Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera Memory Card

Ken asks…

Will a 4GB memory card fit in a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera?

this is the camera:

this is the memory card:

Pip answers:

All the answers above are correct.

That camera (and all other current Sony P&S cameras) only use the proprietary Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo / PRo-HG Duo memory cards.

If you want to use the more universal SD / SDHC cards, any other P&S camera and many entry level DSLR’s use them

Look here for a suitable camera

Laura asks…

Would Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Card (for PSP) work on my Sony Digital Camera?

The gaming cards seem to be cheaper to get an 8GB gaming memory stick pro duo than the standard ones. I was wondering if this card would work if I use it on a sony digital camera since the card is made for gaming. Thanks.

Pip answers:

Technically I wouldn’t see much difference. I would expect that gaming cards would need to be formatted in order to be used, this would pose a problem, and may void the card warranty.

Camera cards also have a different warranty to the gaming cards. Gaming cards have a 5 year warranty as opposed to the lifetime one of a Sandisk Ultra series of memory card.

Carol asks…

digital camera memory card?

how can you tell which memory card will work for your camera? do all of the types of memories cards work the same? (My camera is a sony brand)

Pip answers:

SONY. . .yah boy!

SONY has its ups and downs.

Its down is this:

memory card. You probably need a specific type of memory card for your SONY.

Is it a Sony Cyber-Shot? Is it a somewhat newer model? All the newer cyber shots (and many SONY products for that matter) take:
Memory Stick Duo, and /or Memory Stick PRO Duo.
Those memory cards are the Sony thing. I doubt non Sony products take them. Many camera take SD cards.

I dont know about older ctberShots though.

Go to
and then click on what camera model you have and look go down to ‘Storage types’ and that will tell you the kind of card it accepts.

If the above site in unavailable just go to and go to – camera database – Sony.

Hope that helps and you figure out what you need.

Thomas asks…

sd memory card for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3 Digital Camera?

I bought a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3 Digital Camera a month ago.Now i found it does not use all sd memory cards but specific sony sd memory cards which are very expensive.Kindly let me know which else one Gig sd memory cards can i use on this camera,cheaper in price,available in GTA Toronto Canada??

Pip answers:

Watch for the sale papers. Someone’s usually got memory cards on sale every weekend. Got a 2gig San Disk memory stick pro duo for $30. It’s cheaper than the Sony brand, but just as good. The prices keep dropping. The one gig San Disk is about $20-25. Ed

George asks…

Sony T7 Digital Camera, memory card?

Hi, I just bought a 4gb memory card on ebay for my T7 digital camera! It is the exact same size as the one in my camera at the moment but it says on the listing that it for psp? the guy selling said i would need to format it on the pc? havent a clue how or what hes talking bout! just assumed coz it was the same size would work in the camera! any ideas??
its a memory stick pro duo!
so i format it on the camera?

Pip answers:

Provided it says Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro, it should work. It’s best to format it on the camera. (There’s a directory the camera puts on the card that a PC doesn’t).

Put the card in and switch on. If the camera doesn’t like it, it will ask you if you want to format it. If the camera ignores it, you will have to work through the menus to find “Format memory stick”.

If all else fails, read the manual.

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Your Questions About Nikon Digital Cameras Best Buy

Donald asks…

Digital Cameras?

i want to buy a digital cameras and i don’t know nothing of digital cameras. what cameras i can get in the price rages of $100-150, what brand is good to buy, i looking for some that pretty slim and light. thank

Pip answers:

Buy a nikon, canon or fuji camera of about 7 megapixels.

The one you go for depends on your specific needs:

ie- do you need it to be small to go in a handbag/purse/pocket? Does it need to be light? Do you want a big screen?

Main things you should look for:

Megapixels – higher the better
Zoom – if you use it go for optical zoom, digital is no use
Screen – do you like a big screen?
Interface – if you want direct-to-printer printing look for pictbridge
manual control – essential in some situations but only if you’re fairly comfortable with what you are doing

Basically, if you buy within your price range you’re going to get a decent camera from one of those 3 brands.

Good luck! :)

Carol asks…

need to buy a digital camera?

i want to buy a digital camera with a reasonable rate and good quality and features.
what are the starting prices of digital cam,.and what’s the difference in features when the range differ?
plz suggest me a good digital buy
@Martin – i need it for personal and domestic use… and want good picture quality and related features.. don’t have knowledge of technical details as such..
and budget..may be around 5k depending about quality..and features..
suggest me some good models…

Pip answers:

Nikon camera is the best

Chris asks…

Nikon D40 digital camera?

I just got approved for in store credit from the ritz store (woo hoo). I am going to go tomorrow to upgrade from my Nikon Coolpix p2 (my starter digital)

I am not some pro photographer but I have heard good things about this camera and then of course a few unsavory things. Here is what I am looking for in a camera. Let me know if the Nikon fits the bill

I love photography but I am far from a great photographer but want a camera that will take great shots. Sorry but I am mostly a automatic do it for me kind of gal and looking for a camera that can do that for me but also one that my husband can manually mess around with

Kids. My big issue. Always moving around, always turning at the last minute and I need a camera with no shutter lag thats going to hit and get me that shot. I heard this camera doesnt have image stabilization which I am worried about

Red eye problems. With the one I have always getting red eye. Does this camera have that issue?
Looking for a camera with great close-ups and crispness. I do not have that with my camera currently

What does it mean when people say that a camera is noisy in ceratin ISO speeds (sorry I am not that pro)

I have heard of certain lens issues and that you have to buy a expensive lens for it too be compatible?

Finally if I do decide to become more experienced and want a challenge can this camera deliver?

Also with just the standard lens will I get great close-ups of raindrops on flowers, insect wings, stuff of that nature?

IS this camera great at taking night shots? Another issue I have with my current camera

Pip answers:

The Nikon D40 is the best camera for beginners, hands down. And your husband will have a lot of fun with it. If it is in your price range, you will have no regrets.

The camera does not have image stabilization, but you absolutely don’t need it if you will be using the flash. You can buy a lens that has image stabilization built in which Nikon calls VR. You don’t really need this unless you’re shooting without the flash in low light situations.

The built-in flash has a red eye setting which I’ve never had a problem with. This camera also has built-in red eye remover.

Check out my pictures to get an idea of how awesome this camera is, they’re all taken with a Nikon D40

Lisa asks…

I want to buy digital camera?

hiiiiiii all……….
I want to buy digital camera and my budget is upto 8o00/- only Please suggest a few ?
and also tell me which one is best , NIKON or SONY or CANON………………….B-)

Pip answers:

When searching the internet for a new digital camera you come across so many different makes and models it can be a very stressful task choosing the one which will suite your individual needs perfectly.

I have answered “What digital camera should I buy” or similar a million times and always give the same advice which is to use a review site which hand picks a range of only the best digital cameras and then writes simple easy to understand review without all the confusing technical jargon you usually come across when shopping online.

Here are a few links which I think will help you providing the information you need to make an informed purchase online

Budget Digital Cameras –

Top Digital Cameras –

Mary asks…

buy a digital camera?

I am going to buy a digital camera ( I am a Graphic Designer ) and I want to learn digital photography as an advanced user. What brand do you recommend and why?
thank you

Pip answers:

Normally, I tend to recommend a bridge camera, but if you sure you consider yourself an “advanced” user, I’d say go for a basic DSLR, just keep a few points in mind:

Any of the entry level DSLRs would keep you happy for a few years. I’d pick either Canon or Nikon. I have a LOT of contact with other photographers and time and time again it seems that either one of those are most likely to make their owners happy.

The most important part is to buy only the best lenses – camera bodies get upgraded, lenses stay with us.
You WILL regret buying cheap lenses.
Don’t rush into buying lenses. Start with a kit lens, get to know your camera, that lens, and all photographic principles.
Through time and through use, you will eventually KNOW what other lenses you’ll need/want.
The more time you’ll take, the less likely you are to regret your choices.

If you know anyone close to you with a camera, consider borrowing lenses and “picking their brain” about their camera and whatever else they know.

Go to a store and hold a few cameras, see how they feel to YOU.

Keep in mind that buying a DSLR isn’t cheap, even if you find a good deal for body and kit lens.

You’ll also want and/or need a few other things such as tripod, filters, a bag, sensor cleaning gear, a second battery, memory cards, perhaps a remote shutter release etc.

That’s just the small stuff – I can guarantee you that you’ll also want more and more lenses.
You’ll also want a decent flash some day.

See how that list just goes on and on?
Owning a DSLR isn’t cheap – at least not until you have built up a nice stash of gear.

Just some food for thought……..

Do lots of research before you buy, and start learning about photography, too.
The very best thing you can do for your photography is to attend a class and read a few books and tutorials. Having some knowledge will make a huge difference to your images.
I hope I have expressed this idea clearly enough: YOU need to learn about photography because even the world’s best camera will take lousy shots in the hands of someone who has no clue how to use it.

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Your Questions About Digital Photography School

Ruth asks…

What camera model would you recommend?

I plan on buying a Nikon digital SLR (one that’s compact…sort of similar to that Canon Rebel xti). I take pictures frequently, and I also take a digital photography class in school, AND I also plan on attending an art school hopefully. Any suggestions on what model type would be the best for me would be much appreciated!

Pip answers:

I would consider Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera
* 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor
* 5.8x AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens included
* D-Movie Mode; Cinematic 24fps HD with sound
* 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot color LCD monitor
* Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards

William asks…

Where do I start to get on the right path towards a successful career?

I am currently an upcoming Junior (3rd year) in high school, and I think that I have made my decision to pursue a career in photography. Next year I will be taking film and digital photography classes offered at my high school. Ultimately, I just want to know what should I do after that? What classes should I be taking? And what steps do I need to take in order to become successful in what I want to do?

Honestly, I do not want to become a “big shot” photographer. My dream–I guess you could say–is to work in lifestyle portraiture (weddings, engagements, new borns, families, etc.) I want to capture life as it is, not posed.

There is a local photographer here (working around the Emerald Coast) where Iive that has inspired me, and his shots are just breath taking. Like him and his wife, I want to be able to connect with my clients from their engagements to their newborns and to their family portraits. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to talk to him and find out his experience?

I have also heard of the low annual income that this job would bring. Is this true?

Please share your thoughts and experiences!

Paul Johnson:

My Typical Amatuer Teenage Digital Photography:

P.S. I was not sure whether to include this in the career section of the business category or here.

Pip answers:


Definitely talk to that local photographer you mentioned. It’s a tough field in which to be successful, so you need to arm yourself with as much information and insight as possible. As as matter of fact, talk with every photographer you can. Bug everyone, spare no one.

As for education, many, if not most, working photographers have a college degree or technical school degree/certificate (though not necessarily in photography). When working in the arts, talent is crucial, but it’s nothing without a complete understanding of the technical aspects.

All that said, THE most important trait you need to have at the beginning stage is commitment. I’ve seen many, many young photographers who don’t have the drive or ambition to practice their craft on a regular basis, thus are not able to grow as artists and ending up having to find another line of work. One particular aspiring photographer is a dog catcher….seriously. So, practice, practice, practice!

Good luck!

Mandy asks…

I don’t have any idea of what camera I should get, please help?

I am going to be taking digital photography next school year and that’s the only reason I’m getting a camera. When I do get it though I want to mostly take pictures of my dog, he is very well trained so getting still pictures wont be a problem but I also want to get some good pictures while he is sprinting or jumping to catch the ball or frisbee. I also go hiking so I need a camera that takes nice pictures outdoors and indoors as well. I have no idea what to look for in a camera so any suggestions for that would be great! I would also appreciate some suggestions for specific cameras :)

Thanks in advance!
OH! My budget is about $550 and I would also like it to zoom far.

Pip answers:

They should have cameras for you to borrow for the class. Don’t get one right now if that’s the only reason you want one. Take the class first, work with the cameras they loan you and figure out what you want in a camera or if you even like photography enough to drop that kind of cash on a camera.

Btw, that is NOT true that the least expensive DSLR is $650. That might be the MSRP, but Canon EOS Rebel T3s go for under $500 from most retailers. The Sony a37 is also going for $498 right now even though the MSRP is more than that.

Laura asks…

What is the best Canon DSLR for beginners?

I will be taking digital photography for the next semester in school. I was wondering what camera would be best to use.

Thanks in advance!

Pip answers:

Go with the Rebel XS. There isn’t much difference between the functions of the bodies Canon offers, so getting an expensive one is pretty much the same as getting a cheaper one. Canon’s quality comes from their lenses. Once you find more of a passion for photography, you can spend more on lenses of a higher quality. Their L series is incredible.

I’d suggest the XS or the XSi (Although I would say the XSi is a waste of money because there is very little difference between the two)

Message me for more questions.

Enjoy your camera!

Charles asks…

What kind of classes should i take in high school if i want to pursue some kind of photography profession?

Im just about to go into high school and im getting really interested in photography. im taking digital photography so far but i dont know if i have to take any other classes that would help in persuing photography in the future. and whats the difference between digital photography and regular photography?

Pip answers:

If you are seriously considering photography as what you want to do, then take both classes- digital and regular photography- if they are offered. It is kind of like the relationship between digital and traditional art, they are similar enough that knowing one helps the other. You would probably want to take some business classes, too, since most photographers are pretty much freelance. In a scenario that you’d have to work a second job to earn a living, then business classes are a good all-around, as well.

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Your Questions About Backing Up Digital Photos In The Field

James asks…

Digital SLR (nikon d80) please help!?

i just bought a nikon d80 and have a few questions:
1) what is the shutter speed
2)what is the aperture
3) how do i take photos that focus on what i’m of course focusing on and make everything that is behind/beside it blurry (how do you do this without editing?)

thank-you to anyone who will help me

Pip answers:

Ignore the Wurm. I’ll help you.

The Shutter Speed is how long (usually in a fraction of a second) the shutter curtain will stay open and allow the image to be imprinted on the sensor. The faster the shutter speed, the more ‘stop-motion’ the image will be. But, the faster the shutter speed, the darker the picture will be. That’s where Aperture comes in.

The Aperture Value (also known as F-Stop) determine how big the lens’ iris is. The wider (larger diameter) the iris, the more light is let into the camera through the lens. The narrower it is, the less light is let in. Also, the aperture controls the Depth-of-Field, which determines how much area (from front to back, not side to side) is in clear focus. The narrower the aperture, the longer the depth of field. At a high f-stop (higher f-stop numbers mean narrower aperture), you can get a very, VERY long depth-of-field. You can take pictures of close subjects and keep both them and the distance trees in focus. At a low f-stop (wider aperture) you can narrow your depth-of-field very tightly, sometimes as tight as half the length of a dime. And the longer your focal length on the lens (i.e., magnification), the longer your corresponding depth-of-field.

This aperture is inside the lens, and has NOTHING to do with the shutter (which is inside the camera), at least not directly.

In Automatic or Program mode, the D80 will choose a shutter speed & aperture value for you. This is usually good, because the faster the shutter is, the wider the (aperture) iris needs to be to keep the image exposure properly balanced. A fast shutter and narrow aperture makes a dark (underexposed) picture. A slow shutter and a wide aperture makes an overly bright (overexposed) picture.

Now, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, you can modify the camera. But you have to be in the right Mode.

You want to take portrait pictures than have a blurry background, but the subject remains in sharp, focus, correct? Here’s how to do that.
Set the camera into Aperture Priority Mode (the A on the command dial). Now, look at the LCD. Turn the thumbwheel on the top right of the camera body (I forget if it’s the front one or back one), until the F number starts to change. Set it as low as it will go. If you are using Auto focus mode, set your center reticule on your subject. Press lightly on the shutter, and hold your finger on that shutter. Don’t press all the way down, just hold it gently. Compose your shot to put your subject where you want him/her. Make sure he/she is still in focus. Now press gently the rest of the way on the shutter. You should have a fast shutter speed (depending on the available light) with that low of an f-stop. Your picture should look exactly how you want it.

Try this out, and let me know if it works.

Sharon asks…

HONEST opinion of my photos.?

I actually started photography as a teen with a cheap 110 camera (MANY years ago :D ) and dropped it as life moved on. I actually picked it back up about 5 years ago with my first digital point and shoot and then about a year later I got my first dSLR. I soon realized that I spent A LOT of money on a camera to leave it in auto mode so set out to learn my camera.
4 years and tons of screwing up the shot, getting mad, going back and rereading that chapter in whatever book, reading some blog or watching that video on youtube, going out to try again then getting mad again cause I still screwed up the shot made me realize that there is a big learning curve (I don’t even want to tell ya’ll how long it actually took me to actually figure out aperture)! Well, 4 years or so in now and I’m to where I actually feel comfortable that when I push that shutter button that I have set my camera to the best of my ability to capture what I see.
I’m not claiming to be some hot shot photography genius, my subjects are not consistent, I shoot what I want and what interests me at that point in time. I tend not to edit my photos TOO much because I’m even more lost than I was with aperture! Most edits are usually very slight, tweaking brightness, recovery, and sharpness are about all I tend to do.
I belong to smugmug, if your not familiar with their site, let me break it down. If you mouse over the photo you can actually see the camera data if you are interested in that kind of info. If you would like to give me an HONEST opinion of my work I’d like to know what others think:

Thanks in advance
I have taken classes (somewhere in between getting mad again LOL), read probably a couple dozen books, a few hundred blogs and spent thousand hours practicing! Like I said I know I’m not great, I just wanted a few honest opinions. For some reason they don’t seem to want to give any on smugmug, just nice picture but nobody tells you why they think it’s a nice picture (I’ve heard its the same way with other sites). After reading your comment about places to get the opinions I have to agree with you that this may not be the best place to post the question (sorry didn’t think about the before – I’m blonde! :D )
And not making excuses for myself, but I noticed that about her shoulders being blurred too when I saw it on my computer. At the time it was a new lens to me, about 2 weeks old and I hadn’t shot too much with it at that point. I still like the photo (the girl in it can drive me nuts, but I still like her too)!

Pip answers:

First, if looking for good advice and critique on your photographs, you should really be posting them to specialized critique sites, not Yahoo’s Answers. :) Try, and

Looking at your albums, I think you definitely have an eye for subjects and scenes. I like the kid blowing out the candle for example, and the close up portraits.

Areas that could be improved are the technical aspects, like using the correct ISO, shutter speed and aperture, and composition (placement of the subject in the frame). So to not be too general, I’ll comment on the up close photo of Kassey at the beach: you used an open aperture to blur the background, which is good, but it also blurred her shoulders. Here you should select an aperture that has a deep enough depth of field to get the entire subject in focus, just enough to do the job. That would still let the background blur out. Regarding composition, most of the images have the subject dead center in the frame. Take a look and you will see that the images where the subject is slightly offset from the center seem to have an added spark/are more interesting.

For the technical aspects, once you learn them you will see that they’re easy. The hard part is the artistic side of photography, but you first really have to ensure you fully understand aperture, shutter and so on before moving forward. A class is always good to take, and even the pros take them all the time.

Lizzie asks…

How can I get a hazy/softly lit aura in my photos?

I have seen the general style everywhere, but I don’t know how to get it.

Here are some examples of what I’m looking for:

I shoot in both Digital and Color Film, so help with either/both would be awesome! Thanks

Pip answers:

HUmmm, looks like over exposed images by just a tad… Play with your +- controls next time your out and doing some back lite work.. Shallow depth of field on the girl in Utah as well.. Thus soft background.

Mary asks…

Why are digital camras unable to make good bokeh?

What is the reason?
Currently I possess Panasonic DMC FZ7.

Pip answers:


The problem with digital cameras is that the sensors are just too small and the lenses are just too slow.

It’s not a problem with digital cameras but a problem of the optics being used. If you buy a Canon 5D (the cheapest camera with a sensor the size of a 35 mm frame of film) and put an 85 mm f/1.8 lens on it you will get beautiful bokeh.

Even Nikon’s most expensive camera has a 1.5 conversion factor (they call it “DX”, marketing gimmick!) that does away with shallow depths of field.

I’m sure in a few years full frame cameras will be a lot cheaper and we will all get back to shooting nice pictures.

Of course you can maximize bokeh with your current equipment focusing as close as you can and using the longest available focal length. Also, try to keep the background as far away from your subject as possible.

Oh, and since Dr. Sam is showing off his bokeh I’ll show mine off too!


Take care!


Linda asks…

photography course, need to take 3 photo of landscape show Depth of feild?

I put a car in to focus on with different f/stops and shutter speeds I am stumped. my intention is to slhow varying depth of field.

Pip answers:

It isn’t too difficult when you first look at the assignment … But wait!

You need to shoot with your lens wide open, shut as far down as it will go and then in the middle of the f/stop range; all this while obtaining a precise exposure.

Okay, let’s say that your lens has a range of f/stops from f/4 to f/32. You set the shot up so that the near object (the car in this case) is just a few feet away from the camera. At f/4 you expose the film (or sensor in a digital camera) with the rear quarter of the car in focus and the foreground and background very out of focus. With the lens stopped down to f/32 you focus the lens one third of the way into the photo because as you know from point of focus the apparent focus at small apertures extends one third forward and two thirds back. The last shot will be at f/11 at the same focus point. These three shots will demonstrate the varying depth of field as apertures are changed.

Now here is the real challenge. What ISO film do you use to ensure that at f/4 the film is not overexposed and at f/32 (if you are shooting in lower light than direct sun you may want to use a tripod) it is not underexposed given the lighting conditions at the time you shoot your subject?

Since over exposure is gong to be the thing you want to avoid, you should start the exposure range at the f/4 setting. Let’s just say that you use an ISO film (sensor setting) of 100. That would mean that in bright sun the exposure would be about 1/2000th sec @ f/4, 1/250th sec @ f/11 and 1/30th sec at f/32 Most modern film cameras will have a 1/2000th shutter speed. This means that you cannot use a film speed higher than ISO 100 to ensure that your depth of field demonstration is successful.

I think this will get you going for this assignment. It is a good one, but I think we cheated a little … ;)

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Your Questions About Sony Digital Camera Reviews

John asks…

What kind of camera would be good for serious artistic photography?

I want to get into serious photography, and I’m looking to buy a camera that is good for artistic photography (macro, portrait, landscape) but would also like a casual shot capability (family trips.. etc.) I had my eye on the Sony DSLR a350. Does anyone have it? What do you think of it? (and if you don’t have it) What would YOU recommend for a good digital camera? DSLR or not? Good brand? Any input is great! :)

Pip answers:

Check these out (links to owner reviews, professional reviews, and detailed specs are on the page):

I would go for any of these three, but I would prefer the Samsung GX-20 simply because its dust and weather resistant seals make it more suitable to my own personal needs. Plus it has (very slightly) better features than the other two.
:D :D:D

Charles asks…

How well does the sony cyber-shot t70 digital camera work?

I already posted a question like this before, but only two ppl answered it.

does anyone know if that camera works good?
like no blurry pics, it doesnt make your hair look greasy.
i read about it online, i like it’s features and everything but i want to know if it takes good pictures.

does anyone have pictures from that camera?
if so, can i see them?

Pip answers:


Most of those professional analyses of the Sony T70 have photographic galleries with many samples. They also have a text review that tests most, if not all of those things you need to know about the camera. I suggest you check them, particularly the first three.


Ruth asks…

what digital camera is good for landscape pictures?

well like the title says what digital camera is good for landscape pictures?
im going to Europe and im wondering what camera i should get
it needs to be REALLY good a camera professionals would use up to about 2000
but im always happy to safe a few bucks
so what to get???
any ideas??

Pip answers:

I suggest looking at the Pentax K-7. It has several features that should appeal to you. First, its weatherized. Second, it has a focus motor in the camera body – not found in Nikon below the D90. Third, the K-7 has in-camera Image Stabilization (IS) so every lens used becomes an IS lens. Canon and Nikon don’t have this feature since they have their versions of IS in some of their lenses.

Since the K-7 uses the Pentax K lens mount introduced in 1975 every K mount lens ever made can be used with it. Of course there will be limitations with the older manual focus lenses but they can be used.

Pentax K-7 w/18-55mm zoom lens $981.95 at B&H.
Pentax 50mm f1.4 lens $359.95 at B&H.
Pentax 10-17mm fisheye to wide-angle zoom lens $519.95 at B&H.
Total: $1,861.85

Review at

Another worthy contender for your money is the Sony A550. It also has an in-camera focus motor and Sony’s version of IS is also in-camera. It also features in-camera HDR – you can set it up to take 3 exposures with one release of the shutter. The A550 uses the Minolta Maxxum A lens mount which dates back to 1985. Any lens ever made for the A mount will be right at home on the A550 and will be an IS lens.

A550 w/18-55mm zoom lens $949.99 at B&H.
Sony 50mm f1.4 lens $369.99 at B&H.
Sony 11-18mm zoom lens $649.99 at B&H.
Total cost $1,969.97

Review at


You can, of course, buy either the K-7 or A550 body only and add lenses you think would be best for your needs. I made suggestions based on your desire to make landscape pictures which is why the wide angle zooms are listed. The only lens that I believe should be in any photographer’s kit is the 50mm f1.4.

Since you mentioned landscapes, I suggest buying a tripod. A tripod is all but mandatory for good landscapes. Check the Benro “Travel Angel” series at B&H. You’ll also want a quality Skylight or UV filter to protect the front element of every lens you have. Choose from B+W, Heliopan, Tiffen, Hoya.

Robert asks…

I would like to buy a 10MP compact digital camera – which is the best?

I regularly crop photos, hence the desire to have a 10MP camera. I have been overwhelmed by the number that have come on the market in the last few months and would like some help and advice on which to buy.
None of the main digital camera magasines have done 10MP comparision tests yet and I have not found any comparisons on the web.
From my research the Sony DSC-N2 seems good, as does the Pentax Optio A20. I would love some advice though please!

Pip answers:

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of current 10+mp digital cameras:

The new Samsung NV10 also has good reviews.

Chris asks…

How do i use digital zoom?

I have a sony cybershot dsc-w80 digital camera. It has 3x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom. When I want to take a picture and need to zoom in i can do it using the optical zoom. Should I not be able to zoom in further using digital zoom? as it will not let me do this. It will only use the digital zoom when reviewing a picture already taken

Pip answers:

If you look at this picture and find it on your camera as well, it’s the ISP button this should start the option and use the same w/t zoom button to change it:

Hope it helps!

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Your Questions About Canon Digital Camera Repair

Maria asks…

How to Repair Canon PowerShot 230 Digital Camera–white and purple lines on display.?

Hello. I have no idea what happened. I charged my batterey and put it in. When I turned on the camera all that showed through the display were white and purple lines that changed according to how much light there was. I took a picture and it took it just like that…with white and purple. I can’t afford a new camera, and it costs too much to repair. Anyone know how to fix it?

Pip answers:

Bad news, good news.

Bad news is your CCD image sensor has failed. The good news is Canon has a service advisory for failed CCD image sensors:

It’s a free repair. They’ll even pay for shipping both ways! The whole process takes less than a month, and you won’t have to buy a new camera. Give them a call at 1-800-828-4040 Monday – Friday – 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight; and Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Hope that helps!

Charles asks…

Canon Camera?

when i try to click onthe start button it works just fine, but when i try to set for the picture to take pics it doesnt work. There is a blurred scene coming and doesnt allow me to take pictures at all. Is there something really wrong with it? Please suggest where they fix canon digital cameras. Thank you everyone.

Pip answers:

Hey , i have had similar problems with my canon cameras, in fact i’m in the process of sending my camera to the u.s to be repaired. What is it with canon?? Lol. Well something seems wrong with the image sensor or the LCD screen. As long as you bought it a year ago, it should come with a warranty, nothing to fret about. I know that when something goes wrong with a camera that want to send it to their main factory:

Canon Factory Service
1440 Chase Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Telephone: (800) 828-4040
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight ET, and
Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays)

that is where they told me to send it to, everything should be free ( if you have a warranty), all you’ll have to pay for is the shipping .

Hope everything turns out with the camera,
if you like my answer, you know what to do ;)

good day,
Nathan Grammatico

Mandy asks…

How much does it cost to repair a Canon camera? ?

I used Canon Powershot SD 500 for 4 years close to 5 and I bought a new one, a really good one may I add, but my mom somehow wants the old one to keep working. I accidentally dropped it and the screen is always black and trust me, I pressed the display button numerous times, but it still won’t work. The power is fine. I need to fix this on my own allowance, do you know how much it will cost? Approximately? I don’t need answers such as buy a new one.

Pip answers:

The cost of repairing a camera is at least 25% more than the cost of a new camera so will provide you information on the cost of a much better Canon that would be much less than the repair cost.

You could check out the battery contacts which could have been bent or distorted when you dropped the camera and the instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts in the first source link.

In new cameras, look for optical viewfinders (LCD invisible in bright sun) and check battery prices. High mega pixel settings take longer to process and may not be needed unless required for large pictures or enlarging parts of pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. Click links below for more details.
Http:// …
Http:// …

Just saw this camera at Best Buy and think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has an optical viewfinder, image stabilizer, auto focus, and uses NiMH rechargeable batteries. Read as much of the following as you can for other information and help with choosing a camera.
Canon A590IS $129.99 at Staples yesterday.
Http:// …

There is no one particular place to get great buys, but you may see something above that really helps you find the best buy. Click on the link in the information above for an example then search for your camera of choice at the upper left. Camera prices at this link change often.

While most of the cameras out there are really good, I would choose Canon over Nikon because it seems like more camera for the money. Some would say Canon withholds their best technology for high end cameras and Nikon implements their best at all levels. Before you decide, read all the text and links in the information below because it will help you know what to look for in a camera.

There are so many cameras out there it is difficult to say which is best, but digital is definitely the way to go. The second source link will be very helpful as it list most of the cameras out there with prices. The following information should help you know what to look for in a camera.

What gives a camera its picture quality?
The short answer is that it is mostly the skill of the photographer that produces high quality pictures. The lens and camera are very important, but the ability to set the scene, adjust the cameras settings, and hold the camera very still or use a tripod with auto or remote shutter actuation when required is what gets the great pictures.

Lots of great camera tips in these two links. Http:// …
Http:// …

The information about my camera is just to show that you don’t need the biggest and best. Just know how to use the one you have.

My camera has 5.2 mega pixel, but I use 3 most of the time because it gives great results, is faster, and takes less memory. Also, it only has a 3 x optical zoom and 7 x digital zoom. I never use the digital zoom because making pictures larger works better on the computer. This is an old camera, but everyone is impressed with the quality pictures it takes … Like magic.

Check with the Geeks in several stores and compare prices. Ask what cameras they own, but don’t believe everything you hear. Once you select a camera read all about it in the owner’s manual. Just learned that my camera has red-eye prevention and correction. It also has adaptive lighting. You may be able to view owners manuals at this link, but will need to Login. Http:// …

The source links will show most of the cameras out there with prices and help make digital cameras work better with complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

Source: …
Http:// …

Ken asks…

where should i send my canon digital camera for repair?

im talking about the camera customer service warehouse. my camera has broken and is still under warenty

Pip answers:

Look up customer service on the Canon web site. They have all of the instructions. We have used the service a couple of times and they are pretty good. We have no complaints.

Lizzie asks…

My Digital Canon Camera Not showing images.?

I have a Canon Powershot A300 digital camera that has been working well since 2005 until last week when I suddenly couldn’t see images. The LCD is just black when I try to focus or take a picture. But I can scroll and see the items in the display and menu areas as well as all the images recorded in the memory card. My batteries are excellent and I have always opened the apperture for the lens when taking pictures.

How could the image sensor become faulty all of a sudden? How can I have it repaired or anything replaced because I wonder if the warranty is still applicable after 5 years. I have been using it in Kenya, East Africa.

Please advise if you have had a similar problem or know how to resolve this.

Pip answers:

That camera came out in 2003. It has only 3MP, which aren’t very many compared to the cameras out there today. And it doesn’t have any zoom either, It does have a viewfinder though, doesn’t it? Can you look through that to take your pictures?

The warranty is only good for one year on most compact cameras, so it would cost you a lot to get it fixed. I sure wouldn’t put any money into a camera that old. For the money it would probably cost you, providing they still have parts for one that old, you could buy a new camera.

If you are in the US, you could call Canon at 800-OK-CANON and see what they say, but as I said, I wouldn’t put any money into one that old.

Most of the Canon Powershot A series cameras have viewfinders, which I feel are very important. If you can find a Powershot A590IS, they have had a very good rating for an inexpensive camera. You could get one for less than $150. It has 8MP, Image Stabilizer to help you get steady shots, a viewfinder, 4x optical zoom and you can even manually set the aperture and shutter speed. But there are other ones out there that are good, too. You can look at some of them here—

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Your Questions About Nikon Digital Cameras Costco

Ken asks…

Nikon Coolpix digital cameras???

I am getting a digital camera in like 6 days, but i havent made up my mind yet on which one I want!

I either want the Nikon Coolpix S51 or the Nikon Coolpix S52.

My parents are willing to spend at the most $180.00. (which is okay because at walmart the cost is $159.99)

My first question is what is the difference between these two cameras? they look exactly the same! is it that one is 8mp and the other one is 9mp?

My second question is where can i find a red or a green one that is under $180.00?? ( at my walmart they only have a blue one)


Pip answers:

Depending where you live, Costco will have the S52 on sale for about $159.00-$169.00, reg price $229.00 in the middle of May ’08. The camera comes in either black or a maroon-ish. Its also comes with a case & 1 GB memory card.

Daniel asks…

Looking to buy a digital camera?

Looking to buy a digital camera, price needs to be reasonable. I don’t want to spend money on something that is crap. Anyone with experience with digital cameras please give input.

Are these any good?

Pip answers:

I love canon cameras. Digital ones especially. I have a canon sd1200 power shot! LOVE IT! Definitely love it! Worth the extra money! I got mine at costco. It came with 100 free prints and a 2GB memory card.

John asks…

Nikon Coolpix P500 price help?

On Google, when I type in Nikon Coolpix P500, it says (exact quote)
“Shopping results for Nikon Coolpix P500

Nikon Coolpix P500 12.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)
578 reviews – $140 – 86 stores – Nearby stores – In stock”
And when I click on that, it says (exact quote)
Nikon Coolpix P500 12.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Nikon Coolpix P500 12.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

$140 online, $200 nearbyOnline stores Nearby stores Related items Features Reviews Details Accessories Videos
Online stores
Your location: ************** – Change
Google Checkout
Free shipping
New items

Best Buy
(***) 955-**** – Open today 9am–9pm

Limited stock

But when I go to, it says that the price is like $350?!


Pip answers:

I got mine from a Costco a few days ago for $230, however, it comes with a carrying camera bag and a Class 6 4GB SD CARD.

Mandy asks…

Which Digital camera is better?

which one is better and why?
Nikon coolpix p500
Canon sx40
thank u!!! and is there any website to compare a same scene captured with these cameras?

Pip answers:

My mon bought the Nikon Coolpix P500 at Costco in July, and it is the nicest camera I have ever used! It has a really long zoom, it is super clear and 100% awsome! You will really like it, I started getting back into photography because of it.


Sandra asks…

What digital camera would be best for me a Canon or Nikon?

I’v nevery had a great camera but am looking for one know. I heard that these two brands are one of a kind. I love photography so it would have to have decent settings, and also Love to model so I need one that will not look blurry when their taking pics of me. I want one that will take awesome clear pics, and will last me quite a few years. The problem is I don’t know which one?I’m willing to pay up to $400 max so anything below that would be great. Please help! And list the pics of camera. Thanks. I’m beginner.

Pip answers:

They are both just as good as one another. Its up to you to decide which is best. You need to find a local camera store to test out both brands.

I like Nikon because of how easily I was able to learn the menu and settings.I’ve also found that if you’ve used one Nikon body you’ll pretty much learn them all. I’ve found that Nikon has kept its menu layout very similar from generation to generation. They have just added more features over the years. I also like Nikon’s lenses for there contrast sharpness and build quality.

Someone else though will think the same about what Canon or Sony has to offer.

Basically its up to you to decide not us. The only advice I can give you is make sure you go to an actual camera store. With “big box”stores like Best Buy or costco you’ll just get egg heads who will just try and sell you anything.

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Your Questions About Digital Cameras

Ken asks…

Is there any difference between and digital camera and a digital camcorder anymore?

Have digital cameras and camcorders evolved to the point now where they are both the same thing or are they still marketed as different or have advantages/disadvantages. I mean, any half decent camera should be able to take 1080p videos these days and any decent camcorder take high res photos. So if they are still different, what differences would you typically expect?

Pip answers:

Not true. A camcorder that can take decent still images and a Camera will take decent video.
You need to look at the quality.

DSLR’s are a different story, there considered digital cameras though.

A Professional Camcorder has way more manual control/adjustments.

It really depends on the quality of video/image acceptable to you.

Chris asks…

is there always a delay on digital cameras btwn time shutter is pushed & photo taken?

Seems digital cameras have a delayed reaction taking a photo from time I push shutter til a second later when photo is actually taken. My camera is on fine setting & has 10 megapixels. (Canon sureshot). How is flash involved with this? Camera is less than a year old.

Pip answers:

By way of explaining what’s really going on. All automatic cameras, which digital cameras are, have what’s called shutter lag.

This lag time allows the camera to focus and expose. This procedure, though very fast, isn’t instant, can’t and won’t happen. Without this time all your photos would be out of focus (fuzzy) and either over or under exposed.

Get the drift? Perhaps some reading on how automatic cameras work would be in order.

Richard asks…

a digital camera that has a quality of a professional camera?

I want a camera for under $400 that is digital but has the quality of a professional camera. I like pictures that are really clear but i notice most digital cameras all have that digital camera look. Can anyone recommend any specific brands and models.

Pip answers:

Olympus PEN E-PL1
Sony Alpha DSLR-A290
Canon PowerShot SX30IS
Canon EOS 1000D
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10

Lizzie asks…

What is the best digital camera to buy?

I know nothing about digital cameras and want one that is easy to operate and reasonably affordable. However, I also want one that takes good pictures. I want to take family and vacation pictures. Will any camera work with my Dell computer?

Pip answers:

The Canon PowerShot A550 Digital Camera is a nice very inexpensive camera, If you want it I saw it at Ritz Camera, they also got some promos at for a discount

David asks…

What are the best digital cameras out now?

I’m looking for a smaller camera because I can’t afford to carry my SLR with me everywhere in case something should happen to it. What I want to know is what are the best well rounded digital cameras out now? Value for money would be nice too… Nothing above €250.
Thank you!

Pip answers:

- Canon PowerShot SX150 IS as best digital cameras.

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Your Questions About Nikon Digital Cameras Amazon

Susan asks…

What is the cheapest, best underwater digital camera?

I’m looking for an underwater digital camera thats £40 or under, of course I won’t be expecting super shots, but just something that works, preferably something that has a memory card slot as I’ve heard a lot of underwater cameras, if you lose battery life, you lose all your photos.

Whats the best camera?

Pip answers:

The least expensive (cheap refers to poorly constructed things) underwater camera is probably the Nikon S30 about £75 on Amazon UK.

The best may be the Nikon AW100 (with built-in GPS) at about £220

“… If you lose battery life, you lose all your photos”

This is NOT true since memory is non-volatile and do not need power to keep images in memory

Sandy asks…

What is a good digital camera at a low price?

I want to buy a good digital camera but i’m not sure which to get. I was checking out the kodak v1233 camera it’s 12 MP, and it sounds pretty decent, but i’m getting some mixed feedback on it. is it any good.

i want a camera on a budget of 100-150ish. under 200.
i’m into photography so i would like a camera that is pretty good for that.

does higher MP mean better pictures.

Pip answers:

Don’t get that kodak camera, it’s terrible, they have nothing good to say about, when you have so many megapixels in such a small camera, it could sometimes be a bad thing. Stay away from kodak, they have nothing good for you ( in my opinion ). On those cameras that say they have all those megapixels, leave them regretting their purchase. I would suggest you go with one of the following


in my opinion, and experience, those are the most trusted cameras, and have been for many years. They each have cameras in your price range, canon especially, i know that nikon has some high-end ones, and go above and beyond your budget.

Therefore, i think you should go with canon

try the following on

and just type them in to look at the pros and cons

the canon powershot a550
the canon powershot a560
the canon powershot a570is
the canon powershot a630
the canon powershot a580

those are the ones i recommend, and i have experience with the canon powershot a550, and i didn’t have any complaints.

Yours Sincerely,
Nathan Grammatico

Mark asks…

My hubby and I need advice on buying a new digital camera?

My hubby and I are looking to upgrade to a better digital camera. We currently have a Kodak Z710. While it is an all right camera it does not take the quality of pictures we would like in certain situations. We would like to spend no more than $700. We would like to find something that takes good action shots, good landscape shots, as well as ones in low light. We were considering a Cannon or Nikon. Any help would be appreciated.

Pip answers:

If you are considering moving to a DSLR, the most bang for the buck now is the Nikon D40 with both a 18-55 mm and 55-200 mm lens for under $550.

Since you like shooting in low light, at present, the Nikon D3 and D700 have sensors that can capture images at 6400 ISO that look as good or better than other DSLR’s at 800 ISO. A full four stops difference.

Once you start building your system, you can later buy the camera body with the excellent low light performance.

What you want to consider it that what the pro-level cameras have now, will trickle down to the entry level and sub-$1000 cameras in just a few years.

It seems that even after the pixel myth was exposed, people still seem to want to believe the the marketing people instead of working pros. Amazing … 6 MP is still enough for shooting professional images.


Betty asks…

What is a cool new digital camera that is in style right now?

My sony digital camera broke so I need a new digital camera. Please no big camera as I already have Nikon d60.

Pip answers:

You can consider Nikon Coolpix S3000 12 MP Digital Camera
* 12.0 megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches
* 4x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens; bright 2.7-inch LCD
* 4-way VR Image Stabilization System
* Capture 640 x 480 movies with sound at 30fps
* EXPEED Image Processing; Smart Portrait System

John asks…

Anyone know of a digital camera without a shutter delay?

I am so sick of all these digital cameras which wait as long as 2 seconds between when I press the shutter button and when the camera actually takes the picture! Aren’t there any digital cameras that don’t have that delay for normal or portrait shooting?

Pip answers:

The cameras you’re complaining about are either a few years old or cheaply made. But don’t worry — you can do much better these days!

In the lower price range, you have a few options for cameras without shutter lag.

Fujifilm is probably the best value, speed for money. The Fujifilm Finepix F20 can go up to ISO 2000, which means it’s very fast! I use it and have yet to experience shutter lag in good lighting. And if I can often get sharp (not blurry) pictures at night too! You can find it for $120 on ebay. Newer versions — like the F50 — sell for more in brick-and-morter shops.

The least expensive camera I know of that doesn’t have noticeable shutter lag is the Nikon Coolpix L10. Its ISO up to 800 is good for daylight and indoor situations. Wal-Mart has it for $90. The newest version, the L18, is better at night and sells for $140 on Amazon.

In the upper price range — say, above $200 — many cameras will satisfy you. For best results, stick with newer models from these brands: Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, and Sony.

By the way, megapixels (resolution) have nothing to do with speed. In fact, excessive megapixels can slow down a camera’s processor. And since you only need 5 or 6 MP to decently print a poster, buying a camera just because it’s 8 MP isn’t really worth it.

If you are concerned with speed, check the camera’s maxiumum ISO (shutter speed) instead. Anything above 800 is decent, anything above 1600 is great.

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Your Questions About Backing Up Your Digital Photos

Susan asks…

Digital photo album for my grandmother?

Okay. So my grandmother asked me to make her family photo albums digital and she said she would pay me. There are about 250-300 photos and I have to scan them by page and then crop them. About how much should I ask her for?

Pip answers:

I think 250USD would be alright.

It helps you do a better job
Digital Album Master–Choose to burn your photo on TV onto a video disc (VCD, SVCD or DVD) for play back on ordinary DVD players. No more squeezing in front of a computer monitor to showcase your pictures. The slideshow can be enjoyed on a big screen in the comfort of the living room. Share your slideshow online via Web Export. The web slideshows are created in Flash format.

Robert asks…

How should I organize my digital photos?

I have like 6000+ photos stored on my computer. Right now I have them all under a folder called my pictures and then sub folders with names like the zoo, christmas, birthday, umm, yeah…. And they are all mixed up and it is very hard to find the one photo I am looking for. I was thinking about sorting them by year and then by sub folders. But does anyone else have any suggestions?? Also what do I do if like I only have one photo in a sub folder?? Also what do I do if some of the photos do not really fit into a category?? Thanks!!

Pip answers:

You will have to go back and make up some additional folders

I use a main folder that has the year the photos were taken. Under that I list the clients name, under that sub folders of the dates of each shoot or working name of shoot (like Canal, Tucson house, San Carlos Hotel, etc) Within each group, I have a sub-folder which is called BofB (Best of best) where the marketable shots are kept and in a sub-folder under that, the images picked by the client.

In your case you already have the sub folders, all you have to do is edit out the okay images, from the best and to help identify images you may want to find from time to time.

Have you added any key words to the EXIF data on each image file. I usually do a batch edit of each shoot with my copyright notice, my contact data, subject information and key words using Bridge associated with Photoshop CS2 and newer.

To assist in finding specific image files, rename them so you can later search for just the one you want. I keep a list of all the images in my library so I can find images easier.

After you have re-organized all your images, you may want to edit (sort) all your images soon after you have copied them to your computer after each shooting session.

Hopefully you are backing up all your images on CD’s or DVD’s so when you hard drive eventually files, you will still have copies of all your work.

Lisa asks…

Best way to print 1500 digital photos??

When I say “best” I really mean “cheapest.” Photos are 4×6 (I’m pretty sure). Thanks!

Pip answers:

Arts Cow is the cheapest, and quality is decent. If you are a new member, you get 200 free 4 x 6 photos, then the cost after that is 6 cents each. They are printed in China, so there is about a 3 week wait until you receive them. You will have to endure the long, tediious upload process though.


I really suggest you put all the photos on CD or DVD and take them to Sams or CostCo or some such place and pay the 19 cents or whatever for the photos and be done with it. Leave the CD with them and go back and get the photos when ready in a few days.


Thomas asks…

What Digital photo camera should I buy after selling my Digital SLR?

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to view my Question!
I recently sold my Canon SLR D550 because I wasn’t able to manually do all the settings needed in each scene. I thought I wood Had the time to learn all about SLR but too much work at the office held me back from my hobby. So I eventually sold It and now I want a very good digital camera with good autofocus. Good sharpness and good color.I dont mind about price range I Just want great quality.I know It probibly will not be any where near SLR but what are the best choices out there?

Pip answers:

Well I have the Canon powershot 200is. It takes really nice photos but I got it about a year and a half ago. I really would suggest Canons because I think they take the most natural and beautiful looking pictures. Check here and do some research…


Good luck!

Mandy asks…

What is the best digital photo frame to buy??…..?

I have a Samsung one, and I’m having no end of bother with it. I deleted all the photos from my camera’s memory card so seen as I also have all my photos on a usb stick I thought I would just pop that in the back and it would work, well it keeps saying, connected, then not connected all in the space of 10 seconds, so I tried another usb stick and the same thing. I think my frame is faulty or something. I’ve downloaded some photos manually with my usb cable instead and although it works, the manual says the frame can hold upto 400 photos but everytime I try to add more than around 50 it just says its full!!! I can’t work it out, any ideas? Anyway, I want a really good frame for my parents for their anniversary that I can put a usb stick into the back of (preferable one that works – not like mine!) as I think this is a much easier way, and given that they dont take many photos but I do, then I can put different photos on their stick reguarly and update it all for them. Any ideas on this?

Pip answers:

Well I did not even know that Samsung made digital photo frames. The problem with the USB thing could be that its USB 1.1, while computers use USB 2.0. The pictures might also be very high resolution, that could be why it could only store 50.

I use the Sony DPF-V900 digital photo frame right now and have no complaints with it at all. It has a lot of space 512MB and uses a USB 2.0 port, so I don’t have to bother with memory cards like with most other digital photo frames. You can try amazon for it, or use a price comparison like this one: to find the best price.

The only problem is it doesn’t play music or videos like the Kodak EasyShare SV710, so if you want that, but without the USB 2.0 and large memory, then the Kodak would be a good choice.

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