” is a common problem when taking pictures indoors or anywhere else with low lighting. Especially if the camera is too close.

By the way…this is also the reason why a camera flash can be so annoying and painful. If you’re in a dark room, your eyes have adjusted to the low lighting and your pupils have automatically dilated to try to compensate. Then, suddenly a bright flash of light goes off right into your eyes, with your pupils wide open. The light overwhelms your eyes and your brain has to try to process the overload.

James asks…

How does the unique file naming in Digital Cameras works?

How does the unique numbered file naming in the digital cameras work. How two files from different cameras of same company even never are same?

Pip answers:

Different manufacturer’s use different ones. The folder scheme is different as well. Two cameras of the same brand don’t necessarily have the same name pattern either. I think the more professional Canon cameras use something different than the PowerShot series for example. There are two ways cameras name the pictures as well. You can set it to continuous, where it will count from 0000 to 9999 and then recycle, or it will reset every time you unload the memory card.

Simply, different brands always use a different set of folders and file names.

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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera Repair

Daniel asks…

How do you charge the battery of a Sony Cybershot DSC-W130 camera?

Right now, when I press the power button, the camera isn’t turning on. Is it the battery? I just borrowed this from a friend, I don’t have any instructions, and the friend’s out of town—— is the battery beside the memory stick at the base of the camera? It looks like there are screws there, do you need to unscrew them to charge the battery, or is there another way of releasing it if this even is the battery? I was wondering if there is a way of locking the camera, is that why it won’t turn on?

Pip answers:

Suggest that take the camera to professional repair shops,if the battery proplem, please replace batteries, or it’ll affect camera use life.

Supply battery for sony Sony Cybershot DSC-W130,W150,W170 camera and battery charger.

Cheap price,hight quality.


Sandy asks…

What type of compact digital camera do you think is the best?

First, I had the Canon powershot pro 1, loved it for my close-up jewelry but I closed my biz and wanted a smaller compact camera, so I got the sony dsc-t700, that is the WORST camera ever, so many problems. And the sony repair place is a bunch of idiots and will never replace it even though it was defective. I think I will go with the Nikon s70, had the one b4 it and it was great.

Pip answers:

Wait for the Nikon S70. You’ve had a great experience with Nikon, stick with it. You might write Sony and tell them how surprised you are that you got such bad service at a Sony service shop.

Steven asks…

Where can I get my Sony cybershot digital camera repaired?

Pip answers:

My flash went out on mine…I bought a Canon. Good luck

Susan asks…

Best performance Digital camera among Cannon & Sony Cybershot?

Please let me know which one is better in performance for long time without repairs from Cannon & Sony cyber shot. I want to Buy a Digital camera for personnel use. Please mention model number also. My range is <15000 rupees. 7-12 mega pixels.

Pip answers:

Dude, you have enough in your pocket to buy best featured camera with 7-12 MP. Below are few model options to choose from:

Canon PowerShot A550 (7.10 MP)

Sony W Series DSC-W120 (7.20 MP)

Sony W Series DSC-W130 (8.10 MP)

Sony T Series DSC-T70 (8.10 MP)

Sony H Series DSC-H3 (8 MP) (I strongly recommend this model, best at its best)


Mark asks…

Getting a digital camera fixed?

I have a Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera 7.2 megapixel. I’ve had it for 2-3 years now and the zoom no longer works if I try to zoom in an error message pops up and says “turn camera off and on” everything else stills works just not the zoom. I’m getting a new camera soon anyway but my mom wants to know if this one is worth getting fixed and can you even get a zoom on a digital camera fixed?

Pip answers:

Very likely it can be repaired but if the camera you have can be replaced for $200 its not worth the cost of repair.

One thing you could try. At 2-3 years old its possible the problem is simply the battery. As they age and with repeated recharging the rechargeable batteries lose their capacity to hold enough charge to operate the camera properly. The zoom motor may need more power than the battery can supply.

You can put it in the charger, the indicator will light and later when the indicator goes out you think you have a good battery. Not always so. Its been charged to its full capacity but its full capacity may be less than the camera needs.

You could try a new battery but beyond that its time for a new camera.

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Your Questions About Recent Example Of Joint Venture

Carol asks…

Give recent example of join venture?

Pip answers:

A joint venture is when two or more parties are involved in the trasaction…

Three people buy a plane or a boat together and share the usage.

A marriage is a joint venture.

Businesses can be joint ventures between the owners.

Robert asks…

chemistry is environment’s worst enemy…. Please suggest some points for this topic thank U?

Pip answers:

In recent years there have been a number of highly visible attacks on American science, everything from the fundamentalist assault on evolution to the Bush administration’s strong-arming of government scientists. But for many people who pay close attention to research and development (R&D), the biggest threat to science has been quietly occurring under the radar, even though it may be changing the very foundation of American innovation. The threat is money—specifically, the decline of government support for science and the growing dominance of private spending over American research.

The trend is undeniable. In 1965, the federal government financed more than 60 percent of all R&D in the United States. By 2006, the balance had flipped, with 65 percent of R&D in this country being funded by private interests. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, several of the nation’s science-driven agencies—the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior, and NASA—have been losing funding, leading to more “outsourcing” of what were once governmental science functions. The EPA, for example, recently began conducting the first nationwide study on the air quality effects of large-scale animal production. Livestock producers, not taxpayers, are slated to pay for the study. “The government is clearly increasing its reliance on industry and forming ‘joint ventures’ to accomplish research that it is unable to afford on its own anymore,” says Merrill Goozner, a program director at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group.

Research universities, too, are rapidly privatizing. Both public and private institutions now receive a shrinking portion of their overall funding from government sources. They are looking instead to private industry and other commercial activities to enhance their funding. Last summer, an investigation by the San Jose Mercury News found that one-third of Stanford University’s medical school administrators and department heads now have reported financial conflicts of interest related to their own research. These included stock options, consulting fees, and patents.

Richard asks…

can you please explain this question?

explain the effect of a discretionary cut in taxes of $40 billion on the economy when the economy’s marginal propensity to consume is .75. How does this discretionary fiscal policy differ from a discretionary increase in government spending of $40 billion?

Pip answers:

It means for every additional dollar of income there is a propensity to spend .75 cents. In your example, $30 billion additional dollars will be spent and $10 billion saved or invested. (Who gets the tax breaks, in recent years all federal tax breaks have been disproportionately skewed to the highest income earners, what that money is spent on in America affects how additional domestic spending circulates to stimulate the overall economy.)

How does it differ from a $40 billion increase in discretionary government spending? For one, the federal government will spend $10 billion more than the citizens who receive the tax cuts in your first example. Secondly, the federal government can direct that spending on things that an individual cannot like funding infrastructure repairs and improvements, to fund grants for basic research through the National Institutes of Health, or fund a new space program, or to underwrite a joint venture to mine for rare earths at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Japan, or experimenting with organic urban farming or with the construction of housing intended to keep chronic substance abusers who are trying to get sober off the street (which is where daily and nightly altercations frequently result in expensive ER treatment and hospitalization, where diseases are easily communicated through the population tequiring costly medical treatment eventually, and where there is a constant drain on police resources and their budget) and into safe, utilitarian housing that is staffed with social service coordinators who help residents schedule and manage their lives (building and maintaining structure into their lives) possibly including menial employment. (There’s a real life example somewhere in LA and although I forget the real cost savings it was something like $600 per month, which adds up quickly into substantial savings.)

The government has greater discretion to spend its money, which really isn’t consumption as we understand consumption, its more investment or experimentation, like the DOE lending guarantee program, which can be designed and implemented well or poorly. Moreover, the federal government is looking for a different ROI than an individual or government. If by chance NASA develops a useful product or fabrication process that can be licensed commercially, then that is an additional benefit to government spending that needs to be recognized. If not, then not.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Daniel asks…

How do you view this news about “”going to number two”"?

A recent survey by U.N. has said that 7.5 crores of the populations still using opening grounds, agricultural fields, plantation areas, road side and rail side paths as “”OPEN TOILET.

Among the countries listed India is in No.1 place with a population of 3.3 crores using “”open toilets”"
Then comes China to 1.4 crores
Indonesia 1.00 crore
Pakistan 0.50 crores
and comes rest of the countires including U.S., South American countries, etc.

How do you view this aspect and what are the steps the Govt can take to prevent this “”culture”"???

Source : “”Dinamalar”" a Tamil Daily dated 03 Jan 2010.

Pip answers:

Bull: Open toilets are common around the world! India is on top because of population outburst and lack of infrastructure. Many villagers still use open grounds, it is common in Japan and Europe too. In South Africa some people even use tree tops and branches.

There are many public toilets constructed around metro cities but there is no proper maintenance because of lack of water supply and ventilation. Those toilets have been leased to individual contractors and it is pretty much pay per use. Money made by that lessee is not spent well, moreover chance of getting urinary track infection is high. Outside of city limits there are very limited or no such facilities and travellers have to use open space for natures call. Nowadays It is very hard to provide water supply to common population and even much harder to public toilets.

Nowadays composting toilets are widely in use in many developing countries. Aerobic processing system that treats excreta, typically with no water or small volumes of flush water, via composting or managed aerobic decomposition. This is usually a faster process than the anaerobic decomposition at work in most wastewater systems.

Micro flush toilets are widely used with sensors which discharges 0.5 liter of water per use and they also use heating elements to evaporate urine and other moisture. Some composing toilets use bulking agent – small amount of absorbent carbon material (such as untreated sawdust, coconut coir, peat moss) after each use to create air pockets for better aerobic processing, to absorb liquid, and to create an odor barrier.

One example is the three-storey C.K. Choi Building at the University of British Columbia (Canada), which features five composting toilet systems with 12 toilet stools that serve 300 employees. They may also be found in various places around Europe, like many of the roadside facilities in Sweden.

Composting toilets greatly reduce the volume of excreta on site through psychrophilic, thermophilic or mesophilic composting and yield a soil amendment that can be used in horticultural or agricultural applications as local regulations allow.

An approach that is becoming more common is the “dry” toilet, or urine-separating toilet. Where solar heat is used. These systems depend on desiccation to achieve sanitation safety goals features systems that make use of the separated liquid fraction for immediate area fertilization.

Urine can contain up to 90 percent of the N (nitrogen), up to 50 percent of the P (phosphorus) and up to 70 percent of the K (potassium) present in human excreta. In healthy individuals it is usually pathogen free, although undiluted it may contain levels of inorganic salts and organic compounds at levels toxic to plants.

China went one step ahead, they collect urine from public toilet, disinfect and mix it with wood ash (rich in calcuim and magnesium) and use it widely for tomato crops. Now they are trying this approach in Nepal as well. China is also using urine collected from public toilet to manufacture sealants that is widely used in medical surgery for controlling bleeding and exported to many countries world wide.

Ecosan toilets is now getting popular in Kerala, Trichy, Cuddalore now Thiruvanamalai is in pipe line for this project. All done in joint venture with NGO’s. You can read more about Ecosan at

Steven asks…

What do multinational corporations need to take into account when entering foreign markets?

I need to do a report for college. The outline I have been given is….

Entering foreign markets is a function of various factors and their interactions.
Identify what these factors might be and explain how companies might decide
how to evaluate these factors and take them into account when making strategic
decisions on foreign market entry.
In answering the above you are asked to use relevant theories and concepts to
provide an analytical framework to inform your answer and also to refer to real
world examples of entry mode decisions.

What sort of things should I be looking to mention?
Thanks for the help people, i realise it is a big question I am supposed to do a 4000 words report on it dont expect you to do all that for me just getting some ideas, also I need to use theories and relevant studies etc.

Thanks for the help anyway

Pip answers:

Big question this one.

OK Bullet points:

1) Political environment – is the government friendly to foreign investment

2) Legal structures- assess recent legal reforms of the business environment -it may be that the country has decided to attract foreign investment -this happened a lot in Eastern Europe and can lead to:-

3) Tax breaks under a new Foreign Investment Act -this happened in Ireland when the government offered tax breaks (double dip 10%) to companies setting up in the Dublin Docks rea- mininmum nimber of employment opportunities had to be created to qualify.

4) Assessment of general industry sectors in the new country.

5) Assessment of local competition (if any) and other multinationals who may also enter the market and compete.

6) Availability of labour force and educational standards – will you be able to employ many local people or transfer expatriates? (in practice this is usually done for key management- at least at the beginning).

7) Assess whether it would be easier to:

a) Export
(very little capital expenditure and less risk)

b) Licencing – appropriate when exporting intellectual property eg. Trademarks
(again low investment costs and low financial risk) e.g. Lee Cooper Jeans did this in Hungary

c) Direct Investment by:

- Information or Representative office or Branch
-Wholly owned subsidiary
-Joint Venture with local partner

8) Access to capital – is there a stock exchange -can equity/debt
be raised locally

9) Strength of local currency

10) Ability to repatriate profits to home country

11) Inflation rate – huge problem in the Latin American countries

12) Accounting standards and regulations

13) Communications and transport

14) Liquidity of investment e.g can you get out fast???

15)Environmental risks/legal requirements

16) Quality of land/premises

9) Banking requirements

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras For Dummies

Betty asks…

Good books for learning how a movie is made for dummy ?

I need to know a name ( or a list ) of book ( or books ) that could explain everything in movie making. Like what type of cameras should be used in particular shot or explain why do people use different types of cameras for different types of environment ( environment like tv or film ), how is the lighting done and how is the sound synced, how is everything done.
SO basically I want a book to help dummies to understand the process behind movie making .

Pip answers:

Rebel Without A Crew – Robert Rodriguez
Shoot Me – Roy Frumkes and Rocco Simonelli
Naked Filmmaking: How to make a feature length film, without a crew, for $10,000 or less – Mike Carroll
Mastershots Vol 1&2 – Christopher Kenworthy
The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap – Stu Maschwitz

Donald asks…

Help with Canon ESO Rebel camera types please?

Is the Canon EOS Rebel Xs 10.1MP Digital SLR camera and Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D the same camera? I am trying I am trying to buy a For Dummies guide for my new Canon (the first one listed) but am not sure if these two cameras are the same one. Thanks in advance for any help!
Thanks so much Laxi, that what I thought but didnt want to chance it. Have a great day!

Pip answers:

Yes they are the same cameras. Different sources will name them differently, whether XS, XS/1000D, or 1000D. XS is the American name for the camera. 1000D is everywhere else (except Japan). They put either or, or both since they are the same camera.

It’s the same thing as a Japanese car being called a different name here in America.

Some other Canons:
XT = 350D
XTi = 400D
XSi = 450D
T1i = 500D
T2i = 550D
T3i = 600D
XS = 1000D
T3 = 1100D

John asks…

What is a good video camera?

I would like to buy a digital video camera. I’m not that knowledgeable about the technical aspects, but I do have an eye for composition and I am a good editor.

I’d like to get one with professional, high-resolution results, or the closest to that as I can get.
If you have a number of options with different specs and price tags, share but also provide your own insight.

* If you have an online resource for info about digital video cameras for dummies, do share.

Thanks in advance

Pip answers:

You are probably going to get 101 different recommendations.

Camcorders like many other things quality is a question of cost. Decide on a budget, and then have a look around to see what you can get for your money. There are three formats IE what they record to, in order of quality

1 Mini-dv (tape) still the number one for quality, but expensive.
2 flash drive (small cards)
3 Hard dive,
4 I know I said 3 but I will include this one Mini-dvd lowest quality, do not bother even looking at them.

You need to decide if you want to go high definition, or not, what are you going to do with the video, Basically to keep the quality, you either need to play it back on a computer or a Blu ray disk, if you are planning to upload it to youtube or the like then the quality will be reduced through the converting process.


a few features, Zoom every one loves to zoom in, ignore the Digital zoom figuars, always look at the optical zoom, the higher it goes the harder it is to keep the picture still. In camera editing total waste of time always better to do it on the camera, effects, by the time you select the effect for the scene Aunty Jane has fallen into the river. And you have lost the moment.

There is some good advice here


once you get an idea of what you are looking for then go and have a look at some, if you are a big person you dont want to get a small camera that you can loose in your hand, not the other way around, also can you press the right buttons with out looking.

Once you have decided on say a couple of models, (remember video cameras) get the sales people to let your record some footage and then play it cak on a HD TV see what it looks like, If they start to go on about mega pixles ignore it, it has nothing to do with video. Las bit if you think that you will be recording in low light then check out how dark the camera will record in , this is measured in LUX, 0LUX being total darkness, so the lower the number the better anything from 0-1 is fine.

There are a few pointers for you, half the fun of getting a camera is the looking around for the right on. Another thought Unless you want the camera for Christmas then leave it until the new year sales. You will pick up better bargains then


Thomas asks…

How do I use a Olympus Evolt E-500 Digital SLR Camera?

I have this really good camera, but I don’t know how to use it! HELP PLEASE!

Pip answers:

First, follow the link and download the user manuals. Go though them several times with your camera to get familiar with it. You camera has many different shooting modes that do all the heavy lifting for you. Essentially they turn the camera into a high quality point and shoot. You can start by adjusting the shutter and letting the camera make the other settings for you. You can also do the same with the ISO, aperture, etc. You would definately benefit from taking a class or at least getting a photography how to book (something like Photography for Dummies, etc.).

Helen asks…

What is a simple program to make an animated picture of myself?

I’m creating a new blog and I’d like to make an avatar that would be an animated picture of myself. I’ve tried Windows Paint, but I wasn’t quite able to create the look I wanted. Are there any other free programs that I could use to create a picture of myself?

Pip answers:

Use your own digital camera. Get someone to make a video of you. Then upload the video file and convert it to a gif animated file format. Use any good animation program to make yourself look funny.

FREE software: (Animation included)
25 GIMP Video Tutorials to Help Get You Started:
GIMP Plug-in Registry:
Using GAP:
How to install gimp gap on windows: (Animation included)
Blender for Dummies (PDF) Download:

UnFreeze: (Animation)

Make a GIF Online:

GIF Animations Instructions:
How to create an Animated gif (Video):
How to Make a Animated GIF from a Video Clip:


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Your Questions About Sony Digital Cameras India

Steven asks…

best digital camera within rs 14500 in india?

4/6 mpls capable to video etc

Pip answers:


I found Sony DSC S600 is comparitively cheap and best deal with your budget. Which costs Rs.12,500. With 1 GB memory stick, and a battery charger.

-It has 6 mp size so you could take very sharp and big pics.
-Have option for video also.
-Great value for money.

Sharon asks…

Tell me the best digital camera available in India below Rs.7500/-?


Pip answers:

Yups – Kodak cameras are the only “branded” digicams in India below 7500. And you may get the Canon Powershot A400 – but trust me, it’s severely outdated.
Better stick to Nikon (the Nikon 4600 starts at 8500 bucks). The current range of Canon starts from Rs 9000, while the Sony Cybershot range starts from 10,500.

By the way, you can also check out the “non-standard” brands like Mercury, Frontech, Tech-Com etc. They have some very decent specifications at good prices. I’d seen a Tech-Com 7-Megapixel, 5X zoom model in a shop for 7800 bucks in white (Not Grey). Though I haven’t tested the picture quality of those models, still, you can try out a demo of these models.

Hope that helped.

Sandra asks…

which is the best digital camera in india below 10k?

Plz suggest me some best cams around Rs10000/- friends..I heard that sony is the best brand..Is that right?

Pip answers:

I would recommend Canon or Pentax cameras, in addition to great cameras the manufacturer stands behind them better than Sony does!-This, from personal experience!

Daniel asks…

does sony digital camera purchased in europe has a warranty in india?

i had purchased a digital camera in june 2006 in madrid on a trip here. now im coming back but my camera is not functioning now. i checked up with the sony service centre , they say it will take upto 3-4 weeks to get it repair. i dont have so much time. and it has no warranty in india and neither they can send the camera to indi aafter repair as the courier cost is approc RS. 10500/-What shoulsd i do?

Pip answers:


Jenny asks…

Best Digital Camera company in india?

Pip answers:

If you are looking to buy a camera, I’d suggest not to buy an Indian made company, either go for a Sony Cybershot or a Nikon.

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